Chapter 5/One Perfect Something

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fifth chapter

Submitted: January 06, 2009

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Submitted: January 06, 2009



"I'm sorry ma'am but visiting hours are over. You can come

back in the morning." Said the nurse at the front desk

to the young lady who had just walked in.

"I only want to see him for a few minutes to see how he is." Said the girl.

A doctor came out of one of the rooms.

"It's alright nurse. She can go in." He replied.

"Jeff is in room 215. It's just down the hall on the right."

Jeff hated being here. He hated the food. He hated the

limited channel selection on the T.V. He wished he could talk

to the guy who ran him over, and ask him why he wasn't watching

the road. But then he figured that guy would put him through

the same interrogation, with the first question being, of course,

what were you doing riding straight for my car.

Jeff honestly didn't know who's fault it was.

Jeff clicked off the T.V. and that was when Liz came in.

"Liz!" He said with a cheery face. He hadn't expected anyone else

to know he was here. He would not have guessed that Liz would

come and see him even if she knew he was here.

Liz looked like she may have been flattered to get such an

animated greeting.

She gave Jeff a comforting smile.

"Hi Jeff. Some day huh? How are you feeling, or doing, or uh, how are you?"

Liz had her hand wrapped up because of her burn.

"I'm better now that you're here. I'm feeling okay. I'm just a

little upset with myself for ending up here. I've tried so hard

to remember the whole thing, but I can't. Doc says I've got amnesia.

How did you know I was here?"

"Your mom called me. She thought it would brighten your day if I came."

Apparently everyone knew that Jeff liked Liz about as much as he knew himself.

"Is that why you came Liz? Because of my mom?" Oops. That sounded

a little rough. He wanted that question back. The pleasantness in her

eyes did not change though.

"I came because I wanted to see you. I don't think of you as a stranger."

"How do you think of me?" Jeff questioned.

"I haven't made up my mind yet." She got really close to him, then kissed him.

She signed her name on one of the casts and wrote a short message as well.

Jeff couldn't make out what she wrote.

"I'll see you later, Jeff." She left the room, and left Jeff to ponder

what an extremely bizarre, strange, terrible weird day this had been.

He was now feeling good. He shouldn't have been, but he was.

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