Running from Myself (Original Poem)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

I can't summarize that which is already at it's most concise form.

Am I just this week’s kill?
Cause it seems like you’re leading me up a hill
Yeah, it’s an uphill struggle
But I feel like there’s a pit at the end
You know, I feel like you’re just waiting for me to get to the top
So you can push me in
And I’ll fall like I always do
Yeah, I always fall for you
Cause I can’t seem to get enough
But it always ends up being too much
Yeah, I always end up realizing too late
Too late… That’s when I realize I’m falling.
Falling, like a leaf from a tree
But they only fall when they’re dead
And I guess I am, nearly
But no, it’d be better if I were dead
Because dead people don’t have all these feelings
I lock them away
And I store in a safe deep in my heart
What was never meant to be safe at all
Hate isn’t safe, neither’s sorrow, nor scorn
But I laugh at it all, cause I’m torn
Between self pity and hatred
Between doubt and success
And lies and truths and I forget
That I’m just one person lost in the crowd of this world
But they’re pushing in on me
And I’m claustrophobic at best
But I’m a nightmare to behold when I’m at my worst
And no one takes me then, so I lock that up too
Deep inside me, a monster brews
Where not even I know what to do
And not even I ever knew…
Thought it was you who was leading me to the top of that hill
It was you who I feared would push me in
But it was I who walked willingly higher and higher
And it was I who walked off the edge
It was I who turned my back, and locked me inside myself
Never to come back
Never were you my enemy
You were only trying to save me
From myself, I ran
And into myself, I ran
I couldn’t escape the hell inside of me
Nor could I beat it
So I joined it, I became it
Never to come back

Submitted: April 04, 2012

© Copyright 2022 GregAutumn. All rights reserved.

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