Another Perfect Something (chap. 2)

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Chap 2 of my every day life story

Jeff woke up to the smell of bacon. He loved it when Liz made bacon for him. She didn't eat it, but it was still something she did for him, and for that he loved her even more. He headed on downstairs, very easy and gingerly because of his sore legs. Liz was worried the stairs would be a problem for him when they bought the house, but he convinced her that it would be good for him. The stairs would help keep his legs loose. The sound of the sizzling crisp bacon cooking away in the pan made his mouth water. He walked into the kitchen but didn't see Liz.

"Liz?" Jeff called out as he poured himself a cup of coffee and then sat down at the table. He looked out the window, and noticed it was still snowing. Not as much as the day before, but it was still lightly falling. Liz was always a little more uneasy around this time of year because of his legs. She would very slyly keep one eye on him when he was home. She thought she was discreet about it but Jeff noticed she was looking out for him. She was a little overprotective. Jeff had assured her time after time that he was fine, but she never would take that one eye off him.

"Liz? Honey?" He called out again, and just as he did she walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning, sweetie. Sleep okay?" She asked as she gave him a little peck on the cheek, then wrinkled her nose a little. "You haven't showered yet, have you dear?" She asked while already knowing the answer.

"You know I can't resist my bacon. Once that aroma hits my nostrils, all other affairs are postponed." He said with a defining grin on his face.

"It's turkey bacon, Jeff. And I have eggs going to, so eat up." Jeff noticed that she wasn't drinking any coffee. She always had coffee. Black. He didn't know how she could stand the taste of that. He liked to compare it to drinking hot liquid mud.

"Bacons' bacon. It's all the same in my book. Are you going to have a seat and eat something with me, dear?" Jeff asked.

"I'm fine, Jeff. I'm just not hungry, that's all. Now how many eggs do you want?"

"You feeling okay, Liz? You look a little pale. It would be a good idea if you had a little to eat. I would feel guilty if I ate all this wonderful food the oven cooked, oh I mean that you cooked, all by myself." He laughed a little to himself at his smart comment.

"You're funny Jeff. If you want to keep having bacon and eggs you're going to have to find the motivation to make them yourself if you keep up with the wise guy remarks. I will eat later. I promise. I will join you, though. How are your legs feeling this morning?"

"They feel good. They're a tad sore but it's not a dull ache like it is sometimes. Whoa. That coffee already has to be on it's way out. Be right back, doll."

After whizzing out the coffee he just drank, Jeff used up the last of the soap and so he opened up a new bar. When he went to throw the box away, he caught a glimpse of another box in the trash and he pulled it out, and his heart almost stopped after he saw what it was. He turned around and Liz was standing there in the doorway. She appeared to be on the verge of crying.

"Jeff. I'm pregnant."

Submitted: September 12, 2009

© Copyright 2020 guff01. All rights reserved.

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Anastasia Starlena

This was so cool. Oh a little baby how sweet. Alex I beg you please don't make him or her into a monster. I will cry if you do. haha (only kidding)
It is awesome my friend.

Take Care,

Sat, September 12th, 2009 6:27pm


I will try and get this story out as quickly as I can. I know you don't like it when I keep you waiting. I am trying to make more progression with my writing by doing stuff like this. I hope you continue to enjoy it and I will be continuing this as often as I can

Sat, September 12th, 2009 11:35am

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