Knock, Knock

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Young Karen is a procrastinator.
When young Karen stays home by her self to make up an assignment, someone starts to play a game with her. Knock!Knock!

Submitted: May 19, 2008

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Submitted: May 19, 2008



Knock Knock

It was such a bad day at school. Homework sucks. Procrastination sucks. Karen thought to herself, "I wish I didn't
have to do this report." Karen couldn't stand the thought of having to stay home on a Friday night while the rest of
her friends were out having fun. Probably the best party of the school year thus far. But then again, maybe it would be
the worst party of the year. Yeah, she thought. "I'll just keep telling myself that." "Maybe a little snack would
be good about now." "I can't thinkstraight now anyway."

After throwing some popcorn in the microwave and pushing the timer, Karen grabbed a glass and went toward the
fridge for some some ice. Just as she was grabbing the first cubes she heard some one knocking at the front door.
Knock Knock.

She was thinking, "Now who would that be?""Mom won't be home from bowling for at least another hour." "Two if I'm
lucky." Heading for the door she was thinking. "Now thats odd." "Only two knocks. " "Whowould bethat polite and patient?"
With out thinking,Karen opens up the door and there is no one there. She thought to herself, "Was I that slow in
getting to the door?"Becoming frustrated,Karen slamsthe door and begins heading back toward the kitchen as the beeper goes off for the

Knock! Knock! "Damn!" She walks back to the living room and towards the front door.Karenstops and looks through
the peep hole. No oneis there. She opens the door. Still, no one there. "Aw hell." she thinks.Karen slams the door and turning
around, she takes two steps,and again, Knock! Knock! She opens the door and still no oneis there. She yells, "If you do
this one more damn time I'm going to kick your freaking ass whoever you are!" Karenslams the door again and gets one foot
away and goes back to the door looking through the peep hole, she sees no one. She turns walks about five feet and
again, Knock! Knock! She runs to the door opens it and runs out into the front yard. Seeing no one she stomps back into
the house, shuts the door and immediately looks through the peep hole. No one. She walks spins and looks again, no
one was there. She turns and and through the cheap wooden door burst a dark arm that grabs her by the back of
her hair. Karen got what she wished for. She didn't have to do her report!

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