And Then I Realize...

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a Deaf Swimmer humor

Submitted: January 23, 2007

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Submitted: January 23, 2007



this next one is true story...took place in Lubbock, Tx
you see I was part this greatest swimming and diving team
of all time I mean we like kick everyone's ass when we're
having a swim meet in Lubbock or at other place
it also the place where I met this most beautiful a swimsuit

I love her so much, I love eveything about her

I love her smile, I love her cheek, I love her lips
I love her eyes, I love her neck, I love her breasts
I love her butt, I love her thighs, I love her feet
I love her hair, I love nose, I love everything about her

The only thing I can't love her is her pussy....and her ass

just maybe one day when we married then the whole
new meaning of "I'm gonna give you alot of lovin'"
come to mind

but seriously I love her for who she is,

she a great, amazing, fun.....a ditz but fun nevertheless
girl ever

I mean I can remember the first time when I laid my
eyes on her

It was just me and her, all alone
the water overlapping one another
it was quiet and perfect, just as almost
as romantic as it can be

I'm shivering from the cold since I'm in my swimsuit but

There she is...
sorry Baywatch moment...
ok there she is,
just rising from the water
just gasping for air as she
was about to go under once

just doing her favorite strokes
the breaststroke

so there is she,

up and down
up and down
up and down

so I move to the same lane she is in
and lean back with my legs in the
water and got a good view of
her head as I lean back and relax

up and down
up and down
up and down

up, my mind saying down, down, down
down, ahhhhh

up, stay back down, stay back down
down, ahhhhh

up, go back down, go back down
down, ahhhhh


I look around and see no one
so i return back to her and
smile once again


I look to my right and there the coach
just looking at me in such position
now he isn't fond of using alot of words
around me because his actions is louder
than words so

he clear his throat and look at something
as I look back to see the girl looking at
me and smiling, if not giggling too

And then I realize something...

i felt something hard...

Then I realize something

This is a public pool...

Then I realize

i feel something warm and sticky...

Then I realize

the children are staring at me

but you know what?

I came to her

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