The Demon meets the Demon Council

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This is a short story of World of Warcraft. Though it is owned by Blizzard, the characters used are owned by me and my friends.
This is a short story of Role Play I do with a lot of my friends, involving my Death Knight. This Role play is not lore friendly.
While reading, just try to think of it as itself, and not a WoW story. Enjoy it!

Submitted: May 31, 2015

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Submitted: May 31, 2015



"So," A hooded figure clad in Fiery blue flames said, tugging his hood down to allow his long, silky white hair fall on his shoulders. "You're the Demons the Prophecy spoke of?" He grinned, counting. "One, two, three, four, five, six... There's supposed to be seven of you. Where is it." He tapped his foot and crossed his arms.
Six hooded figures stood across a small canyon, all clad in armor wielding various weapons. "Our leader isn't with us." The tallest of the six said, crossing his arms and stepping back, "She sent us on a mission to destroy Deathcrown and Deathsin. Are you either?" The shortest one asked, tugging his hood down. He had sharp fangs sticking out of his mouth, grayish pale skin, and red eyes that would send a chill down your spine. "Deathcrown? You were sent to destroy my kingdom?" Uncrossing his arms, the man unsheathed a long blade infested with what seemed like Sha. "I'm afraid I cannot allow you to destroy what I've created." The short one smirked, turning to the other five. "Brothers, please allow me to dispose of the King of Deathcrown." He begged, bowing. They remained silent as they thought. "Very well," The tallest one said, "But if this takes more than five minutes, I'm stepping in." The short one grinned, "Oh thank you, Brother! I won't disappoint!" He turned back to the man, unsheathing his two axes. "I will make this quick then! I am Pain! The First Demon of the Council of Ruka'dar!" He shouted. "I'm Saro'thenox Deathcrown, ruler of this world." He smirked, gripping the blade's hilt. "Face me, now 'Pain', so I may end you."

Pain leaps into the air, taking flight upwards into the dark sky. Saro'thenox looked up, bored with his act already. "What are you doing?" He asked, slowly floating up. "On the ground, we have no space to battle. Here in the air, we have all the space we need. I've been waiting for this day a long time, Saro'thenox. To sink my blades into your ski-" 
Saro'thenox slams his foot into Pain's jaw, sending him further upwards and afterwards, plummeting to the ground. "Oh, right. I forgot to mention. I'm not one for dialogue during a battle." Saro'thenox stated, floating above the small crater Pain had created in his fall. "His power is mediocre at best." Spoke one of the Demons. "I sense Saro'thenox's power can even go beyond your power, Misery." The second to tallest Demon smirked, looking up at Saro'thenox. "I doubt it. Pain and I may have had been defeated by these mortals in the past- but now with the entire council here, nothing will stop us." The demons nodded.
"Pain! Hurry up! What are you waiting for, coward?" Saro'thenox shouted. Pain slowly stood up, dusting himself off as he floated back up. He rubbed his cheek, growling. "Pest. You'll pay ten fold for that!" Pain yelled, flying towards Saro'thenox. The two clashed in battle, punching, kicking, slashing at each other. Their speed was so great all the normal eye would be able to see were slight pulses of white energy bouncing into each other. "This is getting boring watching little Brother fight." Misery said. "Yes, but, to be fair- he is the only one who has showed any interest in fighting the King of Deathcrown. Let him have his fun, Misery." Spoke the tallest one, nudging Misery. "So, when did Despair start caring about what his brothers cared about?" Misery smirked.

Saro'thenox and Pain reappeared once more, a few yards above the Demons. Pain slashed his axes left to right rapidly, but Saro'thenox dodged all of them easily. "You really do live up to your reputation, King of Deathcrown!" Pain said. Saro'thenox scoffed, clashing his blade with Pain's. "Heh. Is that so?" The two went at clashing again, blinking around in the air repeatedly.
Meanwhile, somewhere far off the coast of Northrend, Gromy, Ranthion, Ralphen, and a mysterious Elf with a certain TOP HAT closed their eyes to witness this titanic battle. "Saro'thenox..." Ralphen mumbled. "I don't get it. Is he a good or a bad guy?" Gromy smirked, "I believe he's like you, brother. You're a bit cruel when it comes to anyone that isn't your family. All Saro'thenox is trying to do is make this world safer for his son." He explained, nudging Ralphen. Ranthion nodded, "Indeed. However, brothers, don't let this display make you think his actions are justified. He will still need to be brought to justice." Gromy and Ralphen nodded. "What about you, Hatty?" Gromy asked, turning to the Elf with the top hat. "Hmm..." He said, turning. "His actions do differ depending on the particular situation. He protects his friends and family, but will also kill innocents to achieve his goals. Even though he isn't as evil as we thought- he still must be stopped. They all nodded.

