The Stranger

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

What happens when you find your prince inside the eyes of a stranger?
Warning:This story has an erotic scene.It isn't very "descriptive" but still some may feel disturbed.

"I don't want to come"

That's what she said,but there she was;sitting in a chair afront of a bar and looking the rest of her friends dancing and having fun.She signed and placed her hands on her eyes.She just wanted to click her fingers and disappear from that place.

Luna had agreed to go with them as she knew that if she hadn't come,her best friends would have stayed in the room hotel to keep her company.However,she had just broke up with her boyfriend who cheated on her after two years of relashionship.The others thought that this chilly place next to the beach would make her feel better.But they were wrong...

The place was built by wood and the music that was playing was meant for couples.And when she thought that this whole thing couldn't get any worse,she realised that the moon was full tonight.Like fate wanted to laugh with her and shout in her face:"Daaa!You're single!".

"Are you alright?" She heard a voice above her shoulder.She turned to look the young man who talked to her.

At first she didn't speak.She was amazed by his looks.Wild,wavy blonde hair whitch reached his shoulders,pale skin and green eyes that pierce right through you.It was not the colour that made her gasp,but the way they shined;like the emerald under the sun.

"I'm..Fine.Thanks for asking" She said after a couple of minutes.

"Good.Would you like to dance?" He said and a gently smile showed up in his face.

Luna would actually refuse if she hadn't noticed that all her friends were "busy";Alissa chated with Tom,Nicolai flirted with a cute girl and Helena was making out with her new boyfriend."Well,sure.Why not?" She said at last while she was still staring at her friends who,by the way,were supposed to be there in order to cheer her up.

"That's great!"He said cheerfully and grabbed her hand,leading her to the stage.

They got to the center and started dancing in the rhythm of the song.It was a cheerful song and had a chilly yet nice beat.After a few seconds of awkwardness,Luna allowed her body to move freely while she danced.Actually,she even started enjoying the whole thing.

Without even noticing,she found herself into the arms of the stranger who hugged her from behind.She could feel his hot breath on her shoulder.His hands rubbed gently her belly and his chest would be pushed against her back.She placed her hands on his and started moving her hips more on purpose.Luna was usually not like that.She was the good girl who would let things go slow.But today,it was different.She felt free,like something had been broken inside her.

Suddenly he held her sides and turned her arround.Staring into her eyes,he passed his hands behind her and placed them on the back of her head.She also placed her hands on his chest and looked back at him.Only now she saw the small scar that he had on his left eyebrow and the two earings on his right ear.While they both felt like time had stopped,on the background the music kept on playing.

I'm thinkin' about the way your body
And the way my body
Our bodies gonna move tonight

And so,he pushed his lips against hers.She soon replied and approached him a bit more just before she felt his tongue sliding in her mouth.Their tongues would move against each other,in a lovely dance while their breaths got heavier.She could smell the sea and the ground mixed together on his skin...

He suddenly pushed her back and both found themselves panting heavily in the middle of the stage.She looked arround and blushed deeply.Mostly cause she didn't wish to get any attention.However,everyone seemed very busy and lost in their own world.

"Come with me" he said to her after a few minutes.

"What? Where?" 

"You'll see..." he smiled.Once more he would take her hand and started leading her,but this time they headed outside the club.Luna looked behind her just to see if her friends searched for her...Of course they were still very busy with what they've been doing before so they didn't notice she was missing.She sighed and allowed him to lead her wherever he wished.

They didn't need a car to reach the hotel that was just a few meters away...In no time they would be inside a small room,whitch had only a huge bed made of wood and a large window that allowed the moonlight to enter inside.

Luna didn't really notice anything else.She tried to turn the lights on,but failed as he grabbed her hand.Without any words he started kissing her shoulder over and over again while his free hand caressed her side.She gasped and closed her eyes.Soon,he wraped her arms arround her weist and pushed her back against his chest once more but this time he leaned his head down to kiss the back of her neck.

She could feel his hot breath on her skin as her white dress allowed someone to have access to her whole back.He started kissing downwards.His hands would place her hair on her left shoulder and then follow the direction of his mouth,downwards.Just before her hips,he grabbed her by the weist and licked her skin,from the bottom of her back till up her neck.

