The beating I had waited for...

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A poem....

Submitted: March 28, 2011

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Submitted: March 28, 2011



Kneeling in the darkened room, my heart begins to race all my deeds shall be rewarded, as I place myself at your feet. Elbows down, and on my knees, I bend over with glee, but you draw back, and I start to panic you laugh, and touch my skin, so gentle and caring, then 'SLAP!' the stinging sensation reverberates through my body, and once again I moan, and you continue to spank me silly, till I'm red and moaning loudly.

You take your time and change up the toys, from paddles to canes and many many more! I start to screech and begging you for more, you slap me silly and I fall to the floor.

Laying on my tummy, I stretch out to test my boundary, you prop me back up, and tie me in place so not to move or else I don't get beat

You start to touch me gently and slowly you slide in, causing myself to get wet with anticipation, as you start pushing harder and harder as you get in, the repetition is bringing me closer, you spank me again and again! and now your pushing faster and deeper, I start screaming into the bed! you grab my hair, and pull my head back, arching my neck and back, you place your hand around my throat and start choking me instead!

To feel your hands around me, gripping me tightly, the orgasm is still vividly remembered, as you thrust yourself within me and the warm fluids are comforting, you lay me down gently and hold me in your arms the comfort and the tenderness are all that I have longed for.

'Thank you for beating me, thank you for your kindness' 'shh' she replies, 'I love you' she whispers, and I laid there and cried, those happy tears of joy, I have my Mistresa and she has me, and always will I care for her, forever shall our love endure, as we nestle up within our bed.

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