I Lost My Best Friend Today...

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I post this, not because it's some fantastic philosophically profound writing... It's pretty much the opposite of that. No, I post this because I cried writing it. Because it helps me to remember. Because I loved that damned dog... And now he's gone...

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



I lost my best friend today
His skin was long and his hair was grey
His face was wrinkled, he was old and fat
But he was my best friend nonetheless...
His eyes were yellowed, he looked quite sick
His face was disproportionate
He was ugly and smelled like death
But he was my best friend nonetheless...
We grew up together, pretty much since birth
I watched him grow, and he gave me mirth
I loved him so, I made it known
And when I was cold, he warmed my toes
I watched him prance through the snow
He whined to go wherever I'd go
We took him everywhere we could
Sometimes even where we couldn't
He was a member of our family, to this very day
But I lost him just the same...
There comes a time, where even a friend
Can't save the one he loves most.
There comes a time, when even though it hurts
It's best to just let go...
His life was long, he lived it well
He loved us all... Even until
He fought for that last breath...
He gave it in my mother's arms
I cried, but didn't show it
Until I kissed him on his head
Then the whole world knew it.
The tears streamed down my face
As I lost a part of me...
He was my best friend til the end
My dog... Buddy...
R.I.P. 11/23/11... I love you Bud... I'm really going to miss you. I don't know how long it's going to take before my eyes stop leaking when I think of you... You were a good dog, and I wish could have you back... I miss you already... I wish I could hold you on the couch I'm sleeping on... It's cold, and I wish you could warm me up again... I miss you Buddy... I miss you so much...

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