Oh, How Time Flies

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Oh, how the time flies... It seems like only yesterday...
A little change is suppose to be good for you, but everything has just changed too much...

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013



(A/N: I wrote this for my friend Thuong, or Hinamori_Amu.)

"Time sure does fly," I thought to myself. Who am I? Hmm.. You can call me Akane. I sure do like red, after all~!
It felt like yesterday when I was playing wall ball with my friends, eating in the noisy but comfortable cafeteria... Elementary school. When everyone was innocent... Happy moments never last, do they?
Now, I'm in middle school, meaning new friends, new teachers... New school, that's gigantic.. A little change is suppose to be good for you, but everything changed too much... All my friends have new friends. I'm scared.

"No, Akane, that's just plain silly," I told myself. "You're acting like a 3rd grader." But that's where I wanted to be. In elementary school, where everything is innocent, and the teachers were nice... Everything is changing. But I'm scared that I can't change with it.

"How will I change?" I wonder. "Will I remain the sweet girl everyone knows me as? Or will I change into something different?" Everything spun around in my head, whirling faster...

Just a few weeks ago, one of my friends stopped talking to me. I wasn't actually sure why he was ignoring me. One, two three... No, no... about 11 people told me he liked me. Was that true?
"Too much!" I wanted to scream out. "Everyone's changing! I don't want it! Stop it!" But what difference would it make? Would people just stop and listen to a 6th grader?
I guess a change can really affect you...


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