Luna couldn't help herself but letting out whispers while her hands would hold her hair and her eyes were closed.He turned her arround and she opened her eyes to look at him.His mouth was half opened and his eyes were burning.He leaned closer and kissed her.This kiss was deeper than the one before.His hands would enfold her and held her close to him while he bited her down lip.She would have her arms arround his neck and pulled his hair.

While they were still kissing,he lowered his body and his hands to grab her thighs.With fast movements,he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs arround his weist.Like this,they moved towards the bed where he placed her gently on the covers.He never stopped kissing her or biting her lips,while his hands would rub upside down her sides.Her hands would be more intrested in his chest and belly and would even scratch him above the clothes.

She didn't realise how the clothes were removed or when did it happen.But suddenly,she were biting her down lip in order to hold her moans.He was holding tight on her,as he had was embracing her by the shoulders and kissed again and again her neck and her cleavage.She had her legs arround his weist,holding him intensely,and her hands clenched on the skin of his shoulders,causing him a delectable pain.

Sweat,pleasure and passion...That was what she felt while her bodies where one inside the night.Luna would experience love with someone that she had just met...With a stranger.However,she was happy.Shameful yet pure.She moaned while she felt her heart beating fast inside her chest.She was there,in his arms and nothing else mattered anymore...Nothing else than what they had right there.

That is how love should be? Luna thought just before she let out a loud groan.Her whole body shivered.Her breath was deep and fast.Her legs were sore.And she was happier than ever before.

Later,they cuddled each other.She had her head on his chest and could hear his heartbeat as they laughed.All the night they were talking about completely random experiences that they had in their life.Luna told him about her family and her cat,her freinds..Even for her break up.He told her about his family as well and his job as well as his pals that were waiting for him next morning.And like this,she suddenly felt asleep.It was a long and warm sleep,full of colourful dreams.

Next morning she woke up alone in the bed.The covers were messed up and the smell of their sweat would still be on the air,but he was gone.She soon found a note for her :"You may think that I'm an ass,but I truly have to go.Wish we had more time together.Hopefully,we'll meet again..."

She knew that she ought to be angry at that moment but she wasn't.Something deep inside of her told her that he was telling the truth.

She wore her clothes and left the hotel after she found out that he had paid everything.She walked back to her own hotel.By the time she got in her room,it was already afternoon.She was tired but she was smiling.

Her friends would shout at her.They called her immature and blamed her for ruining their night;after they noticed she had been missing and her bag was still at the bar they would go out searching for her.In the end,they decided that it was better to return and to call the police if she was still missing till tommorow.

They all left her alone and some even said that they wouldn't speak to her again.Luna was fine with it...She knew that they were just worried and would forgive her later,so she didn't bother.She just kept on smiling.Only Alissa,who was her best friend after all,would stay to speak with her.

"What were you doing?"

"Had the best time of my life" replied Luna and chuckled.

"Don't tell me...With that guy huh? I saw you two dancing you know..." Alissa smiled and looked at her with playful eyes."So,what's his name?"

"I don't know" Luna replied and laughed with the weird look that her friend gave her.She headed towards her room without saying anything else.

.Deep in her heart,she made a small wish.A wish for a second meeting with the stranger of her heart.

Submitted: August 13, 2013

© Copyright 2021 Grief. All rights reserved.

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Aww This was really a warm and a nice story :) I enjoyed reading it. you'r descriptions were pretty AMAZING. I mean, even the intimate scenes are well-written and did not cross a line. I had everything play in my head like a movie. A GREAT read and I'll surely read more from you~

Mon, September 23rd, 2013 3:41pm


Thank you so much for supporting me! Your comment made my day.I truly appreciate everyone who reads my work and I try to support them as well.Thank you again so so so MUCH!

Mon, September 23rd, 2013 11:24am

Cameron Thompson

OMG! I loved it! Please write more and keep me updated.

P.S. check out my stories if you have time :)

Sat, April 11th, 2015 4:35am


Thanks a lot. I'll try to read your stories. Thanks for the support ^^

Thu, April 23rd, 2015 1:39pm

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