"Am I pretty?"

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Twins...Two people who were meant to be one.An unbreakable and rare bond between siblings,whitch can rarely be found.But what happens when jealousy gets in the way?

Submitted: August 30, 2013

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Submitted: August 30, 2013




Tak,tak,tak,tak...The sound wouldn't stop as the little girl sang in cheerful tone.

"I goth all my fingeth,the knife goeth chop chop chop..."

She had her hand on the wooden floor of her home;her fingers apart.She'd stab back and forth between the space of her fingers with the kichen knife that she'd take secretly while her mother didn't watch.

"If I mith the spathe between,my finthes will come off"

"Judith you shouldn't do that..." Her sister said.She looked at her sister with wide open eyes,shocked by her little 'game'.Judith didn't pay attention to her...She watched carefuly how the knife moved swiftly between her fingers.Judith seemed rather...amased by the whole scene.Even after she felt pain in the middle finger,she didn't stop.

"Oh,if I hith my finthes,the bloodth will come ou--"

"My God,Judith what are you doing?" Her mother shouted.The young woman rushed towards her daughter and took the knife out of her hands."What you think you're doing? Don't you understant that this is dangerous?" She kept on shouting.Her cheeks became red and sweat would show off on her pale forhead.She panted slowly but deeply.

"Mom,I justh--" Judith couldn't finish.Her mother's slap interrupted her words.Tears started falling down the little child's cheeks.

"Go to your room...Don't you dare come out untill dinner..." Her mother's voice was cracking but still sounded cold.

Without knowing what she had done,Judith started crying out loud and rushed towards her room.She got curled on the courner and started crying.Meanwhile,her mother sat on a chair and let the knife fall off her hands.She hid her face in her palms and remained silent.

"Eveline..." She said once her voice had calmed down."Go see what your sister's doing..."

Eveline would nod and went to the room.She found Judith on the corner curled up and approche her.Playing her hand on her sister's head,she petted her as if she was a puppy."Come on Judith,you know you shouldn't play with knifes." She said softly.

Judith stopped crying and looked at her sister.She wiped her tears with her palm and sneezed a few times."Buth...If it wath you,she wouldth not be anthy." Her voice was a clumsy whisper.

"No Judith,it'd be exacly the same thing.Knifes are dangrous.Come here now..." Eveline spread her arms and smiled.Without even thinking,Judith hugged her and hid her face in her neck."Let's play,ok?" Eveline asked.

"Yeth..." Judith replied.

The two girls started playing silently.It was a true wonder how these two,completely different,beings were actually twins.Surely,they had the same exact features;the pale skin,the black curls,the small nose,the large brown eyes...Even the red heart shaped lips.They both looked like porcelain dolls,beautiful and pure.But in personality...They were just so different.

Eveline was the mature one.She spoke as if she was an adult and she was extremely social.She liked looking beautiful and loved to get all the attention.She was one of the best students in the primary school they were going and everybody wanted to be her friend.

Judith is exactly the opposite of her twin.She never spoke much and she had problems with speaking from as long as she remembered herself.She seemed to be a loner and nobody wished to be her friend.Even the teachers seemed to forget her name and her grates have always been the lasts in the class...However,Judith didn't seem to bother.It seemed like she was always lost in her own world.A world that only her sister was allowed to get inside...

Next time the twins saw their mother,at dinner,she was much calmer and she smiled once more.She hugged Judith and slowly whispered in her ear."I'm so sorry sweetheart,I didn't want to hurt you...You just scared me.Don't do it again,ok?"

"Oketh" Replied Judith softly.

The family ate her dinner with joy.Cathy would laugh with her daughters as they told her experiences of school and in the end,they all slept together on Cathy's bed;from the day that her husbant died,Cathy was sleeping alone on the double bed.They seemed so lovely...Nobody could've geussed the poisonous thorn that was waking up inside the little girl's heart.


The next day the sun was shining on the bright sky.The summer's fresh wind would caress gently the skin and the scent of the sea's salt was clear on the air.The girls were outside to play.As they ran,they heard voices calling out Eveline's name.Once the twins turned around they saw a group of kids approaching them;they were some friends of Evelines.A tall blonde hair girl with tan skin would smile and talk cheerfully.

