The Last Ride

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The author visits the beautiful hills of Kargil but he finds himself in a dangerous situation with a terrorist . Will he be able to get out or will it be his Last Ride .

Submitted: September 01, 2018

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Submitted: September 01, 2018



" Hands behind your head and kneel down on the ground ", they screamed as they pointed their guns at me . I had to obey them as I couldn't escape from the burning house surrounded by hundreds of police. As I was kneeling down I was only thinking about how this amazing trip was turning out as my last trip to afterlife. This highway to hell started in the hotel in Leh , where I thought of going to Kargil. The distance was 200 kilometers and I thought of going by jeep. It was nearly the middle of June, so there was a chance of landslide but there hasn't been one in the NH1 so I took the risk.

I started my journey in the morning around 6 . My jeep driver was a native . He came on time and his name was Phanduk. I enquired about the duration of our journey, he said that it will take 4 to 5 hours. I looked outside the window and thought why the great mughal emperor Jahangir said that this place was heaven on the Earth. Trees standing in lines looked as if they were as the army conducting a parade. I could see an unending canopy on the body of mountains of Willow and Pine trees. Phanduk was driving between 40 to 50 kilometers per hour but he decreased it as we were about to climb a mountain. The road on the mountain was in shape of a Snake wrapped around his prey. I was feelings sleepy was it because of the cold weather or the tiredness of yesterday's journey or was it because of my habit of falling asleep in long journeys I couldn't understand. Phanduk said I could sleep for a little then he would wake me up . So I made myself comfortable on my seat, closed my eyes and went into the world of dream. I was awoken by a rumbling sound. As I opened my eyes I saw it was raining and small stones were rolling down the mountain. Suddenly I heard a crashing sound. A big boulder was running down the mountain and it was crushing anything in it's path . Phanduk stomped on the brakes but it was too late. It hit the jeep and only I could remember was a loud sound and then I lost my conscience.

I woke up in a small room. It was night as moonlight fell on my face through the small window. Besides the window there was a door. A small dim light was present on one corner. The color of the room was faded yellow it looked as if this room hasn't been painted for ages. I tried to get up but failed. I had no energy. I moved a little just to find out that my leg was fractured and it was bandaged. I thought about what happened , who saved me , why did he keep me here and not in a hospital. As I was pondering over these thoughts a man opened the door. He entered with a tray with food on it. He kept it on the table which was beside the bed. He said " Eat and take rest, you had an accident, I am shivu and I work in this house " and he left the room. With a lot of problem and pain I finally got up. There was hot corn soup and two pieces of bread on the tray. I had it will such pleasure I can't explain. Having it I fell asleep.

The next day I was feeling a lot better. Shivu brought me crutches. I didn't have any experience with them so I fell first two times. Shivu took me to the living room. I sat on the old sofa and glanced over the room . It was a typical old wooden house with a big chandelier on the ceiling. An middle aged glum faced man came in the room from behind me. He was hearing suit , heavily build and had a thick beard. He said " I am Abas Khan and Shivu is my servant. I found your jeep in the woods at the foot of the hill heavily damaged. As the hospital was nearly 50 kilometers away from here so I kept you here till you get well". I replied " thank you so much for your kindness ". He told me to meet him in the dining room after 10 min and the breakfast was almost ready. Mr khan sat beside me while I ate . He asked me many questions like what was my name , where I was from, what I did for living, was I married or not etc. He seemed nice. He had a forgiving, funny and kind nature. I am telling forgiving as I broke a glass and he laughed it off. I asked him about his job he said import export but he didn't mention specifically what and neither did I think I should ask. I took rest that day. Shivu served my lunch and dinner in my room. I was feeling sad that night. I was missing my home and my pet dog Fluf. I was also thinking about Mr Khan, how nice he is etc.

The next morning a bird entered my room. It was such a magnificent bird of green and had wings of red and blue. Today I roamed the whole house and found out that this house had a kitchen which was downstairs attached to the store room, 2 bed rooms , a living room and a bathroom. As Mr Khan set off to work so I thought of going downstairs to the kitchen where Shivu was working. There were many boxes filled with potatoes and other vegetables. I was surprised to see so many wheat bags as I had rice 3 times yesterday and I saw Mr Khan also had rice then for whom were these many wheat bags. Shivu called me in a hurry , it seemed as if he wanted me to get away from this section of house. I went to my room and through the window I saw Mr Khan came running in the house. Then I heard an announcement. It said " We have surrounded you Abas Khan , your smuggling days are over , surrender now or we will be forced to kill you. "

I was in shock because the man I thought was good and nice was actually a criminal. I went outside the room and saw Mr Khan and Shivu taking out their AK47 and firing at the police. I ducked down and his behind a wall. In seconds the silence and peace of the surroundings was turned into trench warfare. I could only think about what will happen to me. Getting caught in Jammu and Kashmir in a house if a criminal was possible the worst thing that can happen to anyone. I heard a rumbling sound. They broke the door and fired smoke bombs inside the house. I saw Mr Khan and Shivu ran to cover the door but they failed as a bullet hit Shivu's leg. Mr Khan picked him up and made him sat beside me. Mr Khan picked his AK47 and turned towards the door. Then I saw the most horrifying thing ever. A bullet pierced. The thick skull of Mr Khan and blood spilled over my face. I screamed in fear " I surrender! " The firing stopped and slowly police entered the house. They saw me and said" Hands behind your heard and get down on your knees slowly ". One of the policemen came and handcuffed me while I say two policeman carry injury Shivu and body of Mr Khan outside. I don't know what saved my life that day luck or the element of surprise as the police were surprise to see me there, but I know that I was in a place from where no one could save me. This might have been my last journey.

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