Reunion Union

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A guy attends his cousins high school reunion and meets someone

The banner read ‘Happy Fortieth Class Reunion John F. Kennedy.High School!’

Never felt more out of place than I did here and now! After all what did a Canadian who attended T. L. Kennedy Secondary School have in common with a bunch of Americans. If it wasn’t as a favor to my cousin Loretta I would never been here nor would I have met her!

It was while Loretta was off hobnobbing with her old social circle that I happen to espy her sitting at a table, sipping a drink, her eyes swinging between the door and the crowd on the floor. The low light level in the auditorium made it hard to tell much about her but for some reason I was instantly fascinated with her. Not wanting to appear like a jerk or worse a stalker I slowly in a roundabout way made me way over to her table.

She was sitting just off to the right side of the overhead speaker when I approached “Pardon me, is this seat taken?” inside praying to god she would say no. Trying to keep my eyes on her face only, I couldn’t help but to let my eyes drift down to her name tag, just on the top of the curve of her left breast. ‘Lisa Tyler’ under that ‘nee Mulder’  my eyes making it back to her face before she replied.

“ No!” As all I got before she took another sip of her drink, her eyes returning to sweeping  the crowd once more. As I pulled the chair across from her out i got my first up close good look at Lisa. Bronzed skin that suggested she was either a recent sun worshiper or a tanning salon groupie. But man did her tan help to highlight the blueness of her eyes and the fullness of her lips. 

God I didn’t want to appear like I was deliberately checking her out so I tried to strike up an innocent fact finding conversation “So are you an alumni or a date of someone here?” Hoping to God that she would say she was here alone! 

Her eyes return from the crowd “I am an alumni who’s wonder why I bothered coming back!” Sighing softly enough that me eyes were drawn to her chest “Been here for almost an hour now and very few have even bothered to ask how I was?”

Without even realizing what I was saying “Well I’ve said that American males appear to be blind idiots most of the time!” Locking eyes with her “Glad to see my point proven in person!” Remembering my manners, holding out my hands “Graeme Cartier and to who do I have the pleasure of sharing a table with?”

Taken off guard, pointing to her name tag “Lisa Tyler” as my eyes followed to where she was pointing. “You didn’t attend J.F.K. did you?” Shaking my hand ,then returning to her drink.

“Me no!” Shaking my head “I’m down here from Canada doing a favor for my Cousin Loretta!”

“Not Loretta Aspen?” Damn don’t know how or if I should answer that, the way it was said?

Hesitantly “Uh ye-s-s-s-s!” Thinking that now might be a good time to pretend to see her looking for me. Lisa puts me at ease.

“It’s okay Loretta and I knew the other existed but rarely interacted!” Inside my eyes looked to the heavens and internally I mouth a thank you big guy “So tell me something is it true that all Canadians are polite and end their sentences with eh? A lovely grin on her face made me decide to run with the stereotype!

“Oh yeah eh!” Moving my chair a little closer to her “And we live in igloos where we drink beer and eat a steady diet of back bacon and poutine eh!” Losing it as the last syllable of poutine left my mouth bursting out laughing as she joined me. Those close to the tablet turning to stare at us like we just committed a major crime!

“Oh damn don’t look now but I think your ‘aboot’ to be in trouble while I get deported eh!” More laughter as more people give us dirty looks before moving to somewhere else on the floor “Wow I take it they aren’t fans of your or of people laughing!”

“Oh no J.F.K. high was a place of higher learning where laughter was banned unless you were part of the ruling clique!” Surprising me by moving her chair closer to me “Which I wasn’t”  putting her hand on my arm “This might come as a shock but I was a bit of a wallflower in school, you know a straight A student who rarely dated or went to school events”

Looking at her “Even more proof that American males are stupidly blind!” Her confession made me do likewise “Well if it’s any consolation I was your typical barely passing loner when I was in school who never attended any school events unless I was a part of them in some capacity!”

After that it was like we found something to bond over. The next hour passed by like a flash. In all that time I never even laid eyes on Cousin Loretta at all. So when it came time to leave, I found myself  outside waiting for her to come out. Lisa came out and over to me “I want to thank you for the time we spent together tonight, it was the best time I ever spent at J.F.K.!” leaning in to me kissing me quickly on the cheek before catching my completely off guard.

“I don’t suppose you like to go somewhere for something to eat and a little more conversation?”

Inside I’m screaming ‘anywhereanyplaceanytime!’  outwards trying to stay calm, not trusting myself “Sure why not!” Then remembering that I don’t know anywhere I could take her “Uh can you suggest somewhere?” if I didn’t know any better I swear this was the answer she was hoping for!

“I know just the place!” Taking me by the hand then dropping it “Oh what about Loretta?”

Looking  all around us “Are you seeing someone I’m not?” Smiling as once more she takes me by the hand leading me to the parking lot to a blue Toyota Prius. When were both buckled in she drives us to a quaint two story house with the stereotypical white picket fence. Seeing the look on my face “I hope I’m not being to forward by bringing you here?”