"Hey,Eveline.Long time no see.Want to come and play with us?"

"Sure,what do you say Judith?" Eveline smiled to her sister as she was excited with this meeting.

Judith didn't even have the time to reply before one of the boys from the group shouted."What? Her? No Eveline,we're not going to take this freak with us."

"Oh..." Eveline looked at Judith with a sad look on her face."Will you be fine on your own?" She asked.Weirdly enough,she didn't seem to bother when others said bad things about Judith.Probably cause she was so used to it.

"Yeth...Go." Judith said with a fake smile on her face.Deep inside,she wanted to go with them as well,but she knew she would never be accepted.However,she didn't want to belay Eveline from going and having fun.After all,an idea showed up on her mind...

Once the group of kids left,Judith returned home.Once she entered into the house,she sneaked into the kitchen and stole a knife;her mother didn't pay much attention since she thought the kids were outside.She ran outside with a smile of victory on her face.

Judith remembered the blood running from her wound after she cut herself with the knife.It was the first time she had an actual bleeding...The first time she'd see the blood flowing out of the wound like a river and running on her skin.Of course,her sister had her to lick it clean before they play,but still she was excited by the whole view.It somehow seemed to her as something...extremely beautiful.

She sat on the ground of the back garden,without caring that her white dress got dirty,and looked at the knife carefully.After a while,she pushed it's edge against the wound from yesterday,but this time it was deeper than before.Instantly,blood started flowing out of her wound and ran on her skin,creating a trail of blood from her wound till down her wrist.Judith admired the blood as if it was a piece of art.

"Prethy..." She whispered softly.A sound however woke her up from her daydreaming.She looked forward and saw a kitten just few meters away from her.It was small and weak.It also seemed frightened but it didn't really make any move.Judiths smiled;it was the kitten she had found some days ago and gave her some food.She approached the kitty without talking and started rubbing it's head with affection.The little car stroked her head against her palm and purred in enjoyment.

After few minutes,Judith realised that some of her blood ran on the kitten's fur.She stared at it for a while and then images started passing through her mind...Suddenly,she grabbed the kitten's head with great force.The kitten,from the the sudden pain,started crawling and tried to scratch her but without any luck.Judith held the knife tighter in her right hand and as she had the kitten pinned,she raised the knife and stabbed the feline's neck.The kitten would crawl just for a little more and then stopped as it died from bleeding.

Judith watched the blood coming out of the deep wound and then smiled.She pushed out her knife and started stabbing the creature's more than just once.The small creature had changed shape by the time she was done.Some of its flesh would remain on the knife's edge.Some of the cat's ribs would show off,one eye would have fallen on the ground,the tail and the ears would be cut off.And the blood...The blood had made a river around the small corpse.Judith stared at it with the smile still on her face.A weird shine would show off on her eyes...A shine that didn't match at all her young and pure like face.

"I'm home!" She heard Eveline's joyful voice.She left the knife on the ground and ran to stop her sister from entering the home.

"Evelinth!" She shouted,something rare for her.

"Oh Judith,you're--Oh what is that?" She gasped once she saw her dress and hands filled with blood.Judith shook her hand and put one of her bloody fingers on her lips to show that she had to be quiet.Then,she turned her back and started running knowing that Eveline would eventually follow.After all they were twins and they've never hidden anything from each other.

Once they've reached the spot,Judith would point at the cat's corpse as if it was a funny clown on the Tv.Eveline would widen her eyes but didn't shout.She actually said nothing and stood still for a couple of minutes,as if she couldn't say or do anything.Some while passed till she took a deep breath and spoke seriously as she kept looking at the corpse.

"We need to hide it...Mom will punish you for years if she sees this.The knife too...You cannot return it,it is too dirty." Suprisingly,Eveline would bend on her knees and started opening a pit.Judith would look at her,without knowing how to react.

"Come on,don't just stare there.We need to get this done and fast." Eveline scolded her as if she was their mother.Judith nodded and got on her knees to help her with the hole.Once they were done,Judith took the cat and the knife and put them in ground.It wasn't a deep hole,but still nobody could have guessed anything once the soil was put back in its actual place.

The two girls rushed into the home from the back door.They went to the bathroom and started cleaning the blood off their hands.

"And what abouth thith?" Judith asked,showing off her white dress that was now ruined by the blood.

