The Confession

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n event that take place between The Room and The Release

Submitted: February 06, 2007

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Submitted: February 06, 2007



screen came on, just blinking on the video display and showing an empty red sofa, soon the girl came in and sit on the sofa and just sit there and took couples of deep breath as she nods as thought she is ready

the red word started blinking

"So the deal is...
There's this one guy, who's my best friend...
Someone who always makes me smile...
I never ever get tired talking to...
(And that says a lot, I never talk with anyone
except him and another guy)
And I had always been hoping that, he'd be my prince charming
and come to me and sweep me off my feet
take me away for my boring life not simply because
my life was boring, but because he gave me such happiness...
and even though I knew there'd be a lot of sadness
because he ain' perfect prince charming...
he doesn't have the same morals as I do and I know
it'd cause a lot of stress and sadness...

Then along came this other guy,
who was so sweet and nice, and treated me not only with respect,
but like a lady. That never had happened before by any guy,
I guess I had made everyone think of me as a complete tom-boy
Which is alright...but I had always secretly wanted to be given
flowers, sappy poems, and told all sorts of silly things of
how pretty I was (even though I don't think I am)
and this guy did that, but at the same time...he respected me.
So when he asked me to be his girl...I wanted to. But not just
because he was mushy and sweet...But also
because he was the perfect prince charming...except for one thing..

He wasn't as crazy fun as my best friend.

And I had to choose...but my best friend...
all he had wanted really was to make out
he never asked me to be his girl or nothing,
in my mind I owed him nothing and I am old fashioned,
I wouldn't go to a guy I was seriously interested in and ask him out
So I chose the sweet guy and am now in a relationship
where I am the craziest person...Now the problem is,

this guy (my best friend) came back and suddenly
is saying that he loves me and really wanted to date me
and I had no clue, the entire time I had been wishing
that he'd stop flirting with all the other chicks and be my guy,
and my guy only, I didn't know he really cared for me that much
and then I felt guilty...because I still kinda was in love with him...
so I started pushing him away being cruel and fighting my feelings
for him with all my power...I'm pretty sure I crushed the feelings
because I no longer feel the need to push him away.
At least I hope I have, and I am having a great relationship,
sure I gave up a couple dreams, like the army, but the main reasons
why I wanted to be in the army was because I had no where else to go, no other way to take care of myself I needed something,
a plan, to take care of myself even after my parents died,
the army would have done that... But I'm happy you know?
Sure sometimes I get a little dissatisfied but that's only when
I get that fighting itch, and my best friend is always there to cure that, that's something my boyfriend can't do you know?

If I could go back and change things would I?
I dunno...I'd drop more hints to my best friend,
I'd pray harder that he matured,
things worked out the way they did...
God's the one in control right...
But secretly I always wish

That I could have given him my first kiss..."

She look down once again and sigh deeply and sniffles as she stood up and walk away as the blinking red light soon stop as the screen went black

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