My Love For You Is...

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hardly a poetry but you'll get the idea,

PS: don't waste your time commenting about my grammar mistakes, I know i have it, english isn't my first language , ASL is

Submitted: April 08, 2007

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Submitted: April 08, 2007



I feel suppress

When I met you
I suppress the real me

When I talk to you
I suppress part of me

When I learn that I'm slowly liking you
The supress change side

When I'm with you
My true self is supress

When I talk to you
My true part is suppress

When I flirt with you
Anger get supress

When I smile for you
Hatred get suppress

When I laugh with you
Depression get supress

When I say I love you
Darkness get supress

When I realize you're slowly pushing me away little by little
My true self cheered

Even though I completely understand why

I feel hurt

I feel crush

Do you accept me for who I'm truly am

From the first day I met you
I been nothing but honest good guy
That has no hidden adenga, the only
Reason why I spend so much time talking to you is because you're so beautiful

As I got to know you all these years
My feeling for you has grown into a more
Mature than I had expected

But as my feeling grew, you slowly start to push me away, like you're ashamed to be with me or something, like you're afraid of something that would result a terrible outcome

As you slowly push me away, I come back again and again because I love you so much that I don't want to lose you at all,

As you slowly push me away, all this fears of losing you starting to come true

But you know what, I'm not losing you,
You're the one that losing me,

Sure this would make me sound like a jerk
But at least you know who I truly am,
You know me a lot than anyone else, including the redhead as well

At least she let me down easy, even though she used me so many time, she always let me down and just her best to not hurt me so much so that I could bear the though of her with him

I often ask myself, do I regret almost ruining a wonderful friendship with her
By telling her how I truly feel about her and almost came close to raping her and ending up harming her with a piece of broken glass shard?

No I don't regret of telling her how I truly feel about her, what I do regret is making my approach the wrong way, if I had acted more well mannered guy with a decent moral then who know....things would be different but that in the past

And right now I'm unsure if I should keep the door open in case you decide to be with me or close the door and keep me from getting hurt again

I love you a lot, you see like a girl I always wanted

The only difference is that you're either holding back or pushing me away like you want nothing to do with me

Even though I will not know the real reason why you keep pushing me away
I can't wait for you, even though I said that I would be waiting for you and that only time will say when I completely win both of your heart instead of half. But you push me away like I'm not important enough to be around you

Maybe I should just give up on you
Maybe I shouldn't

I had done all I can to prove you that I am worthy to take care of your heart as though it were mine and all I can do is simply wait and see if you can return the same

But I guess it not going to happen anytime or at all

All I can say is that I always going to love you no matter what

Maybe I'm suppse to met a girl and become friend with them then fall in love with her then move on as she would be with a guy or doesn't want to be with me, if that how my life will turn out then, then I guess I allowed to do whatever I want since I get nothing in return,

Even if it mean I have to break sone rule or guidelines that the bible lay out

Cause either way, my life would be like this and there not going to be a special girl waiting for me at all...

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