I'm Not Who You Think

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Look at that girl, with her flowing black hair, and her hypnotizing brown eyes... She's every guys dream, but behind that cheerful personality and good looks, is there something else that people have yet to discover?

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



(A/N: I was thinking about this earlier in the day. so I decided to make a story about it! :D)

I'm Not Who You Think

By Akane Hanna

That girl over there? She's a special girl, with her flowing black hair and hypnotizing brown eyes. With her cheerful personality and the cute clothes she wears... How could you hate her? She was every guy's dream, and the bestest friend you could have. However, underneath the cheerfulness and prettiness, there was another girl. A shy, timid, sweet girl that you could mistake for an 8 year old. This was the true girl.

This "special" girl's name is Reyna. All her life, she wanted solitude. However, because of her looks, boys and girl came running to her. Each year, Reyna felt as if she was plastering her true self, until one sad day, it would be gone forever...

Reyna dreamed of revealing her true self, but in those dreams, everyone turned cold and unloving. She was afraid of most things that a girl would be afraid of. However, the one she's most afraid of? Love.

Reyna didn't know how it felt to love someone, to cherish them... Her own family neglected her each day. Could you blame her? Reyna mostly spent her times on the internet (of course, after homework.) and reading. At school, she was always the one to cheer up anyone.

One by one, each guy tried their luck to ask Reyna out. But the girl was afraid.... She's read stories of guys cheating on girls, and guys abandoning girls... She's read it all. How could she possibly go out with someone after those horrible stories? Reyna was like most children who read horror books--- Scared. She was scared.

She was scared that they would find out the real girl. So, after a confession, Reyna would politely reject them, and say,

"I'm not who you think."


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