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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sometimes the safest out there.

STACEY,beautiful, roughly in her late teens, sits on a couch, completely relaxed and nonchalant.

She's flipping through a few channels, it's clear nothing is on that interests her.

As she turns to the local news, a story heading catches her eye.

The newscaster urges a warning.

"Reports are saying, the person at large is a older male, believed to be armed and dangerous. If you have any information, please call the police. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to apprehend the assailant yourself."

Stacey brushed it off. In her mind, with these cases, the culprit is captured soon after. And, living in a gated community, with only the residents having access to enter it, it was highly unlikely that someone like that would come near here.

A few hours had passed and Stacey hadn't eaten. She decided to order a pizza from Mario's. Her usual go to when her parent's were away.


It was now forty-five past the hour, and the pizza still hadn't arrived.

This was unusual, Stacey thought to herself.

Mario's was notorious for delivering in a timely manner.

Stacey decided to call the restaurant back. To her surprise, the owner assured her that the delivery was sent out over twenty minutes ago, and that he had multiple deliveries so he was probably just running behind. That gave her a sense of relief. She wasn't worried or anything, she was just so hungry and began to grow tired of waiting.


"'Bout time!" she shouted.

Stacey practically leaped off the couch to get the door.

When she opened the door, her eyes immediately ran over the appearance of the pizza delivery man. Greasy hair, shirt wrinkled and un-tucked, shoes looked to be covered in mud.

"Yes?" Stacey nervously asked.

"Pizza delivery." the man replied in a low groggy tone, keeping his head down, only revealing the scruff of his chin hair.

The man smirked, displaying some not so healthy teeth, as he stepped more into the dim light of the porch, revealing in his hand a pizza box from Mario's, lifting his head.

"Took you a while huh?" Stacey stated.

"Traffic." he replied subtly.

Stacey could now tell he wasn't her regular delivery man.

'Where's Todd?" she asked.

"He took the day off." the man replied.

The delivery man pushed the pizza box into Stacey's gut.

"$14.50" the man said.

Stacey reached into her pocket and handed the man a crumpled up $20 dollar bill. "Keep the change." she replied nervously, slipping back behind the door. By this time her appetite had practically evaporated.

" Thanks lady." the man replied sarcastically.

The man then turned to leave before noticing Stacey's body.

"Wow. You're hot."

Stacey already shook by the obvious creepiness of the man's presence, didn't want to be rude, as she was home alone and this man could clearly over power her. She decided to reply politely and close the door immediately. "Thanks."

Stacey took the pizza and tossed it on the couch, bolting upstairs to her room.

She grabbed a baseball bat that was resting inside her closet, from her days playing softball.

Stacey knelt down like she was Tom Cruise in "Mission Impossible", belly crawling across her room to the window to make sure the delivery man left.

She peaked out of the blinds of her window, just enough to notice the very ominous and dark silhouette of the man sitting in his car, but not enough for him to notice her.

Still, something was off. Even though she knew he couldn't see her, she couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched.

Suddenly the car's engine shot in reverse. The delivery man left like he was in a hurry.

"Thank fucking-God." Stacey exclaimed in relief.

Stacey decided to head back down stairs.

She was reluctant that she was safe. She even chuckled at the thought that if she was in a scary movie, right about now she would be running upstairs to get away from the murderous psycho path. She grabbed a couple slices out of the pizza box and lounged on the couch.

Suddenly the phone rang.

"Hello?" Stacey answered politely, while still chewing her food. "Hey Mario...yeah he just left. WHAT?"

Stacey became panicked. She rushed around the house, tossing her phone onto the couch, checking the locks on all the windows and doors.

Stacey turned off all the lights and decided to huddle below the sink in the kitchen. She reached into a drawer and grabbed a steak knife for protection.

Mario stayed on the phone, shouting to Stacey. "HE SAID HE'S IN THE HOUSE! GET OUT OF THERE!"

But Stacey didn't hear him.

A SHARP SQUEAK noise from the garage door rocking back and forth grabs Stacey's attention. Her eyes bulge.



Submitted: November 28, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Griff D. Con. All rights reserved.

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