Actions in the Rain

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A rescue in the rain... A hug in the rain... A kiss in the rain... That's all she ever wanted.
So why couldn't he give her that before she left?
A car in the rain... A crash in the rain... A death in the rain...
Why couldn't he save her?
A meeting in the rain... She's in the rain...
How is a girl who looks like his best friend who died standing before him?
And what does one do when you make a promise to the wrong person?

Table of Contents

A Rescue in the Rain

Submitted: February 08, 2014

An unexpected meeting in the rain, and rescue...
(Also Nick, Kylee, Melissa, and Tristan appear. So do THEIR KIDS.) Read Chapter

A Hug in the Rain

Submitted: February 09, 2014

A hug in the rain... ~ A year or so passed since Lucas and Anne met, and they continued to see each other. "Wow... So, what's... Read Chapter

A Kiss in the Rain

Submitted: February 23, 2014

A kiss in the rain... It was a normal day after school. The sky had grayed and outside, light raindrops fell. Anne walked out of the ... Read Chapter

A Car, Crash, and Death in the Rain

Submitted: March 05, 2014

~ A car in the rain... ~ There is always that one day everyone wants to take back. Each day, it comes back to haunt you. Pa... Read Chapter

How Is She In the Rain?

Submitted: March 08, 2014

*A/N* (Okay, so... Now that Anne is dead (I'm sorry ;-;), the POV's might be a bit confusing. For example, it may be Lucas', and then... Read Chapter

The Truth in the Rain

Submitted: March 14, 2014

PLZ READ Okie... So.... Updates for this novel will be delayed.... 'Cause I feel like I'm posting too often.... -_-; So this will... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 04, 2014

"...?" "Oh... You're awake..." "Where am I...?" "That's not important... What's important right now is that we have to do some chan... Read Chapter


Submitted: April 17, 2014

My eyes widen a bit as I try to remain calm. Silence follows as she continues to stare at me, as if questioning my behavior. "I... ca... Read Chapter

Submitted: April 27, 2014

Impossible. That's the only thought I have in my mind. Weeks have passed since Yasmin and I started going out, and since then, Ma... Read Chapter

Submitted: May 04, 2014

She stopped talking for a while. The cause was either from shock or disappointment. Fate was certainly not in her or Lucas' favor. ... Read Chapter

Submitted: May 11, 2014

I just realized how confusing it is to tell whether it's Lucas or Macy's POV ouo; So, from now on, they have different font styles. T... Read Chapter

Submitted: May 31, 2014

Days seem to blur together. I, eventually, am released from the hospital. People stare at me with pitiful looks, some people ask if I r... Read Chapter

Submitted: June 18, 2014

  The sky began to gray as I walk home. I let out a sigh of disappointment. Man... I have to walk home in the rain... I thin... Read Chapter