Enter the Fire: Avenging August III

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part three of my sequel to August.

"I don't know about this Grim. This sounds like suicide." Grim had just finished explaining to David what the plan was. Grim was looking at what he believed to be the most horrified look he had seen on a human face. But behind the obvious fear of David's eyes, he also got the feeling that David wanted retribution. He wanted revenge. He wanted blood. He understood that if David wanted no part of what would most likely be a field trip into hell, he would accept that. He would go alone if he had to. But David's body language told Grim that he would not be going alone. "We're going to need Matius." Said Grim. Mrs. Green was out that day, so he called Matius from their house phone. Matius picked up after the third ring. "Yo?" Matius sounded tired and groggy. "Mat. It's Grim. I need you to get your ass over here to the Greens house. I'll tell you what's goin down when you get here." There was a pause. "Forget you man. I don't feel like gettin my head busted in by that nut. What are you doin there, anyway? David tried to kill you. Are you sayin that you guys made up and are now jokin about it over a cup of coffee?" On any other day that would have been funny. But this time it pissed Grim off. "Man, get the fuck over here, NOW!" He blasted into the phone. "Al-alright man, jesus. I'm comin." Grim heard the line go dead. Why did he always have to yell to make Matius listen to him?


Once the three of them were inside August's room, Grim went over things again. He was the only one who had (as far as he knew) mind power that was probably similar to August's. He told them how he was able to make anything appear simply by picturing it in his mind, which David already saw with the furry animal. He showed them his telekinesis ability by moving some pencils on the desk. Showing them once was enough to convince David and Matius that some freaky shit was happening that had no logical explanation. "There's one thing I don't get." David speaking now. "How do all of us get to that world?" He said while pointing at a drawing that Matius had in his hands. He was clearly as fixated as they were when they first saw them. "Whoa, man. These drawings are intense." Grim saw that his eyes were red. "Hey are you stoned or what?" He asked. Matius' answer didn't surprise him. "Actually, yeah." After seeing what Grim had done did sober him up a little. Grim answered David's question. "Both of you have to be holding onto me. I'll do the rest." And that was that. "I don't know about this, Grim. It sounds like suicide." The exact words that David had said. "Mat. Do you want to go shred some guys just like they do in those medeival movies you like? I've seen the way you watch those, with your eyes glued to the screen. You want a sword? I'll get you a sword, because where we're going is gonna be just like that, only there are no cameras, and there will be something that wants you dead." Matius' eyes lit up. He was sold at sword. During this whole conversation, David was just sitting against the bed with his head in his hands, not moving. Grim crouched down. "Mr. Green, it's time to go." He pulled him up, then grabbed Matius' shirt. Grim had a wicked smile on his face. "Let's go Avenge August."


Grim shut his eyes tight, put the image of one of the drawings in head, and a second later, they were all standing on the charred remains of Black Planet. For a few minutes none of them said anything, or even moved. They were all thinking the same thing; they were on a hot, tumultuos, desert of a planet. It may as well been hell. They saw quite a few of those furry four legged creatures, only they had been burned alive. There was only about one or two of those large birds flying over their heads, that were much bigger than any bird they saw on Earth, but they seemed to be harmless. "Okay. First things first. Weapons." Said Grim. That was easy enough. What is the coolest, most bad-ass weapon a man could handle? A sword. David spoke up. "Other than the birds, I don't see any signs of life. Everything is burned, like it was cooked in a giant oven. What happened here, and why in the hell would August want to come here?" Noone had answers for him, but they all had a feeling those would come soon enough. "We need water," said Matius. It didn't surprise Grim that Mat said that. He probably had the worst case of cotton mouth. Grim got them all canteens filled with water from his mind. He loved this power. He imagined August did too. Maybe he abused it. Maybe it's what got him killed. "Wildest thing I ever saw, Grim. I feel like I'm in an episode of the X-Files. Your mind powers scare the crap out of me, but I'm glad your on our side." Said David. Matius had begun to wander off, was now standing next to some huge boulders. "Mat! Get over here. We need to stick together." Grim yelled. "Yeah, yeah. What are we looking for anyway? There's nothin but miles of desert in every direction. There's fire raging everywhere!" Matius yelled back. And no more than a split second later, Matius had a blade lodged in his head, spilling blood over his entire body. He collapsed on the ground. Above his body a figure dressed all in black and with no visible face was standing on the boulders. He crept down, pulled matius' carcass behind the rocks, then disappeared. Nor Grim or David saw anything. They just simply noticed that Matius wasn't anywhere in sight. "Where'd that guy go?" David asked. "Mat! Mat! Stop playin man. Mat!" shouted Grim. No response. They looked at each other. Fear had returned. And now they were being hunted.

Submitted: February 19, 2009

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Anastasia Starlena

Ahhh left me hanging where did he go? You need to write 4 soon.. Mat and Grim I like their friendship. I like the complexities in this story and how you made the relationships fit the storyline.
Great story so far.

Take Care,

Thu, February 19th, 2009 2:08pm


Sorry if I left you hanging, but I just love doing that too much. Four will be done very soon. Thank you for your very kind remarks about the relationships and storyline. Thanks for continuing to follow this

Thu, February 19th, 2009 9:02am


i can't wait to see what happens when grim meets the the guys in black

Sun, March 1st, 2009 8:03am


The long awaited confrontation between good and evil, as they say. Thanks for the read

Sun, March 1st, 2009 6:46am

scott 37

As has been said above, things are coming along very nicely. I too am interested to see the duel between Grim and the thing in black. Great place to end this.

Wed, May 13th, 2009 6:33am


Thanks so much for reading

Wed, May 13th, 2009 5:35am

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