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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

short sci-fi story

Sitting huddled, in the cave they called home.The surviving members of the Tenan civilization watched, as the dust storm raged outside. Great billowing clouds of dust raced by the cave's entrance blocking out the weak rays of the Sun. Ten'ar' Rakan the group's Wise One lifted the great tome of The Tenan Histories. His large hand's covered in a mat of hair gripped the ancient book tightly.

"It is time. Brothers, and sisters to read from the histories." The Twenty Tenanians took their place, arranging themselves in a tight arc around their Elder. "In the beginning," his voice boomed around the domed cave. " Gen Tark took Heddeswa as his first wife. Long they lived under the stars. Many children came from their union. Filling the empty land with the sound of their joyous cries. Soon the land was filled, and GenTark left this place joining the All Father in the Fields of Forever. Hendeswa in her wisdom tarried here longer making sure her offspring grew strong, and multiplied.

But even Hendeswa could not resist the All Father's call, bereft her children wept. Fenna, was the next to rise, he was Hendeswa's favorite. Uniting the tribes of the plains, they set about building the Gleaming City. Day, and Night they toiled dressing and building the stone.Their energy knew no bounds.

Fenna gazed upon the Gleaming City, his heart filled with pride at the work of his people. The people thrived in their new home their lives filled with joy. The great Ocean Karnavard lapped the shore, beside the Gleaming City. Its saline waters teeming with life, Fenna saw this and smiled at the All Father's bounty. The great Amwe swam about the waters with his mouth open but ate nothing, the Denvile devourer of flesh, the mighty Sline, with its numerous arms.

Fenna directed the people in the building of crafts to sail the waters and catch the All Fathers gifts. Carved with care and stout of frame these vessels served the Tenan well, but they abused the Ocean harvests. The greed of the Tenan proved their undoing the last of the Amwe lay dying on the shore.
The White Lands to the south melted Flooding the plains for a time before receding to leave a dust covered land where not a crop grew. Hunger stalked the land taking the lives of the weak. Our dreams turned to dust before our eyes.

The tribe sundered leaving the dead unburned upon the ground with no way of joining the ancestors. A second pestilence came across the land. Foul and evil it took our people in the night. Leaving only the dried husk of desiccated Tenans behind.
The remanents of the once mighty Tenans fled for the caves. Living the life of a scavenger who skulks in the dark. This is the All Fathers judgment for those who broke his law.

Tears ran down the faces of the assembled leaving a smear upon the their fur lined cheeks'.
Next morning, Guvan'Ra left the safety of the cave, someone had to scavenge for the buried minerals,and water they needed to survive. The dust storm ceased, for now, as he crept out of the mouth of the cave. His tribe still slumbering within. A muted sun forced it's rays through the swirling Red dust, it's heat pitiful.

Making his way down a steep ridge that ran along a cleft, he turned right heading for the bottom of a wide crater. Praying to the All Father for a good bounty; he noticed a glint of light far to the south. Crouching down, his breath slowed, he followed the shimmering object as it fell in a plume of dust in a hollow.

Racing across the uneven ground his heart throbbed in his chest. Twice he stumbled, and fell, the dust tasted bitter on his tongue.
A hum reverberated around the crash site. Making him clasp his ears' as he scaled the high dune of dust where the star thing fell.

Peering over the edge, he saw the fallen object. A capsule sitting at the far end,the steel shell breaking open in a wide fan, a low grinding sound filled the basin. Slowly the silver box opened, unfolding like a flower in the sun. All it's sides lay flat upon the ground Dimly glinting in the filtered light. Then Guvan'Ra glimpsed it's passenger, a being made of silver, and glass it's two round eyes swiveling round in the dusty atmosphere.

Guvan'Ra scrambled down the bank; raw fear in his gut's. They come, the messengers of doom come. He ran in blind fear, and panic back to the cave, spitting up bile as he entered the gloomy interior.

Ten'ar'Rakan shuffled over, a worried look in his eye's. "You are troubled."
"The messengers of doom have arrived. In the crater of Ratsomoon. They're here!" he ranted
The Wise One stepped back, his breath catching. "Gunna'Fe, Nera'fed go see. Take down any inscriptions they carry."
The two Tenanians rushed from the cave, their spears' at the ready.
Everyone in the cave sat in silence waiting the return of the scouts. The time stretched- hours felt like days- till finally they returned, shoulders slumped, breath ragged.

The Wise One held out his hand for the clay tablet. Gunna'Fe delivered the gritted, clay slab to his leader. who was the only one among them that could read.

Ten'ar'Rakan examined the rough edged tablet, his face growing bewildered. "It's gibberish. That is no messenger of doom. Keep out of it's way; do not let it know of our presence. Forage far to the north; I will set a guard on our visitor. A discreet guard." He flung the tablet on the floor. It read.



Submitted: March 16, 2010

© Copyright 2021 guggs. All rights reserved.

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