"Don't worry I got it.Come with me..." Eveline took her by the hand and rushed with her into their room.She grabbed the red paint from the water colour they used from their drawing,opened it and started spreading it all over Judith's dress.Half of the bottle was used on the clothing and the other half was spilled on the floor.Lastly,Eveline placed the subject on the ground and jumped on it with all her might.

"Whath you dointh?" Judith asked confused after she had remained quiet,watching the whole weird action.

"You'll see." Eveline got one of the small chairs and bend over the ground.A huge sound was made by that."Now" She said with commanding voice."Lay on the ground with your belly on the paint."

"What was that?" Their mother that was approaching asked loudly.Judith did what Eveline said and then Eveline shouted.

"Oh,come one Judith,you're so clumsy at times!" She said in a complain tone.

"What happened here...Oh goodness..." Their mother said once she got inside the room.

"Judith tripped and fell on the ground,falling on the paint..."

"Wait,weren't you two out?"

"We came back and entered the back door." Eveline said.She didn't show any shign of anxienty,although she lied.

Their mother looked at the two girls in silence for a while.Then,she let out a sigh as she spoke "Why do I even bother with laundry?" With that she left to bring a wipe to clean the mess.

Night came and the girls went to their beds.None of the two mentioned the incident for the rest of the day.


However,the girl couldn't sleep.She thought again and again about the blood and how the corpse looked...It amused her,but was it weird? She didn't know...To forget the whole scene,she got up and headed towards the kitchen.The door was half open and light came out of it.Her mother was still awake...She heard her speaking.She was talking to someone on the phone.The girl followed her instincts and instead of going inside the room she stood behind the door and heard the conversation.After a few phrases,she understood that she was speaking with her aunt and they were mostly chatting about her and her sister.

"Yeah they're a pair of little devils,but what can I do?" Her mother said with a sweet voice.She paused for a little while,hearing the other line and then spoke again."Yeah...Still however they make such a great mess.What? Eveline? No no...Eveline looks already like an adult.I'm so happy for how responsible she is..." One more pause,a deep breath and then...Silence.For a while the girl couldn't hear anything.Then,her mother's voice would be heard once more."Judith yeah...It's really hard for me.you know? Her whole speaking problem and her weird behavior...I don't know what to do with this girl,Lila.I don't know where I went wrong...." The girl staid silent without speaking.Then,after her mother stopped talking,she returned to her bed.By the time she'd sleep,she had already taken her decision.

The next day,she was playing in the room with her sister until her mother left.Then,she left the room quietly and went to the spot they had buried the corpse and the knife.She put her hands into the soil and retrieved the knife.She placed again the soil back to its place,hiding the poor creature that was now eaten by worms.

She looked at it;it was dirty and some of the kitten's flesh would rot on it,but it'd do its job.She went back to the house with small,slow and lightly steps and looked at her sister.The sister stared back at her and widen her eyes once she saw the blade.How weird...Many times she wondered how they were even related,let alone how they were twins.Her sister couldn't even make a sound once she had approached her and stabbed her in the belly.

She looked at her sister's brown eyes,her brown eyes,but she felt nothing.Her sister gasped and shivered,spitting blood out of her mouth.The girl pushed her to the ground as the knife was forcefully removed from her wound.She kneeled in front of her and looked at her porcelain face.Her eyes were begging her...

However,she didn't even allow her to talk.Without any hesitation,she started chopping her sister's belly slowly and watched her suffer with cold eyes.Who could've though that such hatred could exist in a child's heart? Even when her sister stopped breathing,she continued stabbing.In the end,her spleen and half of her bowel could be seen.She grabbed and,with great force,she pushed them out of her body.Then she looked at her eyes...They were still open.They still looked at her,reminding of what she had done.She bit her down lip and stabbed the knife deeply into her left eye.However,later when she tried to push it out,she couldn't.The knife went so deeply into her skull that it had stuck.

She looked around...She had to cover the other eye as well...She couldn't stand looking at her...She got up as she had spotted a plastic doll...Her sister's favourite plastic doll...She grabbed it and removed her leg.Then,she turned and with aimed with the plastic toe of the girl to the last open eye.The same time she heard her mother's voice,she was pushing the doll's leg against the soft surface of the eyeball.

