Enter the Fire: Avenging August II

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Sequel to August, part 2.

The next day, Grim stood on the walk in front of the Greens' house. He was apprehensive about knocking on the door, but he had to do it. He knocked. Mr. Green answered. For a moment they both just stood there, trying to analyze each others facial expressions. Grim thought that if David was going to try and strangle him again, he would already be doing it. It felt like the tension between them could have been cut with a knife. David broke the uncomfortable silence. "I, uh, want to apologize to you." Grim could clearly see that he was struggling to find the right words. He continued. "I know you, or Matius, didn't have anything to do with the disappearance of August. I'm sorry." His eyes were watering up. "It's no hard feelings, Mr. Green. I won't pretend to know the misery you are going through now. He was my friend, not my son, and I want to say sorry to you. Nothing can replace him, or bring him back. You have my sincere condolences." Now Grim's eyes were watering up. David found it hard to believe that under that pale white skin and black clothing, hidden in that sometimes emotionless expressionless face, were true feelings. He could see that Grim was in quite a bit of pain as well. He knew that Grim would never have another friend like August. There was a void in both their lives, and David was now feeling extremely guilty about attacking him. "Please come in, Grim. I want to show you something."


They both walked into the room, the room that contained the bed that would never again contain August. Being in here made Grim feel somber, and empty. "I found something that I think you might be interested in." Said David. He opened up the closet and took down a shoe box and placed it on the bed. "August rarely let me come in here. This was his sanctuary, his place to come to when he wanted to get away, and I respected his wishes not to bother him when he was in here. I always wondered what he did when the door was shut, but I think I found that out." David said. He pulled out a pile of spiral notebooks. He handed one to Grim. "Have a look." David said. Grim thumbed through the pages, and was shocked at what he saw. Every page was filled with these incredible drawings. To him it looked like he was viewing another world. There was fire and dragons and evil looking mountains. There were black figures and very exotic little land animals and large birds. There were dark and clouded skies and a very vivid sun. Everything was shaded bright and dull colors of red and orange and black. "I had no idea that August could draw. These pictures are amazing! Not once did I hear him talk about this stuff." Grim leafed through another one, all filled with the same pictures. August had made the best drawings he'd seen in his life. Then David Spoke. "I think these drawings are a clue. Take a look at the detail of these. Everything is done with precision and perfection. This is like nothing I ever saw in a National Geographic, or in a Van Gogh, or, you get the idea." Grim's eyes remained shocked and wide-eyed and fascinated. He was completely mesmerized. "I believe that August was drawing a place he had actually been to. Yeah, that sounds insane, I know." That comment caused Grim to look up. It didn't sound insane to him at all. Then Grim said, "Well Mr. Green, that's one hell of a theory. Maybe that's why his room is the only place he drew. And if he did vanish to some alternate universe, or whatever you want to call it, Noone would be around to actually see him vanish. Then he would come back to his room, and it would be like he didn't go anywhere. No questions asked." David now had the look as if he was pondering one of those unanswerable 'what's the purpose of life' questions. "Now I want to show you something." Said Grim.


He shut the door to the room. Grim put the image of one of those weird four legged furry animals in his head. He closed his eyes, and he pictured the animal sitting in the palm of his hand. A second or two later, it appeared there. David fell back in utter disbelief. "Holy shit!" and that was all he could get out. Revelation dawned on Grim. The little furry mammal just sat there in his hand. "Your right Mr. Green. I think that August was able to go to that world you see in those drawings. He had a gift. A very scary, powerful, dangerous gift. You just saw me make this animal appear. What does that tell you about me?" After a minute or two, with his eyes never leaving that furry animal, he muttered, "You have that gift too. Oh my god." His mixture of feelings was so scrambled and misconstrued. "Listen to me Mr. Green. If I can pull this animal out of that world and bring it here, then we can go there." He pulled David off the floor. "I know how August did it, but I don't know why I have this power too. But I know how to use it, and control it, and if you want answers as much as I do about why he's dead, you have to come with me. For August, Mr. Green."

Submitted: February 18, 2009

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Anastasia Starlena

Wow I can't wiat to read the next part. Ok I am intrigued. lol...
Take Care,

Thu, February 19th, 2009 2:00pm


I appreciate you checking out this story. I will not let you down, and finish this up the best way I know how. Thank you for commenting

Thu, February 19th, 2009 8:57am


it just gets better.

Sun, March 1st, 2009 7:56am


Thank you so much for thinking so. Very much appreciate the comment

Sun, March 1st, 2009 6:44am

scott 37

Not only do I enjoy this story, but I also like the neat little packages that you put it in. Great stuff mate. I see that you've continued with it.

Thu, April 16th, 2009 10:25pm


Thanks so much Scott. Be sure to check out The Endeavors of Grim when you finish this up. Appreciate the very nice compliment

Thu, April 16th, 2009 8:09pm

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