Another Perfect Something (chap. 1)

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Most of you probably don't know it but I wrote a story in January called One Perfect Something. This is the sequel. I hope you will enjoy it

Submitted: September 10, 2009

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Submitted: September 10, 2009



Jeff sat up in bed. He fumbled around in the darkness beside the bed for his cane but he wasn't finding it. He swung his legs out and placed them on the floor. He looked over at Liz, sound asleep. He could not get over how beautiful she looked when she was sleeping. Somehow just making out her silhouette made her more desirable. He felt under the bed, and his fingers grazed the cane. He was capable of standing up without it, but it was best just to play it safe. These days his legs ached more than usual. It might have been because of the cold weather. There was nothing Jeff could do, except to take painkillers every so often. He walked slowly into the bathroom, took a few Aspirin, splashed some water on his face, and then he felt hands on his back. Liz placed her head on Jeff's shoulder and peered at him in the mirror.

"Your legs bothering you again, sweetie?" She asked.

"There just a little tight. I need to get some circulation going in them, that's all. Nothing to be concerned about Liz." Said Jeff.

"I could give you a massage. Would that help?"

"I'm sure that would work wonders, dear." They both climbed back into the bed. Liz started rubbing Jeff's legs, very gently.

"Holy cow Liz. Do you secretly have a masseuse license? That's the fastest the ache has ever gone away."

"I only want to make my man feel better, any way that I can. Are we going over to your parent's tomorrow for your sister's birthday?" Liz asked.

"Yeah. We're doing the whole dinner thing. Sarah seems to be really excited. She's at that point in her life where she still looks forward to birthdays. She likes you a lot, Liz. You're like a sister to her. I think she definitely is more fond of you than me."

"No that's not true, Jeff. You're her brother. Nothing comes between a sibling bond. Not even the greatest wife ever."

"I completely adore you Liz." Then Jeff leaned over and kissed her. "Now if you don't mind, Lizzie hon,I don't believe that massage is over with quite yet."

"I need to stop spoiling you, Jeff, and make you massage your own legs."

"Where's the fun in that? The moisturizer you put on makes that massage feel ultra silky smooth."

"Well, Jeff. I'm a little tired. You probably are too. Go back to sleep, and I'll make you breakfast in the morning. Hopefully the snow will let up enough tomorrow so we have good driving conditions on the way to your parents. And I have some news to share as well. I'll tell everyone at dinner." Said Liz.

"News? What kind of news? You're going to keep me in the dark, babe?"

"It's alright, Jeff. It's good news. I just want to share it with everyone. Now go back to sleep."

A few hours passed as the sky lightened a little, and Liz had found herself in the downstairs bathroom. She didn't want to wake Jeff. She had to make sure. She had to double check. She hadn't made a mistake. She looked at the box and it was confirmed. Then she threw the box away and quietly returned to her place next to Jeff.

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