Off the coast of Kalimdor would be a large island of mountains, snow covered the entire region. Saro'then and a mysterious hooded Elf stood atop of the tallest mountain, and they look like they just finished sparring. "That's... My father..." Saro'then whispered, eyes closed to witness the battle. The elf snarled, closing his eyes. "Xerath... What are you doing with Despair and the others? I thought you changed..."

"Pain!" Misery shouted. "What?!" He shouted back, grabbing Saro'thenox by the neck to hold him in a choke-hold. "Hurry this up. We still must deal with the Deathsin. We can't waste all day on this fool." 
Saro'thenox elbowed Pain in the gut, and then flipped to slam his foot into Pain's head, slamming him into the ground. When he tried to stand up, he felt a slight force stepping on him. He looked up and saw Misery pressing his foot down on him. "Stay down, fool. Let Anger handle this." Misery said. Pain's look of excitement turned to one of disappointment and sadness. "But... I've been training for this moment for decades!" He yelled. Misery ignored him. The second to shortest Demon removed his hood and sighed. "Why must I fight him? If his power exceeds Misery's, it exceeds mine." He said, looking up to Saro'thenox. Despair said, "Shut up and go, fool." Anger sighed, unsheathed his Hellreaver and flew upwards. "Okay, King of Deathcrown. You face Anger! Second Demon of the Council!" Saro'thenox laughed, popping his neck. "Fine, whatever. Let's get this over with." He send, summoning a Pillar of Ice out of a Dark Portal to slam into Anger's gut. Anger flew upwards, but recovered quickly and summoned two spheres of fire out of his Polearm. Saro'thenox slapped the first to the side, causing it to crash and explode on the ground, and reflected the second with with a flick of his wrist. Anger grinned, opening his mouth and eating the sphere with a grin. He licked his lips and his muscles bulged outwards. Saro'thenox's smug grin wore off, and he prepared for the real fight to begin.

"I'm not like Pain, you know. I won't be careless and get caught up-" Saro'thenox roundhouses Anger, then grabs Anger's foot and begins to spin and spin, releasing him and sending him into a nearby mountain. Saro'thenox extends his arm, holding his palm forward and begins to channel Unholy energy into said palm. "This is pathetic." He thought to himself, firing a large sphere of Unholy energy towards Anger. "It's like he's not even trying." Saro'thenox sighed. Anger looked up, coughing- and to his surprise, saw a giant sphere flying towards him. He held his hands forward, holding the sphere at bay. "Aaahhh!" He yelled. "Despair!" He cried, "Assist me!" Saro'thenox glared downwards at the council.
Despair laughed, "This is your battle. I cannot win it for you." He shouted. Anger shot a glare to Despair, before his arms broke from the pressure and being devoured by the attack. The sphere destroyed the mountain and shot upwards into the sky before exploding. Saro'thenox turned to the other demons and laughed. "Come now, 'Despair', stop letting your brothers do your work for you. Face me and die like a man." He demanded. Despair laughed and shook his head, turning to the remaining hooded Elves. "Agony, you're up. Do not let me down." One of them nodded, and removed his hood. Unlike the others, he seemed like a normal High Elf, except for the fangs and the two giant blades on his back. He flew upwards and floated across from Saro'thenox. "If you think I'm gonna go easy on you like my brothers did, you're wro-" Saro'thenox thrusts his blade through Agony's chest, twisting it and yanking it out. He smirked. This was too easy.

