The Lost Memory

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We used to be best friends... How embarrassing, to be best friends with a 3 year old... But we had a strong connection, at least for a 2 years. She's moved away... And when she comes back, I get a heart break...

Submitted: February 17, 2013

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Submitted: February 17, 2013



We used to be close... Best friends, even. She was only 3 when I first met her. I won't mention her real name, but I'll call Nowelle. Nowelle and I used to be best friends... It was a bit embarrassing, to be best friends with a 3 year old. But we had a strong connection, for at least 2 years. Her family moved away for a few months, then came back. She didn't forget me, the girl who was only 10 when I came into her life. The girl who became her best friend.

We played together. Whenever I was upset or sad, Nowelle would cheer me up. In return, I would play with her without a protest. Not that I would. She was so nice and sweet. My friends and I never wanted her to forget us.

She didn't forget them.

She forgot me.

Her family moved away for the second time, this time permanently. I didn't see her for a year... She had an occasional visit, until I never saw her at all. Nowelle was only 5, of course she would forget some things from her childhood.

I couldn't believe the first time I said, "Hi, Nowelle! It's been so long!" to her since her last visit, which was months ago. She looked at me, as if I was crazy.

"How do you know my name?" She asked me. I told her that she told me her name 3 years ago. "But... I don't know you..." I felt my heart drop.

"... You're pranking me, right?" I said. "Of course you know me! I used to play with you! Don't you remember?" Nowelle shook her head.

"Sorry." She said, but didn't look as if she meant it. When she left, I felt myself breaking on the inside. She had forgotten me.

I couldn't convince myself that she was faking it. Nowelle was always sincere and honest. Why would she lie?

The last time I saw her, I asked if she remembered my name. She pronounced it wrong, but other than that, it was right. But she said, "I know your name, but I don't know you..." I smiled softly.

"It's okay," I said. "it's not your fault."

Even to this day, I guess I can't get over the fact that Nowelle, the first person I became friends with when I moved, the girl who cheered me up whenever I was down, the girl who promised to not forget me...

Remembered my friends.

But forgot me.


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