Colored Ninjas pt. 1

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The teens figure out they're chosen to be the next Colored Ninjas!

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



One day, Greg, Brett, Austin, Keegan, Breven, Dalton, and Ethan were all talking on skype video chat. "So it looks like no school for tommarow." said Brett. "Yeah, gives me another day to get better. I'm sick as a dog." said Greg. "Me and Austin had like a massive snowball war." said Brett. "Don't tease me boy!" said Greg. "Oh yeah! Me and Kieth shot snow out of cannons out of each other!" said Keegan. "I made snow cream!" said Breven. "Oh great, everybodys having fun in the snow except me!" said Greg. "Not really. The only thing I did was stay on Xbox all day." said Dalton. "No life!" laughed Ethan. "Oh yeah, what did you do?" Dalton asked, angrily. "I watched the football game." said Ethan. "Wow, is that all you do is watch football? That's like all you care about!" said Dalton. "Woo!" yelled Ethan. "Wow." said Dalton. Then, a striking, colorful light blasted each person's computer, cutting them offline. Their computers shut down. Then, a ghostly figure popped out of each person's computer. They looked like ninjas, but different colors. Their costumes were all torn apart with holes and stains. The first ninja, which was purple, spoke to Breven. "Greetings, Breven." said the ghost in his deep, booming voice. "Who are you!?" yelled Breven. "I am the purple ghost of the Colored Ninjas!" boomed the ghost. "Why are you here!?" yelled Breven. "I have come to tell you that you have been chosen to be the next Purple Ninja." boomed the ghost. "I don't understand this! I'm to little to be a real ninja!" yelled Breven. Breven was only nine. Most people thought he couldn't do anything because he was so little. "Let me explain. Thousands of years ago, my leader set up a team of ninjas to defeat crime everywhere, and I was only ten when I was chosen to be purple. We defeated almost every villan there was! From robbers, to assassins, to gangsters, and even aliens. Yes, beings from other planets!" explained Purple Ninja. "Woah!" said Breven, imagining it. "Yes, but there was one team we could never defeat..... The horrible Black Bladers." said Purple Ninja. "The Black Bladers?" asked Breven. "Yes, powerful beings with razor blades and knives for bones!  They killed us, disgracing the Colored Ninjas name, allowing crime to take it's place! I was able to turn into this ghostly form to tell you that you have been chosen to be the next Purple Ninja!" explained Purple Ninja. "So we have to beat the bad guys now?" asked Breven. "Exactly." whispered Purple Ninja. "So are all my friends ninjas too?" asked Breven. "Oh, yes! But the leader is still a mystery!" whispered Purple Ninja. He disappeared in a ghastly portal and boomed his deeply voice. Then, the gas disappeared, and everything turned back to normal. "Awesome!" whispered Breven.

All the ghostly ninjas had spoken to the child they were chosen to. Then, the next day, the children had met at the park. "So, was it just me, or did a ninja pop out of all our computers and tell us we were ninjas?" asked Austin. "It was all of us." said Ethan. "So who's the leader?" asked Dalton. A moment of silence came. Greg looked at the ground. "It's me." he said. "What!?" yelled Dalton. "Greg's the most powerful ninja!" yelled Ethan. "Well, my ninja said that the leader had no experience yet, and that I had to train him. "Wait a minute, guys we're missing a ninja." said Greg. "But we're all here dude." said Keegan. "Yeah, but my ninja said there was supposed to be a pink ninja." said Greg. "Oh well, I guess we'll find out who they are another day. For now, we got to get training." said Brett. Everybody lined up in a horizontal line, except Brett. He stood in front of them. "Okay, for right now, we're just going to practice with weapons." said Brett. "We'll start with the grappling hook gun." said Brett. He threw down six grappling hook guns. Everybody grabbed one. "Keegan, you're up first. Try to swing from that tree!" said Brett. Keegan ran at the tree. Then, he saw the Branch, shot the gun at it, and it pulled hip up so fast he couldn't make a move. He hit his neck on the branch and fell back to the ground. "Next!" said Brett. Breven stepped up. He also ran at the tree, but when he shot the grappling hook gun at the tree, the grappling wrapped it's self around the branch, pulled him up, and flung him 30 ft off the ground! Breven missed the branch, then landed on the swings, which flung him on the slide, which he slid down into a puddle of mud. "Wow. Next!" said Brett. Ethan stepped up. He ran at the branch as well, When He shot the branch and flew up, he tried to tackle it, but the branch was so strong, it flung him back. He hit the ground back first. "Really, a football tackle?" asked Brett. "Football!" moaned Ethan. "Ugh, next!" said Brett. Dalton stepped up. He rand at the branch and shot his grappling hook gun at it. When it wrapped around and flung him into the air. Dalton grabbed the branch and flipped himself onto the branch, perfectly standing. "Not bad. Next!" said Brett. Austin stepped up. He ran at the branch, shot his gun, and did the same exact thing as Dalton. "I'm impressed!" said Brett. "Copy cat!" said Dalton. "You wish!" said Austin. "Next!" said Brett. Greg ran at the Branch. He shot his grappling gun onto the Branch, swung from it, and landed on the branch, belly first, but the branch broke. He did a belly flop on the ground. "How can he be the leader? He's like Kung Fu Panda!" whispered Brett. 

Then, Brett's watch went off. "Guys, we got trouble at Whitesburg Walmart! Our first mission is now!" said Brett. "Whitesburg Walmart? That's where my Mom works!" yelled Greg. "Come on ninjas! We gotta go pick up our costumes and rides!" said Brett. Greg was focused on kicking the robbers butts. A life without his mother would not be a good one.

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