While I was Away

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kind of a mini explanation of how I view the world right now

Submitted: July 27, 2009

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Submitted: July 27, 2009



While I was away

I thought of all of you

Viewing me through a computer screen

As the world seemed to get smaller

It was perspective I searched for

What I found was much more

I glanced at strangers

And they glared back

They looked but didn't see

As they were peering through me

Who am I to them?

Now that doesn't matter

I know who I am

While I was away

The world grabbed hold

And would not let go

It tried to squeeze the life out of me

Tried to blur and scramble the meaning

Of what I once thought to be so


The way things work

Which way the leaves blow

Which direction the birds fly

Which decisions can create a life

And take one

Is simplicity

Is simply

A thing of beauty

I took that brash behavior

and turned it in on itself

And it realized

How ugly it had become

While I was away

Every day was a dawning

Of me being what wasn't so

The orange light shone in from the east

And it was a revelation

I wasn't away anymore

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