A Misery, My Love...

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Something from the heart...

Submitted: February 23, 2013

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



As if at times my sorrows would be the best memories of all,

From those which the mind repells,

Though my heart desires.


A misery,

My Love,

Thats what Im used too.


As i heard once,

We accept the Love we think we deserve,

Though that makes no sense at all.


I had only accepted the Love,

And the guilt,

That many think I deserve.


Has society changed my perspective?

Or have I changed myself,

Theres so many matters,

That I cannot explain.


All I know for sure is,

That you are ok,

And Im standing here waiting.


Waiting for you,

Waiting for someone,

Someone that only exists,

On my mind.


Someone that i dont even know if its a product of all my contemplating sorrows...


All that i know is that i love you,

Even if you are a character a fiction,

A charater I will never touch,

Which my heart will belong eternally too.

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