Enter the Fire: Avenging August IV

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part 4 of my sequel to August: Black Planet

For a while the thing in black shadowed them. It carried its own sword, along with the sword it had taken off of his victim. It sensed that one of them, (which one it wasn't sure) was hiding some kind of hidden strength, which was why it just observed them from a distance. It was a scavenger, a messenger. It was to track them for a ways, while gathering any information it could about them, then report back. It could have killed them both, right where they stood, without ever making a sound, just like it had with the other unwelcome intruder. But it was following orders. There would be a time for them to die. And it would be soon. It retreated into the smoking blackness behind them.


Grim and David searched for Matius, but David was looking for something else as well. A body that at one time was his son. How long they had been looking was unclear. Time did not seem to exist on this black fire blazing world that could have originated from a nightmare. They must have covered at least a miles worth of distance, but Matius was nowhere to be found. He had simply vanished. They walked almost shoulder to shoulder, spinning all the way around at times to peer behind them. The air was not as hot as it looked, but when considering how far they had walked, it was hot enough. David stopped. "I need to rest for a few minutes Grim." He sat down. Blackish gray clouds consumed the sky, and they showed no sign of dispersing. They were grateful that the dull red silhouette of the sun never streamed through those clouds, because then it would really be hot. They noticed that the sharp jagged mountains they were walking toward were slowly becoming larger and more detailed. "Grim. Why are we walking? Can't you think us up some kind of transportation? My feet are killing me, and this sword is not exactly light." David said. Grim appeared not to hear him. He was suspiciously looking back in the way they had come, then would give the same look to the mountains. David was eyeing him. "What's on your mind young man?" Asked David when he saw that uneasy speculative glare of his. "Someone, or something, is watching us. I can feel it." Grim had a death grip on his sword. And while David was thinking about those words, two horses appeared out of thin air, with saddles and all. "Christ!" Yelled David. He jumped up. "I will never get used to that magic act. Just from now on, let me know when you're going to do that." Grim just gave him a half little grin. "Get on, Mr. Green. We have more travelling to do." David had never been so scared in his life, but Grim seemed to not be scared at all. "Where are we going? And please stop calling me Mr. Green. I'm not your boss" Said David as he jumped on his horse. He had taken junior equestrian riding lessons in part of his adolescence. He could handle a horse. Grim could handle one as well. 'There is something special about this boy' thought David. He owned a quality that August had also owned, and that was confidence, and not fearing anything. "To the mountains." replied Grim.


They trotted along in silence for what seemed like a very long time, with the mountains drawing ever closer. There were trees, but they were dead. No life. Except for them. But deep down they both knew that something would reveal its presence to them very soon. "What's that?" Asked David. Grim pulled back on his horses reigns, then dismounted. He approached something that was protruding out of the ground. An arrow? No. It was a knife. A very large knife. And it wasn't plunged into the ground. It had a skeleton around it. Grim pried the knife loose, and was examining the front of the blade. "This looks like dried blood. I don't know who or what these bones belong to, but he got stabbed. Probably died instantly. This is good though. We'll need this." He stuck the knife through a loop in his pants. Unbeknownst to Grim and David, they had come across the final resting place of August. Grim now possessed the very weapon that killed him, and they trotted on, without ever suspecting those bones were those of a friend and a son.


They had arrived at the first few little hills made of rocks. "This is why we need horses." Said Grim. David was scanning the tops of some nearby hills, just a little bigger than the ones they were going over now. This part of this unknown world was even darker, and the clouds were more black and less gray. Some little rocks tumbled down nearby. "Stop." Said David with a risen tone. He thought he saw movement. "I saw something up there." He was pointing at the higher hills he was looking at. And there was something up there. Dark figures. "Get off your horse." Demanded Grim. David did so, followed by Grim. And just then, the dark figures appeared before them, not more than twenty feet away. Grim and David both frantically pulled their swords free from the straps on the horses. They looked like nothing more than shadows. They got in front of them without so much as a sound. Their faces were not visible. And they had bows and arrows, both pulled back, ready to fire. Grim and David were absolutely still. "What do we do?" whispered David. Then Grim said, "When I tell you to, duck. Get flat all the way to the ground. They are going to shoot. Don't get up after they fire, David. I can take care of them." "What?! Are you fucking loony man? You don't know what they're capable of!" But there was no stopping Grim. David knew he could kill them both. And just then, "GET DOWN!!" and David was down, and Grim was down, and the arrows skimmed by, just barely missing both of their heads. And then Grim was up. David had never seen anyone move that fast. Before either one of the dark demons, or whatever they were, could string another arrow, Grim was on them. He got one without a problem, slicing it down the middle and thus making its insides spill out, blood and organs and all. As far as Grim knew, it was human. The other one was faster, but not as fast as Grim. The demon stepped back, then thrust what looked like a machete at Grim. Grim jumped back, then attacked with his sword, having his first few swings blocked by the machete. The demon kicked him, then tried to slash Grim's throat. Grim weaved from side to side, dodging swings from the things blade. Then Grim dropped and rolled forward, and then he kicked, connecting with the demons spot where there was no face. It staggered back, and fell. Grim brought his sword down, but the demons blade got in the way, and Grim's sword cut it in half. Now defenseless, the thing tried to scramble to its feet, but Grim knocked it down again, swung his monstrous knife, and chopped half the things head off. During this fight, all David could do was watch with horrified fascination. Grim walked over to him, and then fell down. He had blood from the thing all over him. "Grim! Oh please tell me you're okay!" yelled David. He couldn't see any blood that belonged to Grim, so obviously he was just exhausted. "I'm fine." And that was all Grim said. "What the hell are those things? What is going on here? What is this place?" David was just talking to himself now. "Grim. I can't let you get killed. I'm here to fight too you know. I can handle these black bastards, and there will be more." Grim looked at him. "Take this." Grim handed him one of the bows. "How well can you shoot one of these?"


"My Lord, I was able to kill one of them. But the other two are strong. They can fight. One of them has evil mind power. They have killed two of ours! They have weapons! They..." "SHUT UP YOU FOOL! I know they can fight. You need not worry about them. I am sending out the dragons as we speak. As for the one with mind power, I will deal with him. He's no match for me. I will cut off his head and burn his heart. I have destroyed his kind before, and I will do it again."

Submitted: February 20, 2009

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the war between God and Demon is always there....I wish GOD ends this war once and for all....then, we all would be so safe....a lovely thought provoking read

Fri, February 20th, 2009 9:45pm


You should read the three previous parts to this story Pratibha to better understand whats going on. I appreciate the comment but it's not about god vs. demon. This story has demons in it but it really has nothing to do with god.

Fri, February 20th, 2009 3:57pm

Anastasia Starlena

Wow I am intrigued and can't wait to find out what happens next. I loved the imagery and you have me so hooked. Keep me posted.. I so need to finish it..
I never get hooked on books on here so you have me sold.

Take Care

Sat, February 21st, 2009 3:05am


Indeed I will keep you posted. Believe me it's going to get crazier, and I can't wait to bring the next part to you. Thank you so very much for your awesome comment

Sat, February 21st, 2009 12:39am


i think this is great,onward.

Sun, March 1st, 2009 8:11am


Thank you so much for continuing to read and comment

Sun, March 1st, 2009 6:46am

scott 37

This is going well. I'm so glad that unlike some above, I'm coming along late so that I can sate my want to read more, immediately. It's good to be me.

Wed, May 13th, 2009 6:42am


I'm glad you're enjoying it. Appreciate the comment

Wed, May 13th, 2009 5:37am

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