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The Relationship of the girl and her best friend

Submitted: January 17, 2007

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Submitted: January 17, 2007



Eleven month ago

"Too bad no one else will know what it feels like"

"what do you mean..."

"I don't really know... I just thinking about the time that I finally "break" your shell...."


"I’m just that you're using fear as fuel....every girl I have been with, they all been scare of me...but you held out for so long that I completely forgot about it...till that day"

"I'm not scared of you...I know what you are capable of and I know how to control you easily. I am scared of what I would let you do..."

"I know but that day when you were completely broken longer a fighter....a became human and every time I come near you or touch were scare of me"

"do you think I had the right to be..." her eyes stare into his back

"a right to be scare of me....of course you do"

"did baby...did have the right..."

"it part of you...."

"in a sense that if you ever tried something like that I'd probably curl up shaking...yeah maybe...but who knows"

" least you won't have to stick around to find out
you know it true cause you're safe and happy so"

"I have no idea what you mean..." she keeps her eyes closed

"of course you're going to be safe....far away from me and happy....for being with a guy that doesn't have a demon in him"

"until I create a demon in him too..."

"but you're not going to..."

"I do not know if it is possible..."

"I know it is possible because you love him too much to create a demon in him...because you said it yourself...demon can't love"

"that is was I said I do not know if it was possible to create a demon in him..."

"you're not going to create a demon"

"if I wanted to...I doubt I could..."

"but you're not going to....because you love him with all of your heart"

"you sound as if your talking more to yourself then to me"

" you love him with all of your heart?"

"You know that answer to that..."

"tell me anyway"

"if I do you'll walk away again..."

"I only walk away from a verbal fight..."

"I meant you'll move, go outside or something..."

he reach out and hold her hand "now I won't"

she sighs softly "yes I do..."

"with all of your heart?"


"see what I mean, you love him so much and he make you very happy...I know that you're not going to create a demon in him"

"I suppose..."

"don't be scare of can believe in me"

"I'm not scare..."

"no...but I sense it anyway"

"what...what is it..."


"are you sure..."

"yeah I’m sure don't worry about it"

"what is it..."

"you really gotta stop digging some information out of me"

"I just asking"

"last time I the same thing"

"if you don't wish to say to me what you were about to say...I won't force you...I would like to know but it's your own choice..."

"what I wanted to say won't make any difference"

"rarely things said ever do..."

"it only a three words..."

"it's don't have to say it...sing to me..."

he sing quietly

"I heard that song for the first time a couple days ago...and it struck me so hard...I've been singing it ever since, and just last night I heard it again."

"Why it struck you so hard?"

"I don't know...I normally don't like that guy’s voice...but hearing those three lines...those three stuck in my brain."

"What about those three line that make you feel...confuse or make you feel something?"

"Made me feel very sad for some reason...I was just...confused...I don't believe in coincidences...I need to go"

"confused about what? What coincidences?"

"that I've been singing the song even today and suddenly you sing it to me"

"that because I sing this song to you because this song pretty much asking you to forget the world and be with me, not as boyfriend girlfriend or anything but as the same as we once were,,,"

"I'm sorry baby..."

"I’m not asking you to dump him or anything...I just want you to be with be the same girl that you once were before all of this happen... don't be sorry because it not your fault nor mine"

"no. it’s not anyone's fault I really need to go...I promised you a kiss"

"save that kiss for me later"

"I'd rather you take it now..."

"you sure about this?"


they both kiss for few seconds as he stop


"good bye"
"I love you..." he said quietly

back in the present day

Where the young girl standing

Next to her boyfriend as she

Hold the rose in her hand

Just clutching to her chest as

Her best friend lies in the casket

And buried in six feet and is at

Peace and no longer suffering

Five years and eleven month

Of emotional rollercoaster ride

All of those years as flirting and

Fighting and being very close to

Each other and never once thought

About asking each other out

She opens the letter once the service

Was over and read it to herself

"it see a girl
you fight with a girl, you become
friend with a girl, you flirt with a girl
new guy come into her life
she slowly fall in love with him
but is falling in love with me

I mean think about it,

I been with her for almost two years
while he been with her for two month

she put up both walls for me and for him
but she decide to let the other guy break
through her wall easily but put up an
resistance to me
so in her eyes, she seem me as a bad guy and him as good guy
two years vs. two month
God has a funny way of defining "Love" to me”

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