I Wanted to Say I Miss You

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I miss you...
A prologue.

Submitted: January 11, 2008

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Submitted: January 11, 2008



The world is still in fast movement, but I'm standing still because of you. It just seems like you make the world go by in this cruel blur of unbearable colors of emotions. The colors I don't want to drown in and with you, I never will let be because then I would be ordinary. That would never happen, right? Of course you never told me but you cared, didn't you?
Those steep hills, I remember, we took dandelions to our noses and flower petal wars in the gardens. Uncontrollable urges for epic journeys with three in the morning flights on swing sets as we gazed into the stars. Star gazing that lead to passionate flows of endless lyrics we composed into our secret melodies. The city lights that blinded us and the country that enfolded us in its darkness. Naked walks, the alcohol left on your lips that pressed onto every inch of my body, complete satisfaction.
We had our conversations about nonsense love affairs where I married your nose and you loved my phone, you were jealous and so was I. We screamed our lungs out with rock n' roll and banged our heads while jumping on a trampoline. Even in the rain, we risked our feet in the chance we would slip. And then there were moments where it was just you. You were never good at keeping secrets, even under our laughter it showed. Its okay, I'll never tell.
We fell into those nights with seas of white blankets, you named pressed into my heart and you didn't realize this but we became lovers. Or did you know all along? Lost in this sea, the sheets kept our scripts safe and our heads sunk into the deep end of pillows. I believe this was the moment I said it in my mind, 'I love you', but my heart pounded it out and you smiled. I knew you heard it.
You sped up time around us and we flowed in slow motion. But now you’re gone and I still think about this. I still think about you. Where did you go? I miss you.

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