#1, 2, or 3 ?

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a choice that could either be regretted or not...

Submitted: April 09, 2007

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Submitted: April 09, 2007



i'm with this girl

yet there another girl
that i know for so long

ok ok that fine, just take a step back and think again

i love this girl cause she is such an amazing girl
who is truly blessed with God and that just really
blew me away


i'm in love with this girl who i know for so long
and we just connected so well, and that she
turn out to be so beautiful

it really suck to be a guy i'll tell you that

girls somewhat made this easier well i mean
aside that they have like like so many thing
wrong inside of them like PMS and monthly
and so on....but somehow they knew what
to do when they are in between a love

guys what we do?....debating on which girl
to be with and making sure if this girl is
truly right for us

so i pretty much have three choice.....or five

1, keep on spending more time with this amazing girl
and just not rush things

2, be with this beautiful girl whom she know you for
so long.....i mean we both have lot of commons and
we really do know each other so well

3 simply let them go and move on into a new life
new place and meet new girls......of course chance
are i'll be in the same position as i was before

4, simply wait for both of them and see what would
happen......yes it will be a long time but what if they
both come to you........back to 1.2.3

5. be a NUN!.....err a monk.........i highly doubt that

i know i can't be selfish cause if i take
one of those girl...that would be simply
killing their dream

True love and an Ulimate relationship
isn't about just love and trust and caring
and honest

it more about being un selfish and
allowing your mate to be able to
chase his or her dream

sure you can give up some of them
but don't be a fool....don't give up
the impossible dream

like joining the army or able to travel
the world or going to college or being
a teacher or professer or a doctor
or a singer

those are major dream that shouldn't
be worth giving up, cause if you make
that person giving up the one thing
he or she truly want so bad in this life

that like killing half of that person
and you're left with glass half empty

so far, the girls are doing great with
what they doing

but the guys isn't

we have to work on our selfishness

yeah i know it tradiation for a a girl
to give up things for the guys

but we're not living in the past
this is not the 40's or the 50's
or whatever

girls are allow to do whatever they want

and we can't take away their dreams

i mean right now, i'm watching this girl's
dream been taking away cause of an guy
doesn't want her to and that just make me

nowday guys aren't immature

they just selfish

i don't care what anybody said

girls are much the same as us

though the bible did say they has to
obey us and so

that just....

i mean eve did come out of Adam's rib
girls are the same as guys.

only difference is....


whites, black. spanish. asians. and so on
both males and females are the same

so pretty much sum it up now

i don't believe in controling girls
like telling them to do this and that

i believe in girl's freedom as much as
i believe in guy's freedom

so let recap

i'm in love with this amazing girl who is truly blessed


i'm in love with this girl whom i know for so long


this beautiful girl want to travel around the world
simply to get away from all of the dramas that
been surrounding her lately


this beautiful girl pretty much is an tradiation girl
that just a little naive about everything but she
met this guy and they both become friends
then they dating....

ok so far so good...i know what to do now

this beautiful girl said that she does like me
really like me a lot but is afraid to commited,
i understand therefore we remain close friend


this beautiful girl is pretty much cared for me
and truly put me in the speical place in her heart
but doesn't love me the same way as i do for her

alright then

well all i can tell is that

this girl who truly do like you so much
stay for her, wait for her cause somehow
i get this feeling one day she will be ready

this girl who truly in love with someone else
it her choice, i mean after what she told you
about the relationship......something tell me
you don't need to be around for her anymore


cause everbody know, a husband is also a
great friend and great best friend and so on....
you don't need that, let him take care of her
even though you may not like him, he does
take good care of her i mean didn't you
hear what she said about the gift? she happy
and he happy, cased close

it not that hard to let her go

you done it all the time with other girls
she just the same as every other girls

she came to your life,
she fought with you
she become friend with you
she flirt with you
she move on

it been like that ever since

she's happy let her have that

so again recap

1, 2, 3 ?

you already know who i pick....
and i'm pretty sure God also
know who you picking too....

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