The Way It Won't Be

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taken from my book, "Hotwired Thoughts"

Submitted: August 31, 2011

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Submitted: August 31, 2011



The Way It Won't Be


Until my world can knock me down

I'll be the worst sad song

Even the food will melt like cheese

And if you could never notice a thing

I would gladly continue to devote books to you

Just not for you


Until my mind grabs the right weight

And shackles come off my ankles

I'll be put to death in a harsh way.

And gotten to the point of reconciling

My only time apart from the likes of you

Though never will be soon enough


I've smashed my mind, and until death

I will remain doing so just to get ahead

Bricks and stones and rocks of such

Line me up an organized way

Is it this way or not? my only loved stranger

'Cause I cannot begin to put such a wager


08-20-'11 #2

D. L. Cannon

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