Secret of the Niagara

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When her sister dies, Noelanie is sure it was no accident. Along with the charming policeman Carson Byrnewood, she discovers the mystery behind her sister's death and discovers the secret treasure that Niagara Falls has hidden behind the thundering waters of Horseshoe Falls. (This is fake, I don't know if there really is a treasure, would be cool though...) XP
Also: For Dare2Dream's Christmas Comp. (Hope you like it!)

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Noelle felt the wind tear at her face as she plummeted down from the sky. All around her, burning pieces of helicopter rained down. Sirens, wails, a suffocating smoke. She struggled to stand up, but couldn’t; trapped underneath the burning seats. The flames were so close, she could almost touch them. A distant voice called her name frantically, pulling her back from the fiery embrace. “Noelanie,” she whispered softly, tears clogging up her throat. She felt a spray of cooling water brush her face and figures appeared, tugging at the burnt seat above her. Her voice again, Noelle turned toward it, catching sight of her sister bending over, her silver eyes full of tears. “Noelanie,” she smiled, “I love you,” and closed her eyes.

Noelanie bent over Noelle’s still body, “Nell?” she whispered. Her sister remained silent, the last words of, “I love you,” suddenly became more precious than the expensive diamond engagement ring on Noelle’s finger. The thought jolted through her body, “Timothy.”

She ran over to the huddled circle of policemen, “There was another person on the helicopter who is missing, my sister’s fiancé, Timothy Katsun.”

“I’m sorry Ms. Evernfels, but there was nobody else on the plane except for your sister and the pilot, both bodies which have been recovered,” the policeman replied.

“You mean Tim was never on the plane? This was a honeymoon thing, taking Nell over the Niagara Falls at sunset!”

“There was nobody else, the pilot who died was Ephah Malory, if that helps.”

“No it doesn’t, who the heck is Ephah Malory?” Noelanie muttered. She walked back to the scene. Nell’s body remained on the grass, broken, dead and her fiancé was somewhere else, alive and free. Noelanie’s body stiffened, Tim was like a bro to her, and he wouldn’t have ditched Nell on their “pre-honeymoon” ride. Noelanie marched back to the security.

“Now what?” the policeman said smiling.

“No joke sir, but I want to see any information you have about Ephah Malory. Everything.”

“What are you hinting?” the policeman replied suspiciously.

“Just give it to me!” He gave her a strange look then turned around and clicked a few keys on his computer and turned back, handing her the laptop. “Thanks.” Noelanie scrolled through all the information, stopping when she read the line, “Arrested at age 17 for kidnapping and murdering a 13 year old girl, Joan Cooper.”

“I’m guessing you found something…”

“No duh, how well do you guys read? This line right here says that he murdered a 13 year old girl when he was 17! Isn’t that enough information to do some background search?”

“We did do one, that is why you have that laptop in front of you, that’s our research.” Noelanie groaned and the policeman sighed, “I’ll take you back to your hotel. I’m Carson Byrnewood if that makes you feel any better. You can do a background search on me; I promise you that I haven’t murdered anyone.” Noelani glared at him. “Alright, alright.”


When they reached the hotel, there were police cars all over the parking lot. Standing next to one handcuffed was Tim Katsun. “Tim!” Noelanie ran over to her sister’s fiancé.

“Lanie you’re all right! I heard about this accident, how’s Nell?” Noelanie glared at him, “What?”

“You liar, you know perfectly well how my sister is! She’s dead! You sent her on a plane with murderer!” Noelanie launched herself at Tim, but Carson caught her just in time.

Tim’s face darkened, “You think I killed your sister? She was my fiancée, why would I kill her?”

Carson gripped Noelanie as she tried to rip herself out of his grasp. “For money,” he replied. Tim paled, “Don’t think we didn’t do a background check on you Timothy Katsun Malory.”

“What?” Noelanie sagged against Carson. “Malory?”

“Ephah was his older brother,” Carson answered, his face blank. “Noelle knew some secrets that Ephah wanted gone so he paid his younger half brother money to deliver her to him. Unfortunately, something happened and both died,” Carson swung his gaze back to Tim, “And I know who tampered with the helicopter. Noelanie stared at Carson, then turned to stare at Tim and then the day’s events caught up to her, she fainted.


“Where am I?” Noelanie muttered. Her head hurt like crazy and her shoulder felt like it was burning.

“Hospital,” Carson pushed himself up from the seat. “Hey, you look great.”

“You look terrible.” Noelanie answered. Carson cracked a smile. “What happened?”

“You were used as a shield afteryou fainted by Tim, we managed to get behind him and kill him, but he shot you in the shoulder. The bullet was 7 inches from your heart.”

“No wonder…” Carson laughed.

“You’ll be free soon, and then we will find out what exactly your sister was hiding.”

“I know what she was hiding.”


“The secret of Niagara Falls,” Noelanie whispered. “There is a supposed cave hidden by the Horseshoe falls. The cave contains an ancient text that is worth millions…Nell told me about it as a story. I never thought that it would have been real, but I thought about it and I think that is what they are looking for.”

“Well, let’s go find it,” Carson said.


The next day they checked out of the hospital and set to Horseshoe Falls. The thundering roar was terrifying and Noelanie couldn’t help but shiver. Carson hugged her tightly, “Almost.” Right under the heart of the Horseshoe shaped cliff was a large stone rock. Carson leaned against it and pushed, grunting. After a few pushes and nudges, the rock rolled to the side and crashed into the water.

“I really hope there are no tourists there…” Noelanie murmured. Carson grinned at her. Noelanie made her way into the cave. The cave wasn’t very long, at the center on top of a beautiful carved stone table, was a book. The book’s cover was wet and wrinkled, but it was still in good condition.

“Open it,” Carson encouraged her. Noelanie opened it and gasped. Inside were pages documenting secrets of the British Queen’s Secret Force. Each secret was signed Lord Evernfels.

“My ancestor was part of the Secret Force,” Noelanie breathed. She read a few pages before handing the book over to Carson, “Look at this.”

Written in fading ink, the page read, “I have suspected Lord Malory to be conspiring with the French. He’s too curious and I’ve caught him lingering near my office.

“That’s not all of it,” Noelanie cautioned. She flipped a few pages forward, “I have found the evidence. Lord Malory is traitor, he hangs tomorrow.” “An old family grudge.”

Carson sighed, “Some families just have to get revenge.” Noelanie nodded, her throat closing up. “Come on,” Carson wrapped his arms around Noelanie and led her toward the entrance.


6 months later

Noelanie gazed at her family book now protected behind a thick glass case. Carson came up behind her, “Ready for the flight?” Noelanie nodded, she had dated Carson for 4 months and last month, he asked her to marry him. She would not have any other.

Carson led Noelanie to the helicopter, “It’s safe, I promise and I’m getting on.” Noelanie smiled as she settled down onto the seat.

The helicopter rose into the air showing them the beautiful view of Niagara Falls, bathed in the sunset’s glory. “I found it Nell,” Noelanie whispered. She smiled and snuggled closer to Carson, the man who had helped her find the truth and set her sister free.

*It’s not really Christmas based, but I wanted to incorporate a theme…Kinda…Well, I tried to put in Joy and Freedom…Hope I did it…*

*PS. Word Document says that it is totaled of 1,128 words including the writing I wrote after. XP*

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