unknown.: By Me(lillyanna) and Sasha

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Me and Sasha had to do a spoken word poem for our class. So here it is.

Submitted: March 02, 2012

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



TITLE: UNKNOWN By: LillyAnna and Sasha

Me: A young boy_not ready for revenge

Sasha: A young boy_pulled the trigger

Both: A young boy_with the cry of help in his eyes_not living in the moment_while trying to survive

Sasha: one

Me: two

Both: age 3

Sasha: He hears the repeated screams of his parents cries silenced by the trigger pulled

Both: 3 times_age 4

Me: Left with scars broken memories no rea family

Both: 4

Me: Haunted images that keep on repeating

Sasha: 5

Me: 6

Both: age 7_7

Sasha: Cuts that wont stop bleeding

Both: 6

Me: Suicide attempts with one last word his parents spoke

Both: 5

Sasha: Years living in torment

Both: 4

Me: Broken promises that will never be fufilled

Both: 3

Sasha: Bullets missing from the gun

Both: 2

Me: Parents dead

Both: One child left on his own_One shattered heart with seven broken words spoken with_One last breath_One blade_One arm_One successful suicide_One killer still on the loose_One story that will aways be untold_ "Don't_ Forget_The_Shattered_Smiles_You_Created"

Me: A young boy_ not ready for revenge

Sasha: A young boy_ pulled the trigger

Both: A young boy_ with the cry of help in his eyes_ not living in the moment_ and never survived.

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