She got up...She didn't have time to loose.

"Girls I'm back." Her mother shouted from the kitchen.She got up and grabbed the chair.She went to the kitchen room."Oh,what are you--" Once she turned to see her daughter,Cathy stopped and the smile faded away from her face.She screamed...And that was the last thing she done.

The girl ran with great speed towards the creature that gave her birth and smited her with the chair on the head.The woman,from the great shock,didn't react and found herself on the floor.Without wasting time,the girl raised the chair and started hitting again and again her mother's head.She kept on doing the same thing until the sun started falling down from the sky.When she stopped,she was panting as she was tired and the creature in front of her didn't even look like her mother.

She wiped the sweat off her forehead with her hands,making her face dirty.Then she looked at the clock.She returned to her room and looked at her sister's body.She took a deep breath and approached her.Grabbing the knife again,she pushed it out of the hole with all her might.After the few tries,the knife popped out of the wound,along with the eye.Without even caring,she grabbed the eye and threw it on the ground.Then,she went towards the bathroom.She filled the bath with water and threw the knife inside.

A sound came from the front door and then a loud scream.The girl closed her eyes and fell on the ground as she actually fainted.


~Six Months Later~

Nobody could find the killer who brutally murdered the young child and the mother.Cathy's sister,aunt Lila,almost had a heart attack when she found her sister's body...At first she didn't even realise it was her.Eveline's body was an even greater shock...Only when she found Judith fainted but alive could actually control herself and call the police...However,even after six months she still has nightmares about it.

Judith didn't seem to remember anything that happened.She was asked again and again and many methods were used in order to awake some of her memories of that day,but nothing worked.The cops didn't push her more-after all she was just a kid.Judith now lives along with her aunt,who tries to put things back to order after her sister's death...Something not so easy.However,things have calmed down a bit and the two of them try to live as peacefully as possible...


Tak,tak,tak,tak....The sound wouldn't stop as the girl stabbed between the space of her fingers without making any sound.

"Judith,what are you doing? Stop right now!" Lila shouted from the sofa when she saw what her niece was doing.

Judith stopped and looked up at her. "Good...Now put it down..." She said softly with a smile on her face,but the girl didn't react.

"I sai--"

"Aunth...Am I pretty?" The girl said suddenly,interupting her.

"Huh?" Her aunt actually shook lightly her head in suprise.This question was extremly random at that time.

"I saith...Am I pretty?" 

"Oh...Well,of course you are!" Her aunt said and chuckled.She got off the sofa and approached the girl,kneeling next to her."And want to know a secret?" She said softly.The girl nodded and smiled."I always though you were the prettiest girl of all..." Said her aunt.She tried to take the knife away from her,but the girl put it behind her back.

"Mothe pretty than Evelinth?" She asked again.

The aunt though for a while and then she smiled in sadness...She knew that she shouldn't compare them but now her sister was dead anyway..."Well yes...Much more pretty than Eveline..." She said.The girl stared at her and stopped smiling.


"Why everybody things that huh?" Suddenly said the girl.

"Wha? Judith how--"

"Cathy thought so too.Why is she more prettier than me? She couldn't even speak...Nobody wanted her...Yet,for you and mother she was better than me..." The girl started crying out of sudden...Her aunt got up and stepped backwards.

"What are you..? Eveline?"

"You tough I wouldn't listen to you,right? Well I did...I heard this bitch saying it loud and clear...And you agreed!" She got up and looked at her.

"How...Wha--" That was her aunt's last words before the girl stabbed her into the belly,just like she had done with her sister.She pushed the knife out of the wound and looked at her aunt falling on her knees bleeding.

"Why...?" Her aunt asked.

"I heard you!" The girl shouted.Now she had started sobbing." 'I don't know where I went wront..But you know what?I love her...Judith was always my favourite..I don't know why...But for some reason,she always seemed like more pure to me...more pretty...' I listened to them all! " She kept on shouting.Her voice was cracking.

"But you...Supposee...to...Judith..." Her aunt had almost fainted from the blood lose.

"Don't even say this cursed name! I don't want to hear it,I don't! I'm Eveline ! You hear me? Eveline!" And with those words,she started stabbing her aunt's neck till she cut off her head...


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