Purple Skies

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This is about a girl named Amanda who meets Greyson Chance and Cody Simpson.

Submitted: December 09, 2011

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Submitted: December 09, 2011



Purple Skies

I hopped into my grandparents car and waved at my mom.

"Bye Mom! See you in a week!" I yelled as we pulled away. My Nana, Papa, sister, and I were all going to Ananhiem for vacation. I loved the cool breezes they had up there. The valley was so hot. I had picked out the perfect outfit for traveling. My "Mustang Nation" shirt with short denim shorts. Today was going to be great.

Halfway to Anahiem, Papa stopped in a gas station.

"Amanda can you walkMerlin please?" Nana asked.

"Sure" I replied smiling. I loved dogs SO much. I grabbed my iPod and skipped to my Greyson Chance album. I started singing to "Hold On Til' the Night" out loud waiting for Merlin to finish his buisness. I had the music so loud that I didn't notice a huge bus park next to the car. A boy my age stepped out but I, of course, was too busy rocking out. I felt a heavy tug on the leash, this little pomeranian was really strong! He started to hop up on the boys leg.

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry! He's crazy." I said looking down at the fuzz ball. I crouched down.

"Are you going to say sorry?" I asked the little dog, smiling. He barked.

"Awww good boy!" I said messing with his long hair.

"Wow you really love dogs." the boy said. I looked up. He had medium length hair with beautiful brwon eyes. He looked like...

"Um... Are you... UH... are you Greyson Chance?" I said stuttering.

"That's me!"

I stared. Was this seriously happening?

"Wow! Uh hi I'm Amanda. I'm a huge fan."

"Really? You look more like a country girl."

"Nope. I love 'Hold on Til the Night'"

He laughed.

"That's cool! So what are you doing in Anahiem?" he asked. I couldn'y believe this was happening.

"Oh, just vacation."

"You aren't going to the concert?"

I sighed.

"No I didn't have enough money." I had tried so hard to get those tickets, but I was broke.

"Hold on" Greyson said.

"Um, ok?"

He went into the bus and I started freaking out.

"Close your eyes." he said.

I did.

"Hold out your hands."

I did. I felt a piece of paper being placed in my hands.


I opened my blue eyes and stared.

"Is this... Are you... oh my gosh... Fore reals?!" I stuttered. I was holding a ticket for Greyson Chance in my hands.

"I'm being serious." he said smiling. I cupped my hands over my mouth and looked at him. I gave him a hug then.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you SO much!" I said jumping. Greyson laughed.

"YOur welcome and here! It's a medium" he said handing me a white t-shirt with the hottest picture of him on it.

"Holy Crud!" I exclaimed.


"It's... Dude that's one hot picture." I said blushing. Greyson blushed too.

"Uh... thanks." he said.

"Ahem. Amanda who's this?" Nana asked walking up to us.

"Oh hi Nana this is Greyson... you know the singer? Greyson this is my Nana, Lynda."

"Nice to meet you ma'am" Greyson said respectfully.

"Oh my! Amanda is this the boy that is on your binder?"

I blushed.

"Yes, Nana."

"Wow! You really lo-"

"OK!" I interjected before she could finish.

"Ok Ok well let me get a few pictures"

"No problem!" Greyson said putting his arm around me for a pose.

"K!" I cheered. I took 5 pictures with Greyson, one of them I was kissing his cheek.

"Amanda your grandfather is going to blow a gasket if we don't leave."

"Aw" I said frowning.

"Ma'am can she ride with me to Anahiem? We can drop her off at the hotel you guys are staying at." Greyson said.

I gawked at him. I quickly looked at Nana and mouthed "PLEASE?!". She looked at me and sighed.

"Fine. We are staying at The Marriot."

"On FAirway?" Greyson asked in astonishment.

"Yeah why?" I asked.

"So am I! Small world!"

"No joke!" I replied. I said my goodbyes and turned to the bus. Here I go...

"So, Amanda I have to ask before we get on here... do you like Cody Simpson?" Greyson asked.

"Yeah why?" I said.

"Just asking." I walked onto the bus and said hi to the drive, Sal. Greyson showed me the bus and we fianlly got to the bunk beds.

"Hey do you hear... guitar music?" I asked puzzled.

"Oh by the way I'm on tour with-"

"CODY SIMPSON?!" I exclaimed.

The tall blonde boy looked up from his bunk, puzzled.

"Uh, Greyson? Whats with the girl?" he said in his smooth Aussie voice.

"Her name is Amanda and she is riding to The Marriot with us."

Cody got up and walked over to me. I smiled and he smiled back at me.

"I'm Cody"

"Amanda." I said shaking his hand.

"Hey where's my handshake?" Greyson said sounding hurt. I laughed

"Here you go Greyson. I'm Amanda"

"NIce to meet you, I'm Greyson." he said laughing. All 3 of us were.

"You play Playstation?" Cody asked.

"No she doesnt! She's too girly for that." Greyson said.

"Actually I don't play PLaystation but I do play my 360 all of the time. MOstly Black Ops or Space Marine." I said. The boys looked at eachother then at me, gawking.

"What? Who says girls can't kick butt at a couple video games?" I sais crossing my arms.

"NOthing! I think we just fell in love with you though." Greyson said, joking of course. I giggled.

"Aw you guys want a hug?" I asked with pouty lips. I hugged both boys, and dominated them in Black Ops.

"We're here!" Sal called from the front of the bus.

After 2 hours of getting settled, I went to the lobby with Greyson, to see what room I was in.

"Room 212" the man said.

"Oh my gosh! Greyson you room is 211!" I said.

"Awesome!" he said giving me a high-five. The man gave me a room key and we walked up to the rooms. I opened the door to the room, and I saw my grandparents and Maggie sitting on the couch.

"Hey Amanda isn't that Greyson?" Maggoe asked.

"Hm... No this is an exchange student from Hong-Kong, say hi!" I said.

"Konechiwa!" Greyson said bowing low. I laughed with the all of them. Except for Maggie. She gave me an evil look.

"Aha. Funny." she said.

"I know. I'm a freakin comical genius." I said. She glared at me.

"Yes Maggie it's Greyson." I smiled introducing him to my Papa and Maggie. Well, kinda. Maggoe hid behind me.

"Nana can I hang out with Greyson?"

"Sure but be home by 10 ok?"

I laughed.

"You got it." I said. Greyson and I walked to the room, got Cody, and we walked outside. We were greeted by tons of flashing lights.

"Paparazzi?" I asked.

"aw man Greyson who's girlfriend do you think she is gunna be?"

"Dibs!" Greyson called. I giggled.

"Gotta respect the dibs." I said turning to Cody. He shrugged. An hour later it was getting late.

"Wait... Cody what time is it?"

"Um... 6. Wh..."

We all looked at eachother. "THE CONCERT!" we all said. We ran back to the hotel. I looked for somehing to wear and I decided to wear my shorts still, but with my sky blue spaghetti strap shirt. I curled my hair, and 20 minutes later I heard banging.

"AMANDA! WE HAVE TO GO!" Cody and Greyson yelled through the door. I opened the door and the boys impatient looks wiped off their faces.

"Hello? Guys? Helloooooo?" I said waving my hands in front of their faces. Cody was the first to snap out of it.

"You look great." he said.

"Aw thanks! You too!" I said giving him a hug. I turned to Greyson.

"C'mon Greyson lets go!" I took his hand and dragged him down the hall. When I got int he bus, I sat down next to Greyson.

"You ok now?" I asked.

"Yeah I...I'm good. Wow. You look beautiful." Greyson said softly. I blushed.

"Aw thanks you look good too." I said hugging him.

"We're here." Sal called.

"Showtime." Cody whispered. I laughed so hard. All of us did.

Turns out the ticket Greyson gave me was center stage! I danced with Cody in the crowd, and he gave me a thumbs up. When Greyson went up, I went insane.

"WOOOO!!!" I screamed.

When he sang "Home is in Your Eyes" he brought me up to sing to. I smiled as he held my hand going up and down the stage. He winked at me and I walked off the stage when the song was done.

After the concert I went to the bus, but found nobody there. I sung to Greyson's CD thinking, "Well might as well! Nobody's here!" I got to the slow part on "Little London Girl" and exploded when the song did. I turned to see the boys in the same trance as when I came out of the hotel room.

"Aw guys! Did you hear that?"

They nodded. Cody grabbed my hand and dragged me to the stage.

"What are you doing?!" I said when we got to the mic. The group of girls turned and screamed when they saw Cody.

"Showing the world what you can do." he said. "Ok! Everybody we have one more song cover by my friend Amanda!"


"Trust me."

I soon heard "Summertrain" playing. I sighed and sang to it. I glanced at Greyson and he made a heart with his hands. I smiled. I finished with the best note I had ever sang. Ilooked at the girls in the audience. They were silent. Then I heard 187 girls going crazy.

"Thanks" I said into the microphone, and jumped off the stage. I ran to Greyson and he gave mea hug. Then I turned to Cody, rolled my eyes, and gave him a hug too.

"Aren't you supposed to be home by 10?" Greyson asked.


"It's 9:30." Cody replied.

"SAL START THE BUS!!!!" I screamed. I got to the room at exactly 10, and said bye to the boys.

"Meet us by the fountain at 9 ok?" Greyson said.

"Ok night Grey." I said. I hugged him and smiled. I had said goodnight to Cody earlier. I shut the door and leaned against it. Was I crushing on Greyson? I brushed it off and wet to bed.

When I woke up the next morning it was 7:45, and I got up. I decided to wear my new jeans with my top from JCPenny's. I did my hair then left. I sat by the fountain, waiting for the guys to show. It was 9:05 when I saw the two boys walking toward me....

Greyson's POV

"Hey were you serious last night?" Cody asked me.

"About what?"

"Greyson c'mon. You know! About Amanda!" he said punching me in the arm.

"Oh," I said. I had met this great girl named Amanda yesterday, and I was crushing on her a little bit.

"Were you?" Cody asked.

"Yeah now shut up!" I said.

"Whatever. There she is." he replied. Cody Simpson was my best friend, 14, and Australian. I looked up and saw Amanda. She was on her phone, laying across the fountain. I could see her smiling at a text. I smiled too.

"Aw man! Grey snap out of it!" Cody said. We walked up to her...

Amanda's POV

"Hey guys!" I said sitting up.

"Hey Amanda." Greyson and Cody said.

"So what are we to do today?" I asked.

"Hey Cody isn't the fair today?" Greyson asked.

"Yeah we should go." Cody said gleeming.

"Oh awesome I love rides!" I said.

"Let's go!" Cody exclaimed.

When we got to the fair, we took pictures in the photo booth.

"Aw that looks so good!" I said.

"Where to?" Greyson asked me.

"Ummm..... oh Sonic Boom!" I said.

"Really?" Cody asked me.

"Yeah why not?"

"You are so..... nothing." Greyson declared. Sonic Boom was a ride that takes you sideways, and there's so much speed that you didn't need seatbelts. We stepped onto the ride, and I was on the far left. The ride slowly started to spin, getting faster by the second. When we went sideways i looked at Greyson and grabbed his hand. He looked down, then at me and our fingers intertwined.

"YES!" I thought. I looked at Cody and he gave me a wink. He knew all along.

After the ride, Greyson still holding my hand, I asked Cody where he wanted to go.

"Ghost Blasters!"

"Sweet!" Greyson said. We piled into the cart and had our guns at hand. I screamed when a door looked like it was going o fall on us. We all laughed so hard. I finally hit a ghost and that started chaos.

"They're surrounding us!" Cody yelled.

"We got this!" I screamed.

"Go team Waiting 4U!" Greyson called. We all let out "Woo!" 's and we got off the ride. Greyson decided we would go on the drop tower. We all screamed when it shot us up and plunged us toward the ground. When we got off, we ate lunch. The week passed and on Friday I had to leave....

The guys helped my group get packed.

"Well I guess I have to go." I said. The guys nodded sadly.

"Hey maybe i'll see you guys at a concert! I'll be the one screaming.... Oh! I'll be the one screaming Demi Lovato. 'Cause nobody else will be screaming that!" I hugged Cody warmly. Then i turned to Greyson and shyly smiled. He opened his arms and I accepted them.

"I'll miss you." I whispered.

"I'll miss you too." Greyson said. I pulled away and opened the door. I felt a tug on my arm and Greyson pulled me into him, kissing me. I kissed him back for 3 seconds the pulled away. I grabbed my suitcase and shut the door. I cried hard as I walked down the hall. Talk about a broken heart.

Greyson's POV

I looked at Cody.

"C'mon. Let's go." he said.

"Cody. You don't understand. I love her." I said.

"I know mate." he said. We walked over to the fountain where she was just 2 days ago. I remebered how beautiful she looked lying there, smiling at her text. Then I saw her car go by, and she was in the back. Crying her eyes out. She looked over at me and mouthed "I love you." I mouthed back "I love you too." And the stoplight turned green. Cody must have seen her too because he looked at me and pulled me inside. I cried myself to sleep that night.

1 Month Later....

I sang 20 concerts since I had last seen Amanda. And now was as harrd as ever. I found myself thinking of her always. I zoned off during concerts and interviews. I was a wreck. I went up for my 21st concert and was greeted by who knows how many girls screaming. The girls went silent for a second and I heard a girl scream "Demi Lovato!" I looked at the girls puzzled faces. I was daydreaming again. I started to sing and tons of girls started screaming again. I ended with "Hold On 'Til The Night"

"Ok girls. I want to dedicate this song to a... very special girl I met last tour...." I paused, my eyes welling up with tears. "Thsi is for you Amanda."

The crowd went "Awwwwwww!!" Then I heard a girl say

"My gosh Greyson! Demi Lovato!"

"Amanda?!" I said. I looked at a smiling girl with light brown hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. It was her....

Amanda's POV

I smiled at Greyson. CLUNK!!! He dropped his microphone and was making his way through the crowd. He got to me and I threw myself into his arms. He smiled and I smiled with him. I felt a tear fall off my cheek and onto his shirt. After the concert I met Greyson backstage.

"I thought I would never see you again." Greyson whispered in my ear, hugging me.

"Are you kidding? I haven't been able to sleep at all. Of course I was going to see you again!" I smiled at him. He took my face in his hands and kissed me warmly for 20 seconds.

"I love you." he said.

"I love you too." I whispered. He smiled at me and gave me a hug. His manager came in them, telling him he had to go. He gave me his number and left. 2 minutes later he texted me 'Hey Babe.'I smiled and hit reply. 'Hey sweetie.'


After that day, Greyson and Amanda became known as "Hollywood's Cutest Couple". Amanda freaked when she saw her picture in J-14. This has been a story all about my idol, Greyson Michael Chance, and I meeting at a gas station and falling in love. So I'm ending this story with two words that changed the world.


© Copyright 2018 greyson4ev. All rights reserved.

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