“Well this was something I wasn’t expecting when you asked!” Looking her in the eyes “But if your alright with it so am I!”  Inwards ‘You screw this up and I’m going to put you in such a long coma your beard will have beards!’ As she parks, I’m out like a flash to get her door like a gentleman.

"Why thank you!’ As she locks the car door I hear “Oh shit! Mrs Williams in her window, this ought to be over the neighbourhood in an instant!” what came over me I don’t know but I suddenly sweep Lisa up off her feet and carry her to the front door.

As she unlocks it I whisper to her “Well why don’t I give them something to wag their tongues about!” As the door opens I carry her inside, closing the door with the back of my heel. Inside behind a closed door I set her onto her feet once more both of us bursting out laughing!

“You know you just soiled my reputation within the community?” gently slapping me on the right arm “Oh god how will I ever face those old biddies down at the Piggly Wiggly when I see them!”

“Somehow I have the feeling you’re not that worried about what they will think!” She stops then stares at me “Or else you wouldn’t have brought me here like you did!”

“I guess you’re right!” Moving closer to me, wrapping her arms around me “After all I've heard that some Canadian men aren’t the blatant sexists pigs who think if a girl brings them home that means their instantly going to get in their pants!”

Deliberately looking her up and down “Damn straight beside I doubt I could get that dress past my shoulders!” More giggles  and hitting

“Failed stand up comedian are you?” Kissing me before I could reply. Her lips were as soft as I thought they would be and for some reason the here and now seems like it wasn’t a cheap one night hook up, no it felt like we should have the ring and piece of paper with our names on it. Once more I sweep her up and start to carry her.

“Uh would you like to be told where the bedroom is or do you plan to take a tour of the house with me in your arms?”

"Well my plan was to carry you away from the door and window, then pull that dress up and ravage you against some wall, then take you to a bed!”

“Oh I must say that sound like a plan!” Beginning to laugh so much that I swore tears came to her eyes!” Carrying her to the stairs no speaking I motion up with my eyes, she nods and I starting climbing with her, making it to the top before she speaks.

Fake stuttering “W-w-w-what are you going to do to mee-e-e-e-e?”

I’m about to answer her when from behind an arm reaches around my neck “Nothing if he wanted to live!” Pulling me into a tight choke hold “Mom you call the cops I got this rapists bastard!"

“Thomas it not what it looks like!” crying out while attempting to hit the guys hand, striking my chin more than the arm of this Thomas “He’s a gentleman I met at the reunion who treated me like a person worth knowing!’ The choke hold lessens. “He Loretta Aspen’s cousin from Canada!”

Instantly I’m free “Oh god I’m sorry but when I heard mom stutter like that I thought...!"

“No harm done!” to prove it I hold my hand out to him “Graeme Cartier”

“Thomas Tyler!” as he shakes my hand then turning to his mother “Damn mom I’m sorry for ruining your evening!”

“No problem it’s not every day you have to choke a guy I bring home!” Then surprising both of us “Oh damn what would Mrs. Williams think about this if she witnessed it!” Of course that gave me the perfect idea of how to save her reputation. Taking Thomas aside talking low to him, he shakes his head looking back to his mom.

“You sure?"

“Oh yeah I got a few more days here so if your mom is willing to maybe going out on a real date, make sure I hit the road!” With a smile on his face we tell Lisa of our plan!

“A bit drastic don’t you think?” The sparkle in her eyes making this all the more worthwhile. “I would love to go on a real date with you Graeme!” Then to Thomas “You make sure he land on the lawn and isn’t hurt or I’ll be tossing you out if he calls and cancels our date!”

Five minutes after kissing her goodbye and shaking Thomas’s hand the door opens “And don’t ever try something like that again with my mother you dickhead!” Jumping to help him, I’m sailing from the front door, landing on the grass. Looking around I do spot Mrs. Williams peeking around the curtain as I get up, dust myself off and start a walk of elated shame back to Cousin Loretta’s place. With every step I’m wishing that tomorrow night was already here!

The End

Submitted: September 02, 2019

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Hi G, I see you wrote a lot in a very short period of time. However, you are losing quality over quantity. I edited a part of this story purely for interpunction, grammar that even I would see as a non-native English speaker, and minor typing errors that a spell checker would have caught too.
Watch your use of tenses, if you start a story in the past, it should remain so (unless you're making an obvious time leap), and actions that will happen or have happened compared to your "now in the story" should be in the correct past/future tense accordingly.
If you like, I'll copy/paste the edited part this evening you-know-where and you can compare and learn.
Please consider this constructive feedback. The content, the story line, is there, the way it got out can be improved upon, and we all learn from someone pointing us out what we could do better a next time (me too!).

Mon, September 2nd, 2019 1:58pm


P.S.: I could also give you my email address you-know-where, that would sending large text content easier. :)

Mon, September 2nd, 2019 2:00pm

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