Seduction of Rev. Stone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A saucy but uneven relationship develops between a widower church minister and his new organist. The younger widow pushes for resolution and being sexy decides to use that expertise to good effect to win her man.

Chapter 1
On the second anniversary of the death of his wife, the Rev Percy Stone walked over to the church dressed casually in a rolled neck shirt and light blue jeans to join his choirmaster Mason Cliff and church elder John E. Singer. They were meeting to pick the new organist as old Mrs Jills was retiring after 41 years’ service.
Each of the three applicants were requested to play three set pieces and one of their own choice. The choice was unanimous - Widow Stewart. Eva had played the Wedding March as her option and the three on the selection panel were ecstatic that her expertise was theirs for the taking. They called Eva back in and the offer was accepted. After the other unsuccessful applicants were advised the assembly then had tea and cream cakes and dispersed.
Percy went to his lonely bed that night thinking about nothing in particular but awoke later with a raging erection firmly in his grip. Horrified he tried to throw it away but of course it remained nearby. He muttered something about “Lead me not unto temptation” and feel asleep, trying but failing not to think about the powerfully compact body of 28-year-old Eva Stewart, organist.
Thereafter, whenever Percy became conscious of his organ he thought about his organist and some of those erotic thoughts scandalized him and frustrated him because there was no escape from harboring such rampant thoughts that did not belong in the mind of any right-thinking person. He clung desperately to two thoughts: prayers were good and Mrs Stewart would be not the slightest interested in him.
Oh yeah? In respect of that last thought, that is.
Whenever Eva Stewart, when alone, thought about Percy Stone she’d touch her left breast gently. And in bed whenever she thought about the Rev Stone in the vicinity of his stones she would gently touch between her legs. She’d also daydream about Rev Stone’s organ but sought no relief from prayer, believing she had a perfectly natural and healthy attraction to that organ and to her minister’s welfare, indeed to his total well-being. He looked far too old for his age of forty-two and with judicious loving and mothering she’d restore him to full life and have him looking like a man looking no older than thirty-five and always bent on running back home to her, tongue hanging out.
Someone had to take the initiative, so she did. Eva began dropping in on him so frequently that he said to her one afternoon, “If the door’s open just come in.”
So she did that
One Saturday afternoon she couldn’t find him in the house and went out from the back door and found him washing his car.
“Percy, you hose and I’ll wash. You’ll look good with your hose in your hand.”
She smothered a giggle and looked at him but saw no evidence of a smile. She sighed and that drew her apricot silk shirt tightly across her chest and that fired an idea. Eva leaned over the dripping car to sponge the roof and did the same on the other side. As she stood clear and asked Percy to rinse the soap off the roof he gaped at her.
“You top is soaking.”
Because Eva’s breasts had gone taut with her thinking about what she was doing, and why, she smiled and looking down cupped her boobs. “Oh look at me.”
There were cupped high when Percy looked at them. He almost hosed her, pulled the hose back violently and accidentally hosed himself.
“Oh dear, just look at you,” Eva gushed. “Look, you go in an have a bath. I’ll hang my shirt to dry and will finish up here.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, off you go.”
Eva entered the bathroom without knocking carrying two glasses of wine, her top covered in just a white bra. She habitually wore bras a size too small.
The water flapped as Percy pulled a flannel or whatever over him. She made sure to keep looking straight ahead until he settled.
Turning to face him Eva said sweetly, “I thought this was the right time for a wee wine.”
“What time is that?”
“Oh, I don’t know really.”
Arching her back discreetly Eva said, choosing her words carefully said, “What you like one?”
“One what?” he choked.
“Oh Percy,” she laughed. “I mean a wine.”
“Yes. Um, yes thank you.”
Eva walked forward and bent much lower than necessary and showed great cleavage.
Percy’s hand shook as he took the glass and she turned and walked back to the bathroom chair attempted to signal with her butt. She heard a spluttered over his wine glass, so smiled.
“Do you think you should be here?”
“Am I no longer welcome in this house?”
“Er, in daylight hours, yes. And not in the bathroom with me here, nude.”
“Oh, are you nude Percy? I’ll have to take your word for it because you are covered by the bathmat.”
“No need to pull it away, I said I’ll take you word for it.”
Percy took a big mouthful of wine. “Um what I was about to say, what would my congregation think of this?”
“What could they say as nothing untoward is happening, surely?”
Percy appeared tongued-tied.
“On the other hand, if I removed my bra like this…”
(Eva divesting that garment in record time)
“…the congregation might have difficulty in saying anything nice.”
“But you have…you have…”
“Yes Percy? Eva asked, arching her back wantonly.
“Your breasts are fabulous, worthy of being hung in an ecclesiastical art gallery.”
“Not in my time I would hope,” Eva laughed. “Is that towel tenting?”
Percy looked down in awe. “It’s a very, very long time since I have one of these during the day.
“May I join you Percy?”
He swallowed and said something that sounded a little like “Yes.”
The front door bell rang.
“Sorry. I’ll grab your dressing gown while you dry off and I’ll slip out the back door and over the fence into the parkland.”
“There is no need…”
“Hush Percy, I have no wish for you to be compromised. Our community looks up to you.”
“W-will I ever see you again unclothed?”
“That’s up to you Percy.”
Chapter 2
Percy kept a mile from her (their houses were a mile apart) but they met at church, always with other people around them. Eva did nothing to compromise the man she regarded as her lover because she knew that no tongues wag as vindictively as do churchgoer’s tongues – as any immoral clergyman knows only too well.
Although it was the 21st Century, Eva discovered her church congregation remained locked in medieval times in some ways. They expected their minister to come to them married and if the spouse disappeared, divorced or died they would expect their minister to covert to celibacy. Eva personally felt her God would not intend the system to be right thinking to that extreme but at the same time it would be too insignificant an issue to attract Divine Intervention.
Eva accepted she was powerless to do anything but offer Percy encouragement. To her dismay she found herself a little short on ideas but one night dreamed up an idea. She shifted from sitting in the organist’s reserved position for the sermon at the end of the nearest pew to sitting on a chair at the end of her organ, screened by it from everyone but the minister when he took to the pulpit.
During the next four weeks she sat and pulled up her hem a little higher until it was then above her knees when seated – well above her knees actually but Eva kept her knees together because after all she was in church. It was very noticeable from the time the hem reached knee level, Percy’s sermons became more socially appropriate and sensitive, with the majority having the theme of morality, discussing emotional love, guidelines to having safe sex, the wonderment of the new-born and the modernization of parenthood. The occasional fire and brimstone sermon was substituted to keep the minister onside with the right-thinkers who saw everyone as sinners and only as sinners. Awash at times by Percy’s outflow of brilliant descriptions of family values and parenthood Eva had to fight against opening her legs to allow Percy to note he was getting his message through to her. More than ever she wanted her babies created with the assistance of her minister.
* * *
Eva was financial controller at Sargood and Son, a manufacturer of thirty-three varieties of connoisseur-quality meat pies distributed throughout the nation. Both Vic Sargood and son Philip were in constant readiness to slip between Eve’s thighs the second she gave the green light but that never shone for them. However their unrelenting focus encouraged Eva to keep up the pressure on the Rev. Stone. She began calling Percy each night at 10:00. It was hard going at first but she persisted and gained ground.
The first call was a near disaster.
“Eva, my God, what’s wrong!”
“Calm down, nothing’s wrong. I thought I should call to keep in touch.”
“I meant verbally.”
“But why?”
It was the chance to say because she loved him but she dithered, unsure whether it was permitted to proposition a clergyman.
“Talk to me Eva.”
“I’m lonely.”
“Then get yourself a man,” he barked, feeling her frustration, and cut the call.
Eva began weeping.
The phone went.
“Eva (sob) Stewart (sob).”
“Oh Eva, I am so sorry for verbally dumping on you so uncharitably.”
“It’s all right, you’re forgiven,” she sighed and cut the call.
Eva wailed, knowing she’d done the wrong thing in cutting that call.
She waited in vain for the phone to ring.
In the morning at 7:15 there was a knock on her door. An elderly courier handed her a dozen red roses and said the client had ask for them to be collected straight from the wholesale market.
“These are the freshest roses you’ll ever get commercially,” he said with authority. “Love, I advise you to open those legs right up for him tonight,” he added with authority.
Eva smiled and asking the courier to wait a moment returned and gave him a tip of twenty bucks. She was so happy and so was he.
She called the Rev Percy Stone and left him happy. No, he couldn’t come to her house for dinner than night because he had the monthly church meeting but he’d love her to call him at 10:00 that evening to chat.
“Oh thank you Percy. Now you take care, do you hear?”
She heard him gurgling in delight.
Chapter 3
Eva ate late and consumed a half bottle of wine. She called The Rev. Percy Stone at 10:00.
“Hi, flower man.”
“Glad you liked them.”
“They smell beautiful and remind them of me.”
“Yes, that afternoon I cornered you in the bath.”
“But that was an accident. You weren’t to know I would still be there loitering.”
“Oh yeah.”
“Eva. Then that was daring and naughty of you.”
“Get use to it Percy.”
Conversation lapsed momentarily.
Eva asked, “Where are you Percy?”
“In bed, just slid in to take this call.”
“What are you holding?”
She remained mute.
She only just heard it, a whisper: “My erection that’s arisen since I began talking to you.”
“Pardon me, I didn’t catch that. Why are you whispering?”
He said loudly he was holding the erection that talking to her when she was using that husky voice had given him.
“So, I’m to blame for all your erections?”
She screamed in delight. “Really?”
“Absolutely. Keep this up and you’ll have me discharging.”
“What!” she screamed. “Are clergymen allowed to jerk off?”
“An answer to that is redundant. I just hold it long enough, think about you hard enough, and it fires unassisted.”
“Oh Percy,” she wailed. “I want you to put it into me, like right now.”
“On my way,” he yelled and the call was cut.
“Oh God, what have I done,” wailed the organist. She looked down at the fingers of her right hand and thought of them wrapped around the Rev. Percy Stone. It was her turn to gurgle in delight.
Shaking, Eva put on stockings, laced up her beautiful bedroom corset she’d never used – last year’s Christmas present from Mr Sargood her boss – and attached her stockings. She decided to wear nothing else expect her six-in high heels. She just had time to comb her hair and apply lip-gloss when she heard a vehicle braked heavily outside her front gate.
Eva stood at the open front door as the Rev. Percy Stone raced up the steps and boggled as he saw the vision in front of him. He halted in the hallway and looked adoringly at her.
Eva said firmly, “Percy on to your knee and propose if you want what I have for you here, all warm and perfumed. I have no wish to compromise you but we would get away with any censoring whispers if our naughtiness occurred after we were engaged. Alternatively you can have a cold shower and return home.
“Do you love me Eva?”
“So much that it’s beginning to hurt me Percy.”
“I adore you and want you to become my bride. I’ll have to check whether our church does second weddings in white as we’ve not had that issue arise.”
Percy dropped to one knee and reached for Eva’s hand.
“I’ll wear scarlet at the wedding Percy. I want you to remember me as your Scarlet Woman. Women in the congregation will simply think I have no dress sense.”

Submitted: October 05, 2007

© Copyright 2022 Grigor McGregor. All rights reserved.

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I loved this one! Sexy and so full of humor!

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