I Wish........

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I wrote this a while back...

I wish life could be easy,
but if it was then where would we be?
We come to grow fond of other people's love
and not even notice from where it comes.
I wish that love could be shown worldwide,
but if it was there would still be strife.
Little do we know the world won't end,
just start all over with hands to lend.
I wish this world didn't have to be so dark,
but if it wasn't there would be no mark.
A mark of the change this world will begin
then the light from above won't be so dim.
I wish the world could have less fright,
but if it did would it be more right?
Seasons change as days go by,
and very little rain to spy.
Even if the world grew old
not all are heartless but some are bold.
In answer to questions that some may raise,
we all have a chance to save our days.
Were we all to die right now,
then what was the purpose of making a vow?
A vow to live our life and grow,
and live our life as others know.

Submitted: November 08, 2011

© Copyright 2020 guererro99. All rights reserved.

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