Another Perfect Something (chap. 3)

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chap 3 of my every day life story

Submitted: September 12, 2009

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Submitted: September 12, 2009



Liz watched Jeff with teary eyes, waiting for him to say something. She didn't know what to make of his expression. It was hard to tell if he looked happy or not.

"Liz. Why did you want to wait to share news like this tonight with my parents and me together?"

"I don't know, hon. I know how much your family loves me and I guess I just wanted to share my happiness with everyone. So please tell me, Jeff. This is a major life changer. Tell me how you feel." Jeff looked at her and she thought his eyes brightened a little.

"You're happy? That is so great to hear, Liz. Then I am happy too. Wow. A baby. This is unbelievable. I had no idea we were trying, I mean we have never talked about it."

"I know we haven't talked about it, and I'm sorry for that, but it just happened. I wanted a baby, Jeff, but I didn't know if you wanted one. I should have told you, or we should have talked about it, or...I'm just sorry. You're not upset with me?" Now Liz was crying. Jeff walked over and gave her a big hug, then he held her face in his hands and brushed away her tears falling down her cheeks.

"Elizabeth. To think that I would be upset about this is crazy. I couldn't be happier. I've never been more ecstatic about anything in my life, except when I met you, of course. I wanted a baby too, and now we are going to be a family. I love you, Liz." Then he kissed her ever so softly.

"I love you too Jeff. I'm glad we are on board with this together." They stood there in the bathroom, holding each other, and Jeff started to get a little frisky with her. He kissed her again, very sensuous and deep this time, and he began caressing her breasts, and Liz let him. She did not feel safer in anyone elses arms. There was no greater feeling in the world to know that she was with her soul mate. Jeff started to undress her right there, and she was doing the same for him until she smelled something strange.

"Wait, Jeff. Is something burning? Oh! The eggs and bacon!" She ran half naked into the kitchen and turned off the oven panels. There was no fire, but the kitchen was filling with smoke and both the eggs and bacon were burned. Jeff walked in.

"That's too bad. I was looking forward to eating that. Hey sexy. Why don't you come here for a second." Jeff said. Liz gave him a playful look.

"Go jump in the shower already, sweetie, and maybe I'll join you."

"Ooooh, I love it when you read my mind."

The drive over to Jeff's parents house wasn't bad at all. The snow had stopped by then, and it was a dry snow so the roads weren't really icy at all. Jeff didn't mind that his parents lived so close. It was really convenient and if there was ever an emergency with any of them, help could arrive very quickly. Liz always insisted on driving when it was snowy, only in Jeff's opinion, she wasn't insisting. She was very subtly telling Jeff there was no way he was driving, because of, surprise, syrprise, his legs. They got out and walked up the recently shoveled path, and Jeff knocked on the door. Liz had gotten Sarah's birthday gift perfectly wrapped and had put a bow on it. Sarah the birthday girl flew open the door.

"Jeffy!" She jumped up and gave him a big hug. "Lizzie! Oh wow! What did you guys get me?" She asked as her eyes moved to the big box Liz had in her hands.

"You will find out shortly, kiddo, after we eat of course. Happy birthday to my favorite girl." Jeff looked at Liz. "I'm sorry Liz, but you're always going to be number two behind this one." He gave Sarah a wink.

"Happy birthday, Sarah. Here you go." Liz handed her the present. "Go put it with the others."

"Thank you Lizzie. Or should I say my favorite sister-in-law. Come on you two. Mom is in the kitchen. Dad is in the den.

"Something smells great, Mom." Jeff and Liz both gave her a hug.

"Hey Jeff dear. You guys are right on time. Hello Elizabeth. Wow you look absolutely stunning. You look handsome as well Jeff. You two got cleaned up and dressed up very nice. And that's the chicken you smell. You know how Sarah always wants to do the chicken on these special family gatherings. So how are you two? Liz you are absolutely glowing."

"Thank you, Carol. We are great. And you look great too." Carol looked at her son.

"Jeff? You look like you have something on your mind. Do you two have news?" Carol appeared to be getting very joyous.

"I guess we can't keep it a secret for long, if at all, so here it is. Liz just found she was pregnant. We're having a baby, Mom." Just then Sarah pranced in.

"What Jeffy?"

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