King Vassilii

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A summary of the life of King Vasilii Destry (Lilia Destry's great-grand father)
The beginning of the war against Ilonarí.

Submitted: November 24, 2011

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Submitted: November 24, 2011



King Vasilii

At the tender age of sixteen, Vasilli lost his father, King Falrith, to the pestilence, upon which, the prince took up his father's throne and sword and became the fifteenth ruler of Helleid.

Over the next eight years, Vasilii wed a noble woman named Talitha, dubbed her his queen and bore three sons, Ira (his eldest), Caius and Geldoth (his youngest). But all the while he was accutely aware of the growing power of those with magical abilities, their numbers multiplying each day along with their increasing power. Until, at twenty four years of age, the King's axiety grew too great and he could not rid himself of the suspicion that those with supernatural powers aimed to overrun him and dethrone him so he made the decision to force all magic weilders into his power.

Within the year a declaration had been spread throughout Helleid that all with supernatural powers - be it through magic, sorcery or even potions - must station themselves under King Vasilii's command and be obedient and loyal to him alone.

The decree was met with little resistance for ordinary folk such as twins and witches and the only people to truely rebel against the ruling were the Ilonarí.

Men and women bonded to magnificent beasts of varying species with incomprehensible intelligence refused to serve King Vasilii and give him fealty on the grounds of their pride in being individual of all external powers and being uncorrupt from their beleifs. But, once the law was officially passed, Vasilii released a mighty torrent of violence upon the race and marched on the sanctuaries and strongholds of the Ilonarí in the mountains and forests; forcing them to flee farther east - the King suceeding in many battles as he swept across his kingdom and smote all oppossition in his path with his armies.

Both sides suffered great losses; most of all the Ilonarí.

Years passed as King Vasilii's forces worked to ferret out the enemy he sought to erradicate from his lands as a steady seed of prejudice began to implant itself in the minds of both king and subjects to the point where all of their woes were directed at the Ilonarí who merely fought for their own survival as a seemingly ceasless wave of attack buffetted them into one small corner - a village in the Korfein Mountains called Hein.

King Vasilii quckely trapped the Ilonarí and a group of men who fought with them in the village. The seige lasted less than a day before his men took hold of the village and slaughtered all within it. However, not wthout losses.

As Vasilii stormed the town hall ahead of his soldiers, he was struck in the breast by an enemy arrow to then draw his last breath in what was to be the last stretch of the War of Tooth and Nail.

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