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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

daniel and his trusty pup scooby make their way through an apocalypse torn world.

Submitted: November 20, 2017

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Submitted: November 20, 2017





It's been approximately 158 days since our President approved a vaccine we believed would be the start to a new beginning. It caused an epidemic, so big. Killing millions immediately. The world we once knew, gone. No there weren't zombies roaming the Earth. This was much..much worse.

The sky beamed with a blinding ray of light. Burning like a flame to the skin. We hadn't seen nightfall for 17 days. The air was polluted. Gas seeped out of the sewers. I haven't seen a cloud since this all began. Buildings wasting away, the streets filled with over grown weeds. Wildlife running wild. This was like something you see in a science fiction film. Only I'm living this movie.

We focus on a few crows feeding on a lifeless body. So much eaten off the corpse it's nearly impossible to tell how or what the person could have looked like.

A pack of wild dogs raid the alley ways searching for their next meal. A single rat scurrying under a dumpster with a tiny piece of bread but is suddenly grabbed by a hand that appears to be decaying slowly. As the hand nears closer to it's host, it's clear the person now eating the rat is infected with some sort of disease.

A loud rumbling echo's through out the city. The creature, curious, drops the shredded rat's body. It stumbles out of the alley way towards the sound. It's unable to see where it is. In the blink of an eye, a piercing black Dodge charger runs through the creature.

Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust" echo's through the city streets. Daniel, early thirties, scruffy appearance, dressed like he got his entire outfit idea from every Stallone or Schwarzenegger action film.

"BOOM!" he let's out excitedly flicking a cigarette butt out the window.

The car zig zags around various abandoned vehicles. Daniel reaches over to scratch the head of Scooby, his trusty Ridgeback, sitting comfortably in the passenger side.

"You see that boy?" he says to Scooby. Scooby looks back with a smile.

The two of them ride off into the distance.

Various animals and creatures roam the streets behind.


Daniel pours the remaining bits of canned food into a bowl in the back seat for Scooby. In what seems like seconds, Scooby scarfs down the bits, letting out a whine.

"I know boy", insinuating he knows how hungry he is. "I am too".

Danny leans back in his seat trying to get comfortable. Scooby lays down. The two of them fall fast asleep. Creatures lurking outside unbeknownst to them in the car.


Danny and Scooby are rummaging through a grocery store that's been abandoned for some time now.

Danny looks around for almost anything possible to eat in a can. All that's left is dog food. He looks down at Scooby.

"Looks like today's your lucky day Scoob?" Scooby acknowledges him, panting with a smile.

Danny searches some more for food. He checks the freezer. There is only a bag of corn. The smell from the bag is like a punch to the face. Danny rips the bag of corn open. Savagely diving into the bag like a wild animal when it's starving.


A noise from the back of the store.

Scooby bares his teeth. Daniel reaches into his back pocket for his knife, holding it close to his chest ready to strike.

Daniel cautiously opens the back door. Carefully peering around the corner, looking for any sign of trouble. Scooby follows close behind.

The noise continues. Drawing the two more weary of what lies ahead. Daniel see's a box moving around.

"Get ready Scoob", Daniel warns.

Daniel reaches down patiently. He grabs just an inch of the box and yanks it off quickly, striking down immediately.

Daniel stops! Stares for a moment. He ponders what he's seeing. Scooby who is also unsure what to think, stares curiously.

"Hi", Daniel says innocently.

A small white bulldog, side saddled, stares directly into Daniel's eyes. Daniel immediately feels the dog's innocence. He stares for a bit unsure what to do next. He then bends down to pet her.

"Where did you come from?", he says as if she could answer back.

The dog trots over to Danny waging her tail. Danny checks her collar. It reads, "CASE NUMBER 541986 MILLIE".

"Millie?", Daniel asks. She snorts and wags her tail.

"Who do you belong to?", Daniel utters under his breath.

Scooby begins to viciously bark in the distance behind them. A large SUV pulls into the parking lot. Daniel immediately gets to his feet drawing the knife from his waist, ready to strike. Immediately he feels something isn't right. He keeps his knife tightly tucked in his palm behind his back.

The car pulls up. Four individuals get out. Two women. Two men. They appear business casual. Almost like a board of trustees.

"Hello." one of them calls out.

"Hello yourself.", Danny replies hesitantly.

Danny keeps his distance from them. Scooby sternly by his side. Millie starts to wince and back away from Scooby. Scooby remains by Daniel.

"Did you see a dog?", one of them men asks in a very monotone voice.

"I haven't seen anything for miles let alone a dog.", Daniel shoots back. "Well besides Scoob." "Where you guys from?", Daniel asked curious.

