Have I Fucked Things Up Again?

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Rated R folks...don't let the kiddies see this...not for the faint hearted

Submitted: January 21, 2009

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Submitted: January 21, 2009




faster than I ever have before

Running everywhere...and nowhere

Please, I'm begging you!

Don't chase me anymore

For the love of Christ...Please!

My body can't keep this up

It screams at me, pleading me to stop

My head says keep going

Damn you! Damn me! Damn everyone!

I ignored the voice of reason

I committed that awful, awful offense

What possessed me? What took over me?

Is he dead? IS HE DEAD!!?

Of course he is dead. I saw him.

All that blood. Stained my clothes...

Crimson Red

Why didn't he listen to me?

Why didn't he do what I said?

You damn fool! If you'd listened, you'd be alive!

What has gotten into me?

I'm blaming him for his death?


Dogs barking...hunting

More sirens

Oh God, I'm fucked

I can't run forever...my heart will explode

No way out. He's dead. I killed him

My conscience bellows. It hollers

STOP! STOP, or they will KILL YOU!

I know they will kill me

I'm dead no matter what

I stop. My lungs pulling, gasping for air

Dogs, Police cars, Helicopters, Cops with guns...

All there for me. My life is over

I drop to my knees, my hands in the air

In my heart I am deeply sorry,

but I know noone hears me, they don't care anyway

The biggest regret...Murder

I murdered...and now they will murder me

Needle or the gas, it doesn't matter

I'm dead already

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