Amongst the Kingdoms

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The world is overrun with the technologies of the past and future. History has repeated itself to the point where history no longer exists. Today is yesterday and tomorrow. Massive seafaring ships also sail through the air. Planes are a thing of the past...or an invention yet to be dreamed of. Guns are hoarded by royalty and the elite. Stone castle towns litter the continents of Earth. Steel blades and crossbows are the main weapons of choice.

Horses and carriages are the fastest means of personal travel on the ground. Electricity is a wondrous entity thought to be the work of magic by more than a few individuals. Railroads and trains race across the dry plains and grasslands of the world.

Enormous monstrous creatures that were fables during one century roam the land.

Through it all, human beings still make their way in the world. Each individual devoting their lives to themselves or those they feel worthy of their devotion.

The world is a convoluted mesh of countless eras. Standing tall through the fog of that mesh are eight focal points of civilization scattered across the landmasses of the planet. Eight gatherings of humans. All different and yet all the same.

It is now during the unknown year of an unknown era that a massive change will once again sweep across nations. It will begin where it has always begun.

From the hearts of men. Amongst the kingdoms.

Table of Contents

One the Move

Submitted: March 24, 2015

Two thieves race through the streets with the city guards hot on their tail. Read Chapter

The Inquiry

Submitted: April 07, 2015

Rorbel is summoned to the royal palace for debriefing. There he will be presented with a choice that will forever change his life. Read Chapter