"You guys didn't hear me, did you? I said I'm not a fan of dialogue during combat." Saro'thenox said, staring at Agony. "Why aren't you falling to the ground..." He said. Agony laughed loudly as the wound began to seal itself closed. "I'm not like the others. I can mend myself with ease." He said, kicking Saro'thenox in the face before slamming his fist into his gut. He then back-flipped, slamming his foot into Saro'thenox's jaw and sending him upwards before he spiraled down. Saro'thenox landed on his knee, wiping his chin. "Damn. So this one is actually a challenge, huh?" He thought to himself. Agony began to fly downwards, but Saro'thenox jumped up and gripped his ankle, "Wait." Saro said, slamming Agony into the ground. He landed on the ground and crossed his arms. "What are you doing here?" He said, grinning. Behind him stood an average height woman wearing similar armor to Saro'thenox, except more teal than blue. She wore a light blue hood over her head. "Oh," she said, "Nothing. I just thought you'd need some morale support. And as your wife-" Saro'thenox cut her off, "You're not my wife..." He said, he turned to her and crossed his arms. "I thought you died in Strongcrown..." 
Gromy opened his eyes, "Is that his wife?!" He shouted, Ranthion shushed him. "Listen!" He said.
Saro'then clenched his fists and grit his teeth. "M-... Mother...? You're alive...?"
"Well, if you're here- take this." Saro'thenox said, removing his frosted crown and tossing it to the woman who caught it without looking up from the ground. "You don't want me here? I'm hurt, hubby." She joked, tucking the crown safely into her darkened satchel. Saro'thenox walked to her and looked down at her. "You're still a foot shorted than me." He grinned, placing his hands on her hips to lift her up. Her light blue lips spread into a smile as they met with his for a brief moment. He placed her down and walked back to Agony. "Okay. You've gotten your kiss, now. Get out of here before you're hurt." He said. She smirked and nodded before stepping into the shadows, gone.

"Cute girl." Agony said. "I'll be sure to pay her a visit when I'm done gutting yo-" Saro'then headbutted Agony, slamming him into the ground. "You don't talk about a man's wife like that. Simple rule." Despair nodded, "He's right, Agony. Not cool."
Agony growled, "Both of you, shut up!" He said, slashing his blades at Saro'thenox who caught them with his hands. "You rely on your brute strength and your regeneration," Saro'thenox said as a shadow began to grow. "- but, without concentration, focus, you can't win a fight. You didn't even notice my attack this entire time." He said, tossing the blades to the side and kneeing Agony in the gut. He grabbed his long, elf-like ears and spun around several times, hurling him into a large coffin made out of Ice. Agony coughed, struggling to move. "I... I CAN'T MOVE! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" He shouted. Saro'thenox sighed, and crossed his arms. "I noticed I'd never be able to defeat you if you were kept on guard. As soon as I felt my wife approaching, I knew I'd be able to distract you while I charged up this attack. I call it Ice Coffin. Struggle as much as you want, once in it, it freezes your blood slowly and kills your nerves, and soon, your organs will shut down." He smirked, clenching his fist. "ICE COFFIN!" He yelled, the coffin shutting and slamming into the ground. Agony would be screaming and struggling inside, shaking it around. Despair noted this, and laughed. "Looks like you're up Misery. Have fun." He said.
Misery unsheathed his battleaxe and scoffed, "Fine by me." He said, floating over to Saro'thenox. Pain was finally able to stand, but he was horrified to see such a display of strength. "You know Saro'thenox. I've noted every attack-" Saro'thenox threw a punch, but Misery dodged and gripped his wrist. "of yours, and our powers are exactly even. This will be a glorious battle." He said, releasing him and headbutting him into the ground. Misery stayed back and grinned as Saro'thenox stood up. "No. It won't." He said.

