Forgotten Souls

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A small story:devoted to those who this world has never known and will never know...

Submitted: August 02, 2013

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Submitted: August 02, 2013



The heart was beating fast under the fair skin and the blue eyes cried with golden tears.Her feet were bleeding ,yet she couldn't stop running through the dark forest.She wanted to scream but her voice wouldn't come out of her throat.Even breathing was painful for her now...

~Where are you?~She asked herself without knowing who or what she was searching for.

Why she ran and from what was something she didn't know.A feeling,deep in her,would drive her body against her will and logic.She couldn't stop and she wasn't sure if she wanted to stop.What she knew was that her feet wouldn't stand for long...

The forest arround her was dark and quiet,like a void that led to abyss.The leafs on the trees would be dark and from the ill looking ground blood would flow.Oh and the sound...Such a beautiful sound...Like the angelic melody that was playing on another world,long forgotten.Such an irony;like it was doomed for her to find her grave cursed and yet inviting.

The more she ran,the more lost she was.The more she was trying,the more her goal would escape away from her hands as the light at the end of the dark road would seem even more far than before.

~No more...~This thought would suddenly make her body stop.She collapsed on her knees and abandoned her hope.~Why..?~Her mind would ask herself again and again without knowing the actual question or the answer.She looked at her hands and just now she realised that she was wearing gloves.They were velvet,white and damaged;Simular to the dress that covered her small and sickening body.

She started sobbing while her whole back was shivering by the pain and the agony.She placed her hands on her pretty eyes,covering her face from the whole scene.Her unnaturally long brown hair would stick on her sweaty body and the blood of her skin would make her white dress dirty.Funny thing the flowers on the top of her head would remain untouched...Oh how weak and miserable she looked...She was indeed a creature to feel pity for.

Suddenly,something would change.At first she felt it under her kneeling legs and then she smelled it on the air.She removed her hands from her face and looked arround.The woods had been gone.Arround her a meadow with green grass and pure white flowers.

~Liliums...~She though as she wiped her tears off.It was no question why they were the first things she noticed.They were shining like beautiful souls under the night.And suddenly her nightmare would turn into a beautiful dream.

She didn't questioned herself why or how this happened.Her mind was now was troubled by the figure that appeared in the middle of the beautiful scene.She couldn't take her eyes off him...There,with one arm towards her,he was calling for her to go to his arms.

"Come Linda..." He said with his kind voice.His eyes,gently and brown,were the most beautiful thing she had seen in her life.His smile would seem greater than  the sun itself.

She approached him,slowly and carefully,while she felt her heart beating faster in her chest once more.But this time,the fast beating was not caused by physical movement...The tears would fade away and the body wouldn't hurt anymore.The wormth that she felt in her very soul would be enough to cure all her worries away,like a kind wind in the summer.She placed her palm in his and looked how their hands matched,although how pale she looked and how much tanned he was.

They were perfect together...Just perfect.

"Why are you here,Lucas?" She asked as she looked up at him.He was extremly tall compared to her.

"Silly woman,I was waiting for you of course.Why else would I be here?" Linda would ask more questions if he hadn't placed his finger on her mouth softly and smiled to her."No more talk,alright? ".

Both his hands would move on her cheeks,touching her skin softly with his fingertips.She felt her skin warm by his touch and looked at him straight in the eyes.They remained like this for a while;just staring at each other without moving or saying anything.Then,his arms got slowly wraped arround her shoulders and pushed her closer.She placed her palms on his chest and felt her cheecks blush.As he leaned close,she closed her eyes waiting for the kiss that she longed for years...

But the kiss never came.His lips passed hers and moved towards her ear.Then he wispered to her with words full of pain.

"Why did you do this to me,Linda?I loved you..." She could feel his tears on her cheek and pushed him back to see what was happening.She froze from the view.

Blood ran from his mouth,while he cried like a young child.On the place of his heart,a knife would be stabing deeply his skin.The liquid that was coming out of the wound was not red,but black.She screamed and grabed him by the shoulders as she shook him softly.

"Wh-what happened?Oh God...What happened?"The tears came down her cheeks faster than any other time in her life.She started shivering once more.And what was this cold she felt suddenly?

