DISTURBED by gurpreet singh bhamber

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Submitted: September 23, 2012

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Submitted: September 23, 2012





He was going to meet his parents after he was told that he has maximum five months to live. He was suffering from lung cancer. Doctors advised him not to smoke even once from now. After his visit, he was going to admit in the hospital. He was living in Mumbai for the last 3 years. In search of a comfortable life, he came to Mumbai. He got a good job here in a Multi National Company. His grades in MBA helped him getting this job without any under table payment. His girlfriend used to think that she has got the best man in the world. He was always covered with friends, lots of them. Weekend parties, wine, cigarettes, drugs, cocaine, life was a never ending party for him. His performance was not matching with his grades in MBA. His bosses were not happy from him. Although they gave him his time. But when he was not at all improving, they demoted him from Manager to assistance manager. This was a shock for him. Because he thought that he was the best employee of the company. May be this was his proud. His carrier went on coming down after that. When his money gone, his girlfriend and his friends left him. The only thing which was with him was the drugs he was taking. He got money lenders who were after him for their money. He was running here and there. He had no place to live. Then the urge for smoking, urge for cocaine, was not letting him to live. On that morning he found fainted on the national highway by the police. They took him in their custody. In jail he when suffered from severe pains in his stomach next morning, doctors took him to the hospital. On the third day, it was found that he was suffering from lung cancer.

Police was also with him while he was going back to his village to meet his parents. He was very afraid of dying. He was crying and saying to the policeman sitting next to him that he does not want to die. When the train stopped at one station, he thought that if he will run then may be police shot him and he dies instantly with the bullet and then he will be saved from the painful death. So when he got chance, he ran from the station. Police also ran behind him but they were not able to catch him. They did not fire at him because of the crowded area.

After this he kept on running from here to there. He did not use to stay at one place. Because the police was after him. His urge for drugs took him to a gangster one day.  He wanted cocaine. So the gangster asked him to go and do one murder for him. He was ready instantly. He was asked to kill a teacher of a school who was a victim against the gangster. When he went to kill he found that the school teacher was his own father. But his urge was more powerful than his relationship. So he fired at his own father. He was dead at the spot.

Although he got cocaine but was ashamed because he killed his own father. But while he was taking the drugs, he got a pain in his stomach. The gangster took him to a known doctor. He told that this man will die soon. So he was thrown away by the gangster since he did not want to take the chances with his own security.

He was found fainted by the police near Mumbai. They took him in their custody again. They thought that he was one of those gangsters. So they investigated him. But after some time they left  him because they were clear that he did not know much about the gangsters. He then was living in his old flat with his one friend. He was paying the bills for his treatment. He was living very difficult life since he was suffering from lung cancer as well as he was cocaine addicted. He did not sleep for 5 days sometimes. They used to give him injections to sleep. He thought many times that he should commit suicide. But he was not so strong. The burden of killing his father was also on him. His mother was died on the second day of his father’s death. But he was not informed about this.

He was died after 2 months. An MBA whose life was turned into a nightmare. This is the unseen fact behind the shining of big cities.




Lead character- HIM (no name given)

Co-character- The gangster

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