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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Connor sighed because of both frustration and relief. The five children simply stared at him, not knowing.
"This," he thought, "is why I hate babysitting."
And yet when he looked into their eyes, he always saw innocence, and his thoughts always changed.

Submitted: May 23, 2014

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Submitted: May 23, 2014



I hate babysitting, is the thought that ran through Connor's head every week, every time he saw them.

He was a normal teenager with black (techincally very dark brown) hair and dark brown eyes, and high school was so close. It was suppose to be a peaceful summer filled with relaxation, fun, no stress, and yet...

"Connor, you're running low on money. You can't rely on us forever." his mom had told him one day.

"What do you think I should do?" he asked, although it wasn't really a question. His mom suddenly smiled.

"I know just what you can do..."

And that's how he wound up babysitting five children, all 6 years old. Three boys and two girls. The first boy, Caleb, had light brown hair and tan eyes. He was usually very goofy, but at times he could be mean, intentionally and unintentionally. The second boy, David, had black hair and brown, almost black, eyes. He usually was silly, too, but he was also very sensitive. The last boy, Logan, had neutral brown hair and normal brown eyes. He was the calmest of the three, and was all smiles and very cheerful, although the cheeriness could be taken away very quickly. The boys, to Connor, were a bit annoying, excluding Logan, but they were also very nice to be with. And then there was the girls. The first was Cara, who had black hair fading to a light brown and a mix of brown and gold eyes. She was usually very nice, although she could be mean sometimes unintentionally. And the second girl, Callie, who had brown hair and dark brown eyes. She was usually sweet, but was sensitive and could instantly become cold.

These five almost drove Connor insane.

Saturday came. Connor wakes up early, as usual, and goes through his daily routine: dress, eat, brush teeth and hair, pack things, leave. As he walks, he tries to focus more on the scenery before him: the morning air is settling in, the sky still has some dark and light tints here and there, and the sun is just rising. He smiles, happy to be able to see such a wonderful day, and then it all goes away once he arrives.

The five children weren't siblings and they didn't live with each other; all of them were simply friends who met up every Saturday. Or something like that.

Connor goes inside, and sees five familiar little faces. At least three out of five of them grin, and all of them walk up to him.

"Morning Connor." "Good morning Connor!" "Hi Connor!" "Hey Connor." "Connor!" all of them say at the same time.

"'Sup guys." he replies, and walks over to the front desk. "Uh, hi. I-It's me, again."

"Connor, of course." the office lady says with a smile. "You come here almost every Saturday." He laughs, but it sounds fake. "You know where your room is; it's all yours." He nods and says thank you, before turning to the kids.

"C'mon, let's go." he says and all of them line up and follow him. As he walks through the hallway (sadly, the room was at the end), he hears some people comment about him and the children. He ignores the comments and stays quiet until they reach the room. Once he opens the door, let's the children in, and closes it, chatter instantly starts. Caleb and David talk, Cara and Callie talk, and Logan switches from Caleb and David to Cara and Callie. Connor just sighs and falls onto a couch, somewhat having exhausted himself, or he's just tired.

"Connor?" he hears someone call out, and he opens his eyes to see Cara. "Connor, I'm hungry." He sighs.

"We just got here, Cara," he says.

"But I didn't eat. Please, give me food." she says, or somewhat commands? He just sighs and digs through his backpack,  grabbing a cracker and tossing it to her. She grins and thanks him, walking away to talk to Callie.

About an hour passes, and the children are bored. They, excluding Logan and Callie who are writing something in a notebook, turn their attention to Connor.

"Coooonnooor." "We're bored." "Give us something to do." The children begin to annoy him, once again, so he takes out papers, markers, and pencils and gives them to the three kids. They take the supplies and run to the table to draw. Connor sighs in frustration, and closes his eyes until he hear tiny foosteps.

What now? he thinks and opens his eyes, only to see Logan and Callie. Callie did annoy him, but only sometimes, and Logan rarely ever annoyed him, so Connor doesn't mind their presence. Logan clutches a black notebook.

"Uh, Connor?" Logan says.

"What's up?" Connor asks. Logan glances at Callie, who motions for him to tell Connor.

"Well," Logan says, opening the notebook and reading it. "You're going to die today at one pm because of a heart attack." Connor almost face-palms. "We wrote it in the Death Note."

"Alright." Connor says. "I'm going to die?"

"Yeah." Callie says, a bit too cheerfully. "It's okay; I died yesterday." Confusion and a bit of shock sweeps over Connor's face, but he manages to nod.

"O-Okay then...." he says, and then the two children go off to draw with the rest.

Maybe half an hour passes, and a small hand tugs on his sleeve.

"Connor." a small voice says. He opens his eyes and sees Callie, clutching a piece of paper.

"What's up?" he asks in a tired voice. She shows him her picture, which had all six of them and words written at the top.

I hope that Coner can watch us 4 ever bcus I like he always makes us happy.

Grammar aside, the picture is really sweet to him. Yet unusual.

"I'm having trouble believing you wrote that." is all he says, and then he sees Callie pull away the drawing, her eyes spitting fire. Uh oh. He had just insulted Callie. She glares at him before running back to the table. Cara glances back at Connor before continuing to draw. Connor tries to shake it off, but can't, so he sighs and gets up, walking over to the table.

"Callie..." he says. She ignores him and continues to draw. "Callie, I'm sorry." She shoots him a glare before continuing to draw. "Will you forgive me if I gave you a cookie?" Her eyes lighten up as she whips her head around, nodding viciously.

"Okay I forgive you!" she says, and he feels better as he digs through his backpack and gives her a cookie. "Thanks!" He nods and collapses once more onto the couch. And then came shouting. Someone had drawn all over another person's drawing. Shouting, yelling, screeching and screaming until he shouts, "BE QUIET!" The children are instantly silent and stare at him, realizing they had made him mad.

Connor sighs because of both frustration and relief. The five children simply stare at him, not knowing.

This, he thinks, is why I hate babysitting. That's for sure. Why can't they give me any rest?

And yet when he looks into their eyes, he sees innocence and guilt.

"We're sorry." all of them say at the same time, standing straight and their hands behind their back. He sighs.

"It's fine. I'm sorry for shouting at you." he says, and silence takes over. "Do you guys just want to watch something on my laptop?" All of their eyes lit up, and smiles are shown.


"Okay, what do you want to watch?"




He sighs, this time with a smile.

Children will be annoying, but will be innocent.

© Copyright 2020 GrinnyKat. All rights reserved.

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