"You don't know Linda?You did this to me...You" His last words weren't sad.The affection they once had had now dissapeared.Only hatred would fill his voice now.

"No...I would never do that!I..I lov-" Her words were never spoken as his skin turned to dust right before her eyes.Desperately,she tried to grab some of the dust,but the only thing she managed to grab was his black,stabed heart.

Once more,she fell on the ground...Once more she was crying...Once more she was alone..

The liliums were now rotten and the grass burnt like hell itself.The flames would form a circle arround her and would approache her even more with every second that was passing by.But Linda didn't care.Once the flames rub the soft skin of hers,she didn't even move.

A deeper damage would be formed inside her chest.An open dark hole that was swallowing her own being much more faster than the flames.She looked down at the heart on her hands.It was small and broken...Could this really be the heart of Lucas?Or was it her heart?It didn't matter anymore.As her last tears fell and her body was destroyed,one single word would come out of her lips.

"Why?" but it was just a whisper and it got lost in the air.

...And than she woke up.Sweat would cover her body and she would pant heavily.She looked arround .It was her home.Her normal small home.And she was on her bed.The same bed she had for years.

~A nightmare...~She thought.After some minutes passed and she calmed down,she smiled.~It was just...a bad nightmare...~She thought once more and looked at the figure that was under the covers,next to her.

"Lucas..." Such a small and sweat whisper in the night.She smiled as she felt relived by the view.She pulled up the covers to see his face once more.And then,she screamed...

Lucas was bleeding from his mouth and his nose.His eyes had turned arround and instead of the usual brown pupils,she could only see two blank,white eyes.He looked tortured,with scars all over his face and body.A pair of chains arround his neck...probably the cause of his broken neck.And on his chest...The blade...

Linda left the covers fall as she jumped out of the bed screaming again and again.Real tears would cover now her cheeks.

"No...No-no-no...Oh my God no..It is a dream as well right?Right?!" But no matter how much she screamed or cried,she couldn't wake up...This was her reality.

Guilt and pain would fill her soul.Her mind would keep repeating to herself the words from her nightmare ~"Why did you do this to me,Linda?I loved you.."~.She shaked her head.She shouted his name.She cut her skin with her nails.Nothing...

A bell would awake her from her thoughs.A voice would be heared out of the door."Miss Fermanstone,are you alright?".It was a woman and she sounded sleepy.Who she was?Linda didn't know and didn't care to learn.She had to leave...She had to get out of this scene.Right here,right now.

She looked arround and saw the solution:The open window.She approached it and looked down on the floor that was so afar away from her.With tears on her eyes and within sobs,she whispered her last words without daring to look back."Will you ever forgive me for this Lucas?".

She jumped.A few meters before her body hit the ground,she felt something in her soul that she had never felt before:Freedom.

Police Records:July 11/5/2...

A body of a young woman was found on the 5th street of 4:14 am.It turned out to be the body of the 25 years old Linda-Maria Fermastone.Many of the people who leaved on the same builting and floor as her claimed that Ms.Fermanstone had unsteady mental health.They aslo reported that they've heard screams arround 3:30 am coming out of her room.To make sure she was alright,Ms.Ruthstone knocked her door and after she got no reply she called the police.In her room there was nothing more found than a slovenly bed and an empty fridge.On the bed there were a psychiatrist's recipe and a closed pill box,while on it's wooden sides there was carved with a knife the name 'Lucas'.After it has been noticed that the name of the psychiatrist who gave her the pills was also Lucas Rainfall,we've asked Mr.Rainfall some questions.He claimed that he had only professional relashionship with Ms.Fermastone and that he had never met her out of the clinic.He also claimed that Ms.Fermanstone had a low level of schizophrenia and that was the reason that she had been taken the pills,although she didn't like her situation.After all these,we've came to the conclusion that Ms.Lindia-Maria Fermastone had forgot or refused to take her pills and that caused her panic.Since there was no one there to help,she jumped off the builting and killed herself.The wooden carves had been explained by a secret crush that Ms.Fermanstone had towards Mr.Rainfall.We've searched for family members,but it seems like the young woman had no member family in life.

Case Closed:Suicide

End of Record.

And like this...Another pure and broken soul dissapeared from a world that didn't even know it's existence,like so many others.



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