"Cleveland.", one of the men responds quickly as not to give something away.

"I see.", Daniel responds but sensing it's a cover. "Any survivors?"

"Yes. In-fact, that's where we are heading", one of the women respond sharply.

"To Cleveland?", Daniel asks unsure why they would leave a safe place. "So you left Cleveland to look for a dog?"

"Yes", one of the men responds like they are being controlled.

Daniel is a little off put from their response. He starts to look them over. The fact they are so clean and well put together. It's as if they are from another planet. So many questions running through Daniel's head. Who are these people? Where were they really from? And what did they want with that dog?

"You haven't seen a dog?", the woman insistently asks.

Daniel takes a moment before responding. Checking out the rest of the group.

The groups stares back at Daniel.

"She asked you a question.", one of the men strongly states.

"Sorry no I haven't." "Say, what's in Cleveland?", Daniel asks curiously.

One of the men moves to the front, clearly establishing he is the leader.

"It is where we belong", the man says.

Snapping out of his gaze, Daniel looks them over again, "You know now that I think of it, I saw a dog about a mile back", Daniel responds hesitantly.

The man and woman look at one another in disbelief. Daniel grips his knife a little tighter, anticipating a fight.

"Where did you see her?", one of the men asks sincerely.

"Follow this road for about a mile. There's a small town on your right. Hang a left after the gas mart. Can't miss her.", Daniel tells them.

One of the women seems to perk up.

"She?", the woman asks.

Daniel realizing he just fucked up by saying that, grips his blade tighter. The group look at one another, nod at Daniel. Daniel nods nervously.

The group gets back in their car and speeds off. Daniel is relieved.

"What the fuck was that?", Daniel asks in confusion. Lets out a little chuckle.

Daniel turns back around and notices Millie is gone. He searches everywhere for her.

"Where'd she go?", he says to Scooby, like he could respond.

Scooby gives him a blank look. Daniel after awhile of no luck finding her again, rushes back into the store to finish his shopping.



Daniel and Scooby spend another night in their vehicle to keep warm and away from unwanted intruders.

Daniel very gloomy, scrapes the remains out of a can. Scooby himself feasts on a bowl of beans in the back seat.

Daniel tosses the can aside and looks around at his surroundings, imagining the world left behind. Daniel rests his head on a backpack up against the window. Scooby cuddles up in the back seat. Scooby lets out a subtle whine.

"I know Scoob. I know", Daniel sadly replies. "We'll find them".



Scooby, in the car, waits for Daniel as they have stopped off at yet another gas station searching desperately for food and supplies. 

"Beans.", Daniel says unhappily. "More and more beans".

It's clear Daniel is searching for more to eat but is exhausted with his find. Daniel grabs a few handfuls of canned foods to finish up. Daniel loads the rest of his findings in the trunk and shuts it. A class from a few rows over grabs Daniel's attention. Daniel whips his blade out, ready for whatever comes his way. The sound continues, Daniel cautiously heads in the direction of the noise.

Daniel nears the back of the store, blade firmly in his grasp ready to strike. As he gets closer, there's a loud sound of something chomping. The sound of something digesting bones turns Daniel's stomach.

Daniel see's creatures ripping through a dead body. He slowly sneak up behind it.


Another creature tackles him from behind, causing his blade to fly across the isle. Daniel desperately attempts to get to his feet but is unable to with the creature pulling on his leg. The fight catches the attention of the other creature, luring it towards Daniel as well.

Scooby, stuck in the car, hears the commotion and scratches at the cracked window trying to break out but it bares too tight for Scooby to fit through.

Daniel manages to free one leg from the creatures grasp. He notices his bag with the cans lying next to the bag. He starts to crawl towards the bag with the other creature inching closer. The creature on the ground continues to grab at his pants leg, making it difficult to get to his bag any quicker. He's within arms length. Then the creature pulls harder, bringing Daniel closer to it. The creature's breathe grazes Daniel's neck. It's teeth just seconds from Daniel's flesh. Long thick streams of black saliva fall on Daniel's face as he desperately tries to avoid the bites. The creature nears closer and closer to Daniel's face.


Millie appears out of nowhere, lunges at the creature on top of Daniel. Ripping it's throat out within seconds. Millie knocks the second creature down, ripping through the neck as well, blood spewing everywhere, including all over Millie. Daniel watches on. He can't believe his eyes, it's Millie. The mysterious white dog he encountered just days before. So many questions running through his head. Where did she come from? Who is this dog? Was she following us? Or was she there all along?


© Copyright 2020 Griff D. Con. All rights reserved.

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