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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
what you have learnt from the failure of your love life?

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012





A short story by Gurpreet Singh Bhamber

A fictional story written by using the “first person noun.”


I always used to wonder how miserable would somebody’s life be who has an unsuccessful love story. I mean I always have been successful in my love life. Whether it is the case of Dolly, my 5th standard classmate or it is Rohini, my 7th standard CR. Whenever I fell for a girl, she was mine. I was the topper of my class for the last 8 years. Every year the best student trophy was mine. Whatever was the year, I…..Yes……It was me…..who was the Class Representative.

“Gurpreet! Oh God, he is just perfect! He always has the right answer of my every question! And sometimes he asks me a question which never could come in my mind!” My Physics teacher once mentioned me in her speech in annual function.

“He is my best player. I think hockey is in his blood. He is present on this earth because of hockey. He will play one day in an international match. He will defiantly win for us the hockey world cup!!”

My game teacher once said about me in the class room. I don’t know why the students laughed on the sentence which was about the hockey world cup. But I knew that I am the best. There was no other student like me in the school.

Some jealous students use to say that I am overconfident. HaHaHaHa!! My reply…

“Anybody cannot be me, because me is only me!!”

“What? What actually you want to say? I did not get you!”

This was what that girl said to me on that day. She took me as a weak student.

“I have not seen anything special in him.”

Meena…….her name was Meena. Meena Sharma was from Dehradoon. Her father got transferred to New Delhi so they shifted there. The day she came was the last day of my celebrity life. She was more intelligent than me, more active in class, more active in handling queries, a good football player too. It was first time when she became the group leader of my presentation group. She was giving me tough competition. She was more confident than me. For some time I got jealous from her. I used to feel that she is taking my place. But then I felt at some point that I like her. Yes! I actually liked her.

I thought I will propose her on the occasion of our physics teacher’s birthday party. She was looking awesome man! I just went to her and…..

“What did you say? Repeat it just once if you dare!!”

My mouth was shut and eyes were “extra open”. Before I could say something, she slapped me.

“Well, she slapped me in front of everybody. All were looking at me. It was so embarrassing.”

“I never thought he will cheat me! I loved him so much!” One of my old girlfriends said.

“I was shocked. As well as angry on his behavior with the poor girl. I threw him out of the party at the very next moment and called him next day in my office!!”

Mr. Chaddah, our Principle called me next day in his office. Meena, her parents were also present there. Before I or Mr. Chaddah or Meena could start the conversation, Meena’s father stood up and gave me two hard slaps.

“How dare you behaved with my daughter like that! Where is your father!!? I want to meet him now!!!”

My father was called. He was ashamed after hearing the whole story. Meena was crying. I don’t know her tears were real or fake, but she was still looking so beautiful to me.

“You duffer!! He is my boss!!”

My father shouted at me and gave me three harder slaps. How could I know that Meena’s father was my father’s boss?

“Mr. Chaddah.” My father told to our Principal, “Suspend this idiot for two days!! This is his punishment!!”

“Noooooo Nooooooo!!! Not only for two days!! Suspend him for two weeks!!!”

Meena’s father gave a donation for the school at the time of her admission off course with lots of zeros. So his decision was the last decision. I was suspended for two weeks.

After two weeks when I came back to the school, nothing was same for me. I was not the CR now, it was Meena. I was not the topper now, it was Meena, I was not the holder of the best student trophy, it was Meena, I was not even in the hockey team of school, but Meena was the captain of girl’s hockey team. She was also taking classes after school time for the boys of 5th standard to whom she was teaching the Do’s and Don’ts of the game. 

“Meena……What I should say about her, she cannot be just best. Best is a very small word for her. Sometime she asks me a question which I could not even think to ask somebody. She is my best student.” My physics teacher said on annual day speech.

“She is in this world only because of hockey. This girl is a miracle. She must have some super powers in her. She will win hockey world cup for our country one day.” My PT teacher said.

During the days of my suspension, Meena called me once on my mobile. She was behaving nicely with me.

“Look….ammmmmm……I am sorry for your suspension ok. I never thought that the matter will go this long.”

“It’s ok Meena, bde bde desho mein aisi choti choti baatein hoti rehti hain! (a famous Hindi movie dialogue)

She smiled on this.

“I just wish you could have smiled like this on the day I proposed you!”

She smiled again. I was excited. We met next evening in a coffee shop.

“You really look beautiful.” I said.

“It’s old line. Try something new. I am still not impressed.” She said.

The more she was refusing the more I was attracted towards her. We used to sit together in the class. We used to chat, we used to study, and we used to laugh. Her touch gave me the feeling of her charm. She was like an angel. I was very happy. I was not the best student now but still I was on the top of the world. I tried so many times to tell her that how much I love her. But there was a fear inside me. The fear of losing her. I never felt this fear before. So many girls came and gone. If she is tensed, I am also tensed. She smiles at me once; my whole day is a fragrance. We used to talk on phones in the nights for hours.

I never felt sleepy while talking to her.

“This was a different feeling for me. First time in my lifetime, I was in love.”

But studies were now nowhere, no sports, no trophies, no top positions and no girlfriends. It was only Meena. I also failed in one of my class tests because all the time I just used to think that how I should propose to Meena. I came on seventh position in the class in final examinations. During exams Meena did not use to talk with me. She wanted to study. But I was seeing her dreams whole night. I was vanished from the records. My parents did not use to respect me since I was not even in their good list now. 

When I got seventh position and Meena was the topper, she started ignoring me suddenly. She was not taking my calls. She was not giving me reply of my massages also. I was surprised on that day when after holidays I went to my new class, I saw that she was sitting with Mukesh. He stood second in the class. I was so jealous.

“It doesn’t look good Gurpreet. I want to be friends with intelligent students. Please, don’t talk to me after this. Bye forever.”

I was broken. I thought we were friends. Those days were really very tough. I had to smile in front of my family members but inside I was dying. I thought why I should disturb her when she does not want any communication with me. I started bunking school. I was sitting in some park alone for the whole day or sometimes I used to go with my friends to see a movie or I would be sitting in a mall alone doing nothing. My attendance was very less. So I was detained. I did not allow sitting in some of the exams. Another day my friend took me to a whisky shop. I actually took the bloody drink for the first time in my life.

But after that I put a full stop there. I decided that I will not ruin my life. I have to be strong enough to overcome this. I will move ahead now. I opened my book the other night and started studying for the test. Next day, when I got good marks in the test, I felt happy after so many days. This was my own happiness. I earned it. There was no insecurity in it. I decided to study again for the next test just for this happiness. And I was back. I started getting good marks again. In the internal tests, I stood second and in the finals I was first. Meena was on second position. She was fainted on the spot. I remember that moment.

Well, the whole incident at the end made me strong. After that she never came back to school. Her father got transfer again may be. I heard something I am not sure. What I was sure about was that those who are there with you in your bad times are the ones who are your well wishers. May be I will be again in my teacher’s good list but this does not make me best what makes me best is the hard work I do to remain in that position.

We should never be proud, real faces of the crowd around you are seen in bad times, the bravest person who will help you to solve a problem in your life is you, bad times are not forever but they are only the indications for the good times ahead, only setting goals is not enough, but focus is the key to success. These were the lessons which I learnt from my unsuccessful love story. I call them the benefits for my future life.



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© Copyright 2020 Gurpreet Singh Bhamber. All rights reserved.

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