Ralphen growled, "His ki is raising..." He said. Ranthion nodded, "What is he doing now?"
"What do you mean? I know all of your moves, and our strength is the same!" Misery shouted. Saro'thenox planted his feet firmly into the ground, clenched his fists and flexed his chest, inhaling... "This is where I begin to try." He commented, throwing his head backwards. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!" He screamed, a faint teal barrier enshrouded him as he floated upwards. The earth began to shake and tear itself apart, the Twilight Highlands was being split apart by earthquakes causing canyons. "AAAAAAA-AAAAHA-AAAAAAHHH!" He roared, muscles bulging. Despair's, Pain's, Misery's eyes widened and the hooded elf stood back as they witness this display of power.
Solis Isle began to rumble. "Ahh! What is he doing?! If he keeps this up, there will be no Azeroth to save!" Gromy yelled. Ranthion remained cool and calm, smiling slightly.
"Do it, Dad..." Saro'then said.
"AAAAHHHHHH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAA-HHAAAAAAAH!" Saro'thenox roared, a giant shockwave bursts outwards in all directions, ringing out for miles. Saro'thenox exhaled and and clenched his fists. He smirked. Misery blinked. "All of that for a change of hair?" He said, pointing to Saro'thenox's hair which was now ten times as long, and also very pointy. "You only notice that?" Saro'thenox said, looking up. His eyes were bloodshot, he now had fangs, and his skin was gray. "This form doesn't have the best look, but its power is unbelievable."

"Impossible!" Gromy screamed. "He's reached Nuri'Darkin?! He's not even a Shen'adre! How could he POSSIBLE achieve our final form?!" He began to shake and flail his arms around wildly. "... Shut up!" Ranthion said, freezing Gromy in a block of ice. "I'm trying to watch..."
"So that's my father's full power..." Saro'then said, smiling. "Beat them, dad!" He cheered. 
Saro'thenox blinked forward, grinning at Misery. "What?!" He snapped. His nose began to bleed... "Heh. Misery, I'm impressed. Two hard punches and all you have to show for it is a bloody nose." Saro'thenox said, smirking. Misery tapped his lip, looking at his blood. "What? What the Fel are you talking about 'punches'? You haven't moved since you blinked to me!" He yelled, attempting to slap him away. Saro'thenox gripped his wrist, "I'll slow down so you can keep up with me then." He said, slamming his fist into Misery's face twice, sending him flying. Saro'thenox vanished and reappeared above Misery as he was flying backwards and thrusts his blade through his head instantly. His blade dug into the ground and caused them to stop flying shortly after. "MISERY!" The hooded elf yelled, unsheathed his two daggers and flying towards Saro'thenox. "No, Hatred, you fool!" Pain yelled. Saro'thenox pulled his blade out of Misery and turned to Hatred whom's hood had blown off. "Hmm." He said, jumping back and kicking Hatred in the face.
"Did I piss you off?" Saro'thenox asked, grinning. "Good." 
Hatred stood up, snarling. "You killed too many of my brothers today! Now die!" He roared, sprinting towards Saro'thenox and swinging his daggers around rapidly. Saro'thenox looked over to Despair. "You haven't taught them to not let their emotions control them. Sloppy." Saro'thenox said, vanishing and reappearing behind Hatred, grabbing his neck and snapping him. He tossed the body to the side. "That's five, Despair. Five beaten, four killed. You wanna make it five and six?" He grinned. Despair crossed his arms and sighed. "I don't have time for this." He said, blinking in front of Saro'thenox. Suddenly Saro'thenox would feel a burning sensation all over him, and feel as if he had just been stabbed dozens of times in the chest. He reverts back into his normal form before collapsing. "I... Can't move..." Saro'thenox said, struggling and bleeding heavily.

Gromy, Ralphen, Hatty, and Ranthion opened their eyes in shock, "Oh no, Saro'thenox!" They yelled.
"FATHER!" Screamed Saro'then.
Despair flew into the air, "Come, Pain. We have work to do." He shouted. Pain laughed, spitting at Saro'thenox before flying upwards. Saro'thenox screamed in pain. "... This... No... Saro'then... My son... I can't... lose..." He shuts his eyes, unclenching his fists. "I failed you... all..."
Gromy, Ralphen, Hatty, and Ranthion bowed their heads in a moment of silence and respect. Saro'then fell to his knees, tears rushing down his face. "Father!"
But, unknown to them, a dark portal opened up, and the woman from before dragged the motionless Saro'thenox through the portal, gazing at his bleeding face. "Even with all these bruises, cuts, and blood, you're still once gorgeous man." She told herself.
The portal closed.

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