The Evening Run

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Wish I was flying again...

Amber light, last of the day,

Blue glows to guide, Gear down all the way

Urgent, Urgent, Urgent! All over the comms,

2 boogies at 11 o'clock, All strapped with bombs


Gear up and hit mach 1!

Gaining on him, tones with a lock

Foxtwo, he's all done...

Loving my bird, giving her sweet talk


Bringing her around for another pass,

Keep reminding myself, I have no gas,

MiG in sight, getting low,

So low, I bet he could touch with his toes,


Get right behind him with ease,

Flying with him was so much fun,

I don't understand what he sees,

I guess I won't know... GUNS!!!


The plane twirls to the ground,

No chute in sight, only fire was found,

All that was left was a glowing crater,

Wish I could have met him, maybe later....

Submitted: March 15, 2014

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