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Story of a software engineer

Submitted: November 28, 2010

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Submitted: November 28, 2010



Mr. United: Welcome to project Razor. Every project has a non-cool module which consists of people with special ability, people who were thought no good enough for other modules. Meet the Billing team. The pretender, the hardworker in the wrong module, the handsome non-worker, the pretending hardworker. And me, the leader.

Mr. Wannabe: Are we joining this team??

Mr. United: Rules for joining the team
1. Relationship status on Facebook is 'Single'
2. 20 minute exam

Mr. Wannabe: What questions can we expect?

Mr. United: No questions

Mr. Wannabe: When will the exam take place?

Mr. United: 10 minutes left...

Mr. Wannabe: How is relationship status related to joining the team?

Mr. United: Not any team. The billing team. With the amount of work we are getting... we require people to be single.

Mr. Wannabe: ohh.. we have soo much work??

Mr. United: No... on some days, we will be having little work which will take the entire day or no work et all, which will not be helpful if you have a  single partner.

Mr. Wannabe: What if my partner is not on Facebook?

Mr. United: ha ha... whom are you kidding? your are in IT.

Mr. Wannabe: What is your story? How did you become the master of un-cool?

Mr. United: Well... I was Mister consistent... But not Mister Communication, Mister Relationships... So when we had to graduate, i became Master of  un-cool.

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