The soldiers who died

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Just a message to the people who believe that you only have to remember on one day only.

Submitted: November 11, 2011

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Submitted: November 11, 2011



You all cry,
On this day of days,
As if you knew us,
Like your worthy of praise.

A year flies by with no thought of the dead,
In only the silent,
We reside in each head

And through you we see,
the folly of all
glad to have left
for the heroes hall.

meaningless words, fake flowers and sorrow
statues til next year we shall be tomorrow
made of the same stuff as your granite made heart
and land traitors consumed by hatred and dark

for only one day hearts become gold
shower with envy heroes of old
our spirits live on in people who care
loyalty, honor, their thoughts laid bare

we are men of clay who were once men of fire
and although we are gone
we still hold desires.

PLEASE!! Remember our soldiers everyday. Not just when it suits you. They defended and died everyday not just on one.

Written By,


(well actually me but... they would be thinking it i'm sure)

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