Piccadilly circus

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A funny story about Piccadilly circus

Submitted: July 13, 2012

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Submitted: July 13, 2012



The world is such a small place I thought to myself, thinking back about all the places I've been and travels I took as a young boy.

Things were always normal, from my point of view anyways. I remember, the midnight special, wolf man jack and the odd, very odd acts on this show like David Bowie and Alice Cooper. Nobody is really like that, I thought, it's just a show, an act.

Rainbow hair, leather, lace and chains abound.  Red lights, prostitutes and every imaginable color of accessories in between. Piccadilly was a learning experience that a boy of my age could have waited a few years to see and for sure to understand.

One of my favorite memories, coming from a typical small town USA upbringing in Texas,  was a church sponsored vacation to London at the early age of 14.

Traveling with a friend of the same age, we were the only teenagers on this trip and it was necessary for us to "buddy up" with some of the adult travelers. A older gentleman who happened to be the father of twins, our girlfriends at the time, seemed like the best choice. After all, we both had already been through the predate work over with Bobby, have my girls home by 10:00 and so on . There was a relationship between us and some sort of trust but, Bobby was a character, jokes, pranks and always something funny to say.

After landing in London and sleeping off our jet-lag,  Bobby suggested a trip to see the circus. Every young boy  gets excited to see the circus, "of course, let's go" and off to the subway we went.

I remember riding on the train thinking, clowns, elephants ... The trapeze, are we there yet?

After a short ride, off the train, up the steps and to the street. As we emerged from the subway, my eyes grew in amazement, it was the midnight special in real life.

Rainbow hair, leather, lace and chains abound.  Red lights, prostitutes and every  imaginable color of accessories in between.

Bobby said, "well boys, Piccadilly".

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