The Beginnning of Hellied

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A quick summary of how Hellied came to be and the origins of the first king of Hellied.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



In the Tribal Age, Hellied was yet to be formed and the land was split into eight territories ruled by individual kings. Constant war burned between the eight kings of the land, each wanting to gain another's territory and expand their borders, often without success.

However, one day a boy with the virtue of determination imbued to his soul was born into the royal house of Destry. This boy was named Pervarii and he excelled in all he aimed for but his main goal he sought to accomplish was uniting the territories under a single ruler, himself. And so, it was in Pervarii's twenty-fourth year that his father died and he inherited his father's territory. It was not long before the now King Pervarii rounded up his forces and inspired his subjects with visions of glory and a richer lifestyle that empowered them with the courage to stretch out and begin expanding the borders of Pervarii’s territory. It was with this courage that King Pervarii was able to send his forces sweeping through the other territories with only a few royal families surrendering and acknowledging Pervarii as their new leader. It was due to this lack of support from other leaders that many royal families were destroyed until only weak bloodlines remained to continue their legacy.

But King Pervarii was not without mercy for with each kingdom he took, he persuaded the majority of peasants to join or concede to his campaign therefore causing little resistance as he strode through the territories with only the other kings' soldiers as a threat. A threat which proved to be very weak as few losses were received on Pervarii’s side and his forces grew with each claiming of a territory.

Also, it was during Pervarii’s campaign that he met a kind woman of another royal house. The woman, he later found, was called Banaire and with her affection and his determination, they gained the support of her family in both Pervarii’s campaign and in their betrothal thus, after the taking of Pervarii’s fifth territory, they wedded and Banaire was dubbed his queen.

It was then not long before Pervarii was king of more land than ever known and had gained the respect of all those he ruled over not just by his feats in gaining so much land but also by not squirming from battle and having fought alongside his men when they faced even the most perilous of dangers - unlike so many of the other kings. In total, it took only six years for King Pervarii to gain control of all the territories and then be crowned king of all of the land which he declared as Hellied. And so, he was dubbed King Pervarii the Great for his amazing feats in battle.

Now, with the Tribal Age at an end, King Pervarii began the construction of an extravagant castle in his hometown of Mil’dóra around which the capital of Hellied formed and assigned land to kings who had conceded to him during the Tribal War who were now to be known as lords of their designated lands.

Not many years passed when King Pervarii’s wife, Queen Banaire, was declared to be with child and it was within the year that she gave birth to a baby girl that was soon named Eilore and as was tradition, the next day, the babe was imbued with the virtue of eloquence and such became her predominant trait.

After this, events were few and far between but none of spectacular interest for King Pervarii had achieved his goal and now simply ruled to live up to the promises of a richer life that he had given his subjects before. Therefore, the King had reached his sixty-third year when he passed into the void with Queen Banaire closely following behind in less than a mere month, both of whom having died of old age.

Such was the end of King Pervarii the Great and his Queen Banaire